Anyone else here a failson? What do you do with more successful members of your family? Do you ignore them or do you hack it up pretending everything is cool when you know you're the butt of their jokes and the resident black sheep?

You're only a failson if you come from a bourg or petty bourg background and you still are a fuck up (see: all of Donald Trump's children.)

Wait, I think I just realised no-one in my family is either bourg or petty bourg: they are all (by definition) proletarians. I mean I would consider my parents to be labour aristocrats (due to their income, though they are pretty class conscious). But yeah, is it actually that weird to not have a bougie in your (at-least direct and second tier) family?

I come from a petit-bourg background but I work for near-minimum wage. People will say well it’s good to have a job but it’s not like it actually pays for shit—it’s enough to keep me living at home.

I would have been better off to have went to trade school then college.

Does this count as being a failson or is there some other factor involved like being a NEET or never wanting to grow up?

I just avoid unnecessary confrontation if possible, but can put up a fight if needed. At some point, I became too chill that I just grew numb to all the jokes and insults (which is a bad idea in my opinion, but it works).

Well, my parents don’t own any sort of business but my father is an engineer and has always had a pretty high income. I suppose the term working class fits but I’ve never felt it was really honest saying that’s my background.

I wouldn’t say my parents are particularly woke, they have the petit-bourg mentality. My grandfather was pretty woke as a Union man with the UAW but I would def say was a bit of a labor aristocrat. It’s not like I can’t say that much of my family is working class or had it hard coming up but I didn’t really have it hard.

I come from a family of chronic overachievers.
My grandfather was a millionaire bank CEO.
He gave everything away to a small college in Arkansas when he died, my sister and I each got a few thousand bucks to "further our educations".
Everyone else got dick, not that they needed it.
Literally everyone else except me is college educated, and some sort of business professional.
One of my uncles was the chief salesman for Phillips' North American division.
One of my aunts was the head purchasing agent for Elder Beerman.
My other uncle owns a trucking company.
One of my cousins is in some high up tech corporate position, his brother trades on the Chicago stock exchange and is married to a former Survivor contestant.
My sister is finishing up her degree in some bio-medical research discipline, and employed as a research assistant at a university.
I work in a factory.
No matter what, they're still my family and I love them, but I do find it difficult to relate to them in the social sense.

Goons out, this is a chan board

Replace petit-bourg with never-retiring white collar and I'm in basically the same boat. Personally, I think I should have just skipped college, but when I was 18 the proposition was "college, work, or out." I'd been applying for work since I was 15 or 16 (2008 or 2009), nobody had ever called me back. I was hesitant about college, because I'd heard a lot about people going to college and just ending up in endless debt - and my SAT scores were mediocre except in grammar or some such near-useless field. But I didn't really know anyone at the time who I could move with - so it was college. Art school, which -as it turns out- is both particularly expensive and particularly hard. Most other students had some prior training - my experience was drawing deliberately shitty slashpics for 4chan request threads.

If I'd had my way, I would have had a job the entire time. But I knew no one, had no experience, and my parents had gotten their first jobs through family and school job programs that I didn't have.

I'm in the rather unique position that my mother is a fail-daughter. She got pressured into a terrible twenty-two year long arranged marriage, and her partner ended up guilting her into a mountain of credit card debt. Luckily for me however, this caused her to become disillusioned with tradition and critical of others telling her what to do, tilling the soil for genuine class consciousness.

Her brother's an overworked marketing exec at this company. His tyrannical wife does a terrible job of raising their kids, and I openly pity him. Meanwhile, her one cousin runs a doctor's office and openly bragged at Thanksgiving about how much money she'd save due to Trump's new tax reforms. I just mocked her and rolled my eyes.

That said OP, the entire concept of a "failson" is steeped in spooked expectations for what a person ought to do with their life. I'd highly recommend seeking therapy if it's necessary, as your principal advantage as this kind of person is that you can live a much happier and healthier life than someone who frittered away their years chasing the dollar.

I used to have potential then I turned 30 and still haven't moved out. Meanwhile my friends are married and have houses. I am committing suicide next year if I do not get a job that can gain me independence. fwiw I do have a BS and I am a graduate student and I do have some industry certifications.

People calling me a failson or any equivalent has, to me, the same impact of a religious person calling me an "infidel" or whatever: it's two people with a set of values completely alien to my own trying to criticize me for not living up to their standards, and not chasing their goals.

Because I simply don't live in this world and I'm not part of this culture. The pressures to do this and that at this specific age, to professionalize yourself in those specific areas, to get this or that amount of shit on your CV and everything else that makes a person successful and competitive in the labor market is just a consequence of the economic circumstances we live, that puts worker against worker in trying to out-do each other, only to put the next generation under even greater pressure to out-do both. I don't think us living in perpetual competition with others is healthy or good for personal development, I don't think a good society would have kids stressing out and taking drugs to keep their grades and knowledge high enough to enter the right the institutions is something we should aim for, I don't think people getting rid of all their free time to get the right achievements is a prescription for happiness and fulfilment. And if I don't agree with something, I don't partake in it.

Psychoanalyze this as a justification for my own failures or whatever all you want. This is, one way or another, what everyone thinks of people like me, but if you're going to be a political radical and act like you're rejecting society's norms the very least you should be able to deal with is society's scorn.

I dropped out of college after 3 1/2 years because I was living by myself in a one bedroom duplex, my fiance left me after 5 years of dating, I ate one meal a day and my refrigerator didn't work.

So basically all I did was work, cry, ignore my classes get high and fuck traps who, for some reason, thought hanging out at my disgusting shithole of a home was cool. Oh and I got busted for pot and spent every penny to my name on court costs and lawyers putting me in huge debt.

Now I live with my parents and work full time at a wood shop, a job that you don't even need to know english to preform. But at least I work and go to the gym 4 times a week so I could be worse.

I only communicate with my family members when i absolutely have to. I don't know/care what they think about me.

Did they never buy you the Xbox you wanted?


Yes. I have petit-bourg parents and went to a relatively prestigious private high school. Some of my high school classmates are at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc. My parents have a highly lavish house and we have flown first-class to Europe several times.

Myself, I dropped out of state university after 2 months. Was bored as fuck with school, couldn't handle the alienation, had failing grades immediately, and my girlfriend was emotionally abusing me. Lived on minwage for a year but obviously hated it. Getting a 1 year certificate now so I at least don't have to live in squalor.

tbh, growing more alienated and bitter everyday. I've lost touch with most of my friends and have developed into a highly insecure and emotionally unstable person. I'd probably just kill myself now if it weren't for the prospect of revolution in the next few decades.

Im implying that ypu dont speak to ypur family for petty bullshit reasons.

Fuck off, anyone can post here. I'd rather Goons than Holla Forums. Hell, most of us have posted there at one point or another a long time ago

Speak fpr yourslef you filthy board slut.

Chan's are my one and only!!!

Hey, that's perfectly fine. But I have no idea why everyone hates goons. Because they eventually turned into social justice warriors or something? Most of us stopped posting there a long time ago.

You missed some funny shit.

Please do not post fascist propaganda.
jk, the true crime is how underused the whole setting was

probably, though the concept feels a little American, in terms of familial aspiration.
they don't really exist. we're all of a sort of working class/lower middle class background, so there's no "why can't you be more like your cousin?"

chans were a mistake tbh.

the people who hate on goons (especially when randomly accusing posters of being goons) are usually the ones who were 2-3 years old when SA started. it's a pretty obvious tell.

seriously I see no future for myself and am really close to suicide

I have a brother who's a cop and one who used to be a soldier.

I hate cops and am against the millitary industrual complex so..

But no one in my family knows this about me.

Don’t do it comrade

Speak for yourself, goons are not welcome on the chans just because your own shitbox is dying.

They are legitimately the worst people; obnoxious, sycophantic, and self-righteous. They're also a prime reason behind the fuckery of the online left since they were a key part of the spearhead movement of ultra-SJWs taking over reddit etc. They're also a key component of Twitter SJW 'leftism'. What characteristics can we attribute to all goons, by definition? They were all dumb enough to pay for access to A FORUM just to be part of a sekrit club! Isn't that enough evidence that they're fucking brain damaged?

If that's not enough for you, they're known for ruining other online communities, I've personally played two separate games that were obliterated by the Goon hordes playing in bad faith and making things miserable for everyone else so they could feel like the big dicks.

if that's how you feel then get te fuck.

Whats a goon?

SomethingAwful user/cultist

At least think about moving to a country that's not a fucking shithole(assuming you're from America) Before killing yourself.

Reddit is filled with liberals who are either full-blown right-wing idiots that post on td or people who support "progressiveness" yet can't stand any actual leftist policies. To think that tumblrinas or whatever have taken over is absurd.

I didn't progress up as much as my parents or grandparents, and I got a load of shit for that from the former.

A leftist should find it extremely easy to cope with it. The economy worldwide is going down, and going down fast. You may consider yourself validated if you didn't go down all the way.

Na, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, could have gone better or worse. Dad dropped out at 16 with 0 qualifications, I dropped out at 17 with some so did better than him. Mum I think finished school but then went into work in a bank which she still works at today and my dad has worked for the same company starting as a van driver but worked himself up to an ok position but he's going to be made redundant next year. Beyond that grandparents were lorry-drivers or on retail from what I remember, either that or on the dole.
I landed in some shitty IT job but it's better than nothing and they seem happy with it, respectable firm and all that. No one in my family has even gone to uni though so at least I didn't have that pressure. Still living at home though 'cause I don't earn enough but whatever.

Bit of a blogpost I know but tough shit I guess.

About to become one. I was doing ok until a couple of months ago, then I went insane and now I'll probably kill myself before the year is out.

I'm not sure if I'd classify myself as a 'failson'. My father lived at home until he was 27 and only moved out because he married my mother. My mother and father both worked basic administrative positions at various public sector institutions. My father worked himself silly to get the qualifications he needed to become a civil engineer and its taken him the past 20 years to get where he is now. My mother has been forced to take early retirement from her office job at a local school due to her illness. Before this, my mother's father was a metallurgist who had to work about 25 years to get to the position he eventually had, my mother's mother worked in retail after leaving a factory job. My father's parents ran a small butcher shop for about 40 years of their lives and only recently retired.
My sister and I are the first people in our family to attend university, my sister is a biology teacher and I'm currently undertaking an MA. There are times where I wonder if I am a failure in some sense but then I remember that I'm living in similar circumstances to my parents back in the late 70s/early 80s (overinflated labour market, shitty housing market, very few choices for the younger generations etc.).

can't, imageboard culture spilled out everywhere else and reddit abolished normal forums in any case.
and tbh while i don't personally do it (far too lazy, naturally), ruining the communities of others is probably the most reliable way of having fun on the modern internet. the negative fun generated by stupid people makes doing positive things too risky to be a sane investment, in general terms. leftypol is of course special terms

also pedantic point: moot was a goon, and plenty of early imageboard shit was stolen from SA.

Are you kidding me? Either be satisfied with your current position or get that cyanide. Alternatively ask your siblings for a position of power(assuming they can provide any).
Or you are nobody and should shut the fuck up and work five jobs at less then minimum wage.

How do I deal with a failson and tell him to start taking the opportunities of his wealthy family?

My boyfriend is a lazy underachiever. He has a wealthy family and when they told him to get a job, go to college or fuck off, he got a job as a grocery bagger. We can talk for hours and he is my best friend, but sometimes it's like I'm talking to college liberals when I confront him about his future ("who needs money when we can be happy maaaaan weed lmao"). It pisses me off because I grew up poor as the son of an immigrant single mother and yet I got a degree and work in tech, while he had plenty of chances with his grandpa's and other family friends' companies.

Tbh if it wasn't for that pucci I'd have dismissed him at the start.

Spend my time doing what I enjoy and care about, and not letting porky decide whether I'm a "success" or a "failure".

It's not great being a NEET but no one's going to hire me anyway, so why destroy myself over it? Disability isn't great but it's enough money for me to live on.

The powermods and admins are all full idpol. Doesn't matter what the common people think somewhere as hierarchical as reddit, and upvotes/downvotes are manipulated anyway.

That said it's a platform that squelches dissent by design, so nothing of value was lost.

Maybe he's not interested in the same shit as you are? What are you doing with your degree's anyway? Making some pork richer?

Story on how you went insane?

Have you ever had a GF?

Sounds like he IS using his opportunities to be happy. We don't need more worker drones.

On disability myself, I'm 30 now.

me in similar situation. i won't define myself by capitalist society's warped standards

My parents are first gen immigrants to the US but immigrated when they were very young (1 and 7 for my mom and dad respectively), so they're fluently bilingual and have well paying jobs but the wageslave life is killing them. They've been divorced since I was at least 3 years old but theres no bad blood between them. My mom makes more than my dad and stepmom combined but most of it goes towards paying off the house because we keep refinancing it, hefty insurance because my mom is paranoid, and a ton of Amazon purchases, so she's never actually saving as much as she should be since her salary is so high, so she ends up living like the lowest of petit-bourg. My dad is the polar opposite, where he makes good enough money with my stepmom to afford some luxuries here and there but they try and make everything last as long as possible to the point where expired food a year past its expiry date is a common thing in their kitchen. Their retirement plans are opposites too; My mom wants to retire to a shack of a farm in Cuba with the rest of our family and just living the rest of her days there, my dad wants to move into a high end retirement community and regularly vacation at Disney.

The only reason I'm not that bad in their eyes as a failson is because I got lucky on crypto and they're already hounding me about financial strategies and shit for it but I just wanna finance a coop metallurgy shop and work there. Without that, I just got a $15/hr not-quite-entry-level corporate job with $35k uni debt and no prospects for the future.

Im not.