Join UK "anarchist federation"

I mean, they were nice people and everything, but, fucking, call yourself an "anarchist" i.e. somebody who wants to get rid of the entire current state of being, and you think this will be achieved by screening films and gathering herbs and leaving it up to reformist groups.

There is no hope is there. My choice is this or highly dogmatic Marxist "Leninists" (Trots with big ideas, mostly 50+ who are simply continuing to do what they have done since the 70's and go on marches waving banners)

I keep joining these groups and will find one or maybe two people who are serious but really the majority of the far left have absolutely no conception of what a revolution is, what it entails, and how it would necessarily pan out.

How do we make communism great again?

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Where have you found them, on social media? Or it's some kind of school club? And what revolution really is?
You anglos seem too strange for me.

No, I have found them by going to their meetings, rallies, events, etc its all talk no do, or do ineffective useless stuff


the branch in my cities last update on their website was four years ago

You deserve a shirt for that.

Here's yours as well

Even given the level of lifestyleism currently, throughout history have done far, far more for whites and other colours of people than fascism ever even came close to doing. Anarchists organise strikes, fascists break them. You are not the friend of the working people, you are a shill for international finance to fucking stupid to realize it

Nah, I have a golden star for me and my people.

At least fashists achieved some form of power and state managment at some point. Some even managed to do sort of OK with it, i.e. Portugal. What has anarchism ever done? Mahnos anarcho state was a nice try but fortunately old nazi allies, communists, came to the resque and stopped the silly anarchist nonsense.

Yes and with it you recreated capitalism only with codified racism. Great, well done. That's like trying to invent the combustion engine, accidentally blowing up your work shop, and then saying "oh well at least it was a large explosion"

Anarchists in Catalonia were responsible for increased production and distribution of essential goods to the population while it lasted. Anarchists have throughout history achieved labour gains in wages, hours and conditions in a huge variety of places. Anarchists fight now as part of the Coalition fighting against ISIS. What do fascists do? I mean aside from shoot their parents and/or their friends or watch child porn, or both, or asian sex tourism with 14 year old girls like Andrew Anglin, or just being straight up jewish like Weev, the collective power of neo "fascism" if you could even call it that, secured the most Jewish president into office ever. Truly, well done. Modern day anarchists might be a joke, but it is no where near the level of Neo Nazi Israel shills, which is just a whole new level of complete and total autism

I would go to the rave, sounds like a good time

The British Left outside the Labour party is basically dead at the moment.

Exactly what every nazi wants. Some race restriction, genocide of everyone else and capitalism with social responsibility.
Exactly. Just like in Mahnos anarchy, as soon as some serious organasied armies entered the picture the anarchists were BTFO.
I admire how they went down on the church though. That's why I love some parts of USSR, how they utterly and forever BTFO'd the church.

Have a laugh m8.

Geeee it is like you want a better capitalism with a black or red code painting on it

There's nothing wrong with increasing production you tard.

Go to silicon valley there you will find your horizontal structures that you cream yourself over and pretend that you live in a not-capitalism.

thats not how capitalism works you retard

The point is that increased production is fine when you're doing it to fulfill human needs.

Do you just think that communism and anarchism means you should just never increase production or just starve? Who needs to eat, we have GOMMUNISM!!1!!1one1!

Tbf, most of the hard left movements have come to support Corbyn and his leadership, so that is slightly disingenuous.

what? Fair trade genocide? Organic, whole food genocide? Do you even listen yourself?
name one time capitalism was socially responsible, ever, in the entirety of history, without a mass of people demanding it be so and fighting tooth and nail to make it that way

pretty sure "radical herb gathering" was euphenism for weed and group sex

Southern burger here.

Just be glad groups exist at all for you to join.

wtf i had no clue :O

no its going into the woods and gathering herbs, but in a "radical" way

They've also dramatically collapsed in terms of membership. The CPB's lost about a third of it's members, the SWP's having to count non-financials as members, and SPEW's organisationally defunct outside of Manchester.

Even extremely pro-Corbyn groups like the AWL's just stagnated in terms of actual membership.

It's possible there'd be some revivial if Corbyn got kicked out, or a Corbyn government collapsed, but right now the extra-Labour Left is at it's lowest ebb since the 1990s.

Right, going straight from a a rave party to picking up herbs and berries in the woods, presumably at night. Definitely a thing people do.

you are so fucking cute user

Productivity is not the goal of the revolution u dim the revolution should aim at minimizing production even at the cost of a post capitalist lifestyle, season foods will comeback and stuff like that, more productivity means more time working for others than working for myself and that anarchists can go succ a big nig dong and fuck off with, Automation ofc offer a way out of this but i am highly suspicious of it tbh.

The soviets outproduced the capitalist west btw and that did nothing for their survival or their well being

Uhh do more reasearch and you find that as the revisionist reforms were made, productivity fell first and that made people revolt(against socialism because they were really badly affected by american propaganda at this point.) Of course productivity is linked to well being and survival, its not the only thing that matters but people need that bread, and you need them tanks to keep americans away.

To read the "revisionism" after the productivity spike in the USSR as going back from it is foolish, that spike in productivity is what simulated the opening of doors to foreign capital in the first place it is a compounded effect of many flaws in the bolshevik model not just "we used to have good now magically we sux"
And i was clearly talking about the ends of it all user.

In itself, sure, but notice the double standard:

I wasn't trying to BTFO ☭TANKIE☭s just Nazis

I wasn't talking about you in particular, but a general sentiment plaguing the holier-than-thou libcom types.
>>the double standard

There's a thread like this every week. Stop "joining" these shitty groups and start making your own, sweet Christ.

Thats why I am joining them, to find the other people to start the shit with

Sure, lets all just make our own fucking group instead of engaging to debates with other leftists on what direction the movement should go. Sounds like a fucking plan, lets have million groups with 1 member in each instead of having 1 group with million members.
seems to work well with boards too, brb gonna start a 3rd leftypol.

I used to agree with this before I went IRL, now I realise one group just has to produce that praxis that is going to capture the working class imagination, that group will come, and the rest will drop into total and utter irrelevance, they are clinging on now pretty much utterly dead most of them

As if most of the groups could be saved through constructive engagement! See all the theoretical debates Lenin was involved in – he seriously BTFO'd dozens of left currents, and to no avail as far as those groups were concerned.

The situation today isn't really different. You can't reform a trotskyist party that is still built on 20th century nostalgia (reinforced by a 50+ leadership, as OP correctly observes), nor a group that has as identity politics at its core, either codified (DSA) or uncritically accepted through the hegemonic ideology.

I think that the first step is critical engagement with the existing parties, anarcho groups. The second step is the collection of like minded individuals (members in existing groups usually see the problems surrounding them, yet can't articulate it) with the aim of creating a group with new praxis. Third is the creation of your new party/collective, codifying base rules, assigning long-term responsibilities, setting short-term goals. Fourth would be broadening the membership, not just accepting them to your ranks but training them theoretically and on praxis, aiming at mass-support.

yes, his opinion reeks of "why can't we be friends?" attitude of an "internet radical"

Are you the same guy thats been posting Jodie Dean in the Lenin hat for like fuck I dunno three years now, often in relation to occupy and why it failed? If it is I appreciate your dedication to Jodie Dean posting.

Pretty much what you've said is exactly what needs to happen. The party needs to be not just gathering part time members, but each and every member has to be trained and radically, they need to all have the level of solidarity to go the distance with everything and know they won't be let down on anything. The actions of the party need to elevate the conditions of the working class immediately and in a tangible, real, material way, this essential feature of praxis must also develop alongside, within, and as part of the long term goal, the establishment of communism, all actions the party takes should fit these criteria and it should be relentless in carrying them out.

Why do anarchists take so many drugs?


My problem here is not with drugs, drugs are fun, and can help people with anxiety and such.

My problem is that drugs and herb gathering are not revolutionary in and of themselves, and can't be made radical in and of themselves

Honestly, I'd rather do that. Raves are nasty.

The only hope is to take the few serious individuals and make your own group, with better practice and theory. It is the only way.

I'd just atomize and save yourself the aggravation honestly

Lol what

Amen friend. Start an IWW Branch. Ky here

I can't speak for the other groups but I know for a fact this isn't true, do you mind explaining where you got this idea? I say this because I'm in SPEW and we're doing just fine.

I used to be tangentially involved in Socialist Alliance/TUSC (although I was in the SWP) in Scotland, after the Scottish section fell to bits I had conversations with their former organiser who seemed utterly despondent in terms of their national membership.

SPEW's definitely bigger than the SWP, but given the SWP has (maybe) under 1,500 active members (by their own records) that's not hard. Certainly in terms of Militant, SPEW's a shadow of it's former self, and Socialist Appeal is a joke.

I'm not attacking SPEW or anything, if anything I'm depressed by the state of the British Trotskyist movement at present.

there's your problem

SPEW has something in the region of 3000 members at the moment and growing. Yeah compared to Militant its not close to what it was, but its by no means falling apart or anything.

Keep in mind that engaging in social relations outside of the context of the imposed society is very insurrectionary in of itself.