Michigan man who threatened to kill CNN employees/interns, ‘identified with Nazi Germany’

The Murderous Alt Right Nerd Boys Are At It Again

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Why are they all fucking nerds?

Look at his face

ok, but all CNN employees belong against the wall


He threatened other people than just staff and interns. As far as I['m concerned, Interns don't deserve to die because they've got the shit end of the fucking stick regardless of what they believe.

Plus it doesn't matter anyways because he was being a retard and bluffing about killing people

What was Holla Forums talking about soy boys

How much are you willing to bet his muscle mass is the equivalent of a small rodent

Another pic of my main boy Brandon Griesemer

guarantee you 90% of them are plain petty porky, no real prole can afford to live as a CNN intern

Do you not know what an internship is

Shush Brandon

Petite bourg as in small business owner, or retarded corrupted meaning?

if you live off your parents' money and they're porkies, you're a porky. hence, CNN, NYT, NYorker, WSJ, etc. interns are porkies.


You're justifying this loser lol



no, just reasserting the fact that the USA MSM are all agents of the bourgeoisie and deserve to die for their crimes, same as Goebbels.

I guarantee you this faggot got "radicalised" by gamergate.

I'm guessing he comes from a rich family and might be a libertarian.

t. guy from michigan

See kids, this is why you don't make threats in the first place because that makes you a complete retard, or if you will make threats, hope you can actually back up the fact like maybe

Source: washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/01/23/michigan-man-accused-of-threatening-to-attack-cnn-identified-with-hitler-former-classmate-says/?utm_term=.49f27fd4b0bf

Source: inquisitr.com/4750510/brandon-ray-griesemer-facebook-pictures-cnn-death-threats-fake-news-f-you-fing-ns-kill-you/

Source: heavy.com/news/2018/01/brandon-griesemer-michigan-cnn-threat-shooting-arrested/

Source: detroit.cbslocal.com/2018/01/23/fbi-novi-man-threatened-to-kill-cnn-employees-over-fake-news/

Sorry for not providing them outright

Well, he probably was once before he went off the deep end on Holla Forums

This is the face of The Aryan Superman


Whenever WesternCivPony6 from Twitter threatens to hang me after the establishment of the ethnostate I always have to remind myself that 95% of these losers are almost identical to this dweeb

Honestly this shit is why all those anti-bullying crusades were a mistake. For every gay child liberals allegedly saved from the bullies 10 aut-rightists were inadvertently spared the locker and the swirly.

cnn does deserve gulag regardless

stupid kid actually called them?

He also threatened his classmates in High School and Community College

Yes, multiple times. Even though he had no guns, no weapons, no poison. Nothing. He called them and threatened them anyways, without blocking his number.

There might be some truth to this. I was mildly bullied and that alone made me consider the suffering of others… which is why ive found myself here.

Of course, it could have gone the opposite way and made me hate everyone.

Definitely a Holla Forums /r9k/ cross poster






Why is fascism so attractive to failsons?


He had autism. I'm convinced at this point.


Wanting to feel superior when your material conditions are basically nada.


Well I was just reading over the thread

High functioning autism and reactionary politics seem strongly related. I'm not sure why that is. Honestly I would think that autists would prefer materialism to idealism since it is more "real" or whatever but I guess that's not the case.

Autistic people can be very emotional. As is the case with our failson here.

Why is /leftycuck/ happy the bourgeois corporatist media narrowly avoided being bombed? Has /leftycuck/ finally come full circle and reverted to its Chapo trap cuck pseudo rad liberal sjw core?

Hi Brandon

It wasn't narrowly bombed. The FBI raided his home. He had no bombs, no guns, no poison. He made it all up. His father is profusely apologetic, and says it was a prank.

On top of claiming he had people on the inside

We're laughing at fools like you. Fucker Fail Fools

retarded logic

This isn't the military

Hi Brandon

no this is real life

Its all nepotism.

You're right

Considering how little they get paid, let alone, you're considering the possibility of shooting people up

I should probably call the authorities

Is that real? Sounds like made up fiction.


Pffft. You fucking loser. Its all fake, isnt it.

The Brandon defense force has arrived

I just listed the sources


Sources literally given

Here I'll make it even easier

lmgtfy.com/?q=Brandon Griesemer

I refuse to believe this is real


Can't win an argument? Stamp your feet and screech KIIIIIKES, while defending an autistic 19 year old with a history of faux threats. It will make you even more autistic than him, and more.

For only a marketing price of $19.99!

That what happens when you hire women. They cant even make up lies correctly.

It's high school, how hard is it to believe

hahahahahaaha what? Where were women even mentioned?

I dont know man, is that level of cringey really possible

Holla Forums will really defend anything won't they

It's high school

Its a Holla Forumsyp seeing his doppelganger and not liking it one bit.


You can feel it in the text. Literate, correct, yet stupidity and lack of contact with the world pours through.

What the fuck?


Do you wash your ass?

Daily reminder that if you associate with the aut right/fascism you deserve to die. Any one of these faggots that just goes to jail is getting off easy.


Yeah that seems like something Holla Forums would make up honestly.

A Holla Forumsyp poster…sounds like…Holla Forums?

Can the Holla Forums user explain why they want to kill random civilians all the time

My Gott.

Is it really all that surprising? If they're motivated to murder sometimes, mass shooting, is this really outside of the realm of possibility? A Holla Forums high schooler, doing that?

It's probably within the realm of possibility.


is this a real surprise when Holla Forums's population is mostly middle schoolers

you think?


100 bucks says he's horny for that cute little Latina


i wonder if a correlation can be found between getting rejected by a minority girl or their crush dating a minority and becoming alt right. i'd love to see a study on that.

bro, did you see the meteor?

yet another "leftists defend the porky" because a ebul white male does a better job at fighting capitalism than them

What the fuck are you talking about? Nobody ITT defending porky.

We are fucked, the master race is too strong.

where in this thread does anyone defend porky?

Shit lads, we need to up our game

I wonder if his defense was "using irony, man"


As an autist, I can confirm materialism feels more real.


What a fucking retard. This is the alt-right we're supposed to be scared of?

these people have the highest Autism Level and that isn't the filter either

here's your (you), you gigantic faggot



He may be evil, but he is almost certainly a fucking dumbass

This is just sad.

tbh I'm less worried about the nerds presented by the media and more worried about the fascists smart enough to not make threats directly from their home phoneline.

Somebody should really make a Holla Forumsyp bingo card for these posts. Almost every other word in this post is a Holla Forums cliche.


Can't make this shit up.

i'm no expert on phenotypes and stuff

but the guy looks like a standard jew to me.


White nationalists, especially American white nationalists, are eventually going to snap once they realize they'll never get anything close to establishing a white ethnostate. Expect to hear more shit like this down the line. There are for more bloodthirsty and deranged individuals who identify as white nationalists/supremacists. This kid looks tame in comparison. If the general theory that the majority of alt retards are friendless, single losers with no genuine positive aspirations and family support, they won't have anything to lose. They jusy have their hate for non-white Americans/people and "race traitors".

If the five of them got together they could be a real problem.

So more school shootings?


Maybe he's just a nerd lol

And more Holla Forums claiming false flags for their derangement

I can tell who you are just by your flag and the way you write. You are the most intellectually dishonest person on the board who pretends to be a leftist. There's nothing to argue about there because you are toddler reaching for the high cabinets, at least on the OP subject

You don't have to speak authoritatively on subjects you don't spend hours rearching

anthropology, genetics and ethnology are super interesting sciences, nothing wrong with them. for people like me who are interested in these kind of topics it's hard choosing between archeology, geology and anthropology to study.
the problem are right-wing shits misusing it for their suprematist bullshit politics. meanwhile we could use a couple expert anthropologists and genetecists who are outspoken leftists on Holla Forums.

Sounds like my fetish

There's a reason when somebody brings up human genetics on an individual it's suspicious to a lot of people. I mean, most of the time it's clear cut, some retard with a superiority complex wants to tell everyone their genetics are flawed or their genetics work too well, in a bunch of pseudoscience meant to separate men not along class lines, but arbitrary genetic ones. Now thankfully Holla Forums is hardly smart enough to accomplish Gattaca, but it still raises the fur on most people.

google Lewontin

I'm willing to bet this guy posts about his favorite shows being "BLACKED/POZZED" on Holla Forums.

t. Hitler

Should be quoted verbatim to anyone who claims that today's white separatists are not actually peddling hitlerism. Here is the proof of "everyone should just get their own country" has a long pedigree.

They are materialist in the same way New Atheists are. Reactionaries are just angry at their perceived power loss. I think what's funniest about these autists is that they glorify an economics which they're fundamentally inferior in socially

Highly enjoying this pasta

I keep trying to tell Holla Forumstards that Hitler and the Nazis never really gave a shit about white people, but they never listen.

Nice quads and a highly underrated post.

check out Holla Forums they literally say it.
Maybe the guy has autism and took everything by the word.


Real talk tho, fuck CNN.
This kid bought into some bullshit, but I can't fault him for calling them fake news.


pretty sure that's a chinese person.

while I can't say that I'd be upset of someone were to actually kill CNN employees, I don't want nazis to be the reason.

Theyre too wrapped up in their delusional superiority complex to realise hitler wouldve gassed all the nerds of today.

Since theyre in fact, genetically inferior.

nah, i was busy when that happened

It's fairly duplicitous to be criticizing one persons obsession with the kike spook while yourself fellating the fallacious notion that threatening the likes of cnn being a crime at all.

The only thing wrong with what this guy did was that it was a right-winger that did it.

so in other words, he was stupid enough to not use vpns/burners, completely n totally bluff on a federal scale all while under mommy n daddy's roof?

This sounds like an awesome point to make in arguments, got any more quotes from the Fuhrer himself or other top Nazis that provide more proof?

He never liked white people as a whole, just the white people that, in his eyes were the "best".

Autists nowadays dont realize that 90%+ of them would get killed if not brutally retrained to their deaths should hitler see who worships him.


Lots of neonazis are self hating Jews. Look at Bobby Fischer.

Knew it was only a matter of time before Steve Albini snapped.

How do we stop Holla Forums from producing more meme humans like him?

Hitler was a pan-German ultranationalist. That was his only identity which he carried with him from his Vienna days to his death. Everything other than that was relative to him. The modern idea of white nationalism (which is primarily an American thing anyway) would've been completely foreign to him. Hitler himself never used the term white race, for him it's always Germanic or Nordic race, which was in fact according to him (and to the 19th-century physical anthropology from which he borrowed his ideas) the purest specimen of Aryan stock.

Why stop them? Encourage them to keep going. They're doing a great job destroying themselves.

this is all very funny and interesting but does anyone have more pics of

I've got quite a few friends that went to Novi… I wonder if any of them know him. That would be wild

The whole modern idea of "white race" is an American construct.

You know, for as much as people talk about "the racist south" this behavior wouldn't be allowed in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, ect in this day and age. That being said, our reactionaries, while more in the closet, tend to actually be more violent and actually go through with terrorist acts



What part of "generation" do you not understand?

Why does gamergate get blamed for this kind of thing?

"Gen Z" is more left wing than even millennials.

Post proofs, fucker. Don't just stick your hand down my pants and talk dirty, finish me off.


Honestly as a black guy it warms my heart to no end seeing my suspicions confirmed about the true face of Holla Forums and the masterace its posters claim to be part of.

No parricide? No thanks.

Holla Forums attracts its share of ex-SJWs adapting to the real world, and they have trouble letting go of some particularly deep-seated disinfo.

because it contributed significantly to the rise of the eceleb reactionaries: Milo, Cernovich, etc.


Gamergate has been dead for fucking years and if you still care about it you might as well have a dunce cap stitched to your head, round it a ring of medical glue and silicon to keep it healed over so that you will be forever known as a dumbass who can’t let go

Under rated post

I think we're going to see more extreme politics in general from genZ


what a weak looking faggot

That's true, but there's also a lot of people (like me) who opened up to political & social issues starting with gamergate. Watching that unfold, came the disappointment of seeing all legitimate ethical agendas it had get demolished by proto-altright-idpol cointelpro the moment it started picking up steam. I jumped ship as soon as it was clear that supporting it would just make me a useful idiot to the powers that be. Then a massive opening up to leftist ideas upon finding out that nothing Holla Forums reads or talks about is what Holla Forums claimed it was, and now I've been a regular for years. This board shouldn't forget that its origins and userbase were influenced by those events in more ways than one

shameless second bump



Totally transforming society and reinstating the patriarchy is the only way they can imagine themselves getting any.

these are the guys who took over Holla Forums
wow just wow

The term is Indo-European. White is a color.

Gamergate was the ultimate poison pill. Instead of hardened ex-cons who have connections with organized crime today the fascist vanguard is a loose collection of virginal autists who don't even have the forethought to mask their phone numbers while making threats over the phone.

It's a proportion thing. There are very intelligent alt righters, but they're a tiny minority (conservatism generally is a bunch of idiots with a few intelligent misanthropes shepharding them).


I really wish Holla Forums would try to even push people who disagreed with them politically into helicopters when it doesn't even look like they can push a fucking shopping cart


That guy wasted 5 years of his life shitposting on Holla Forums. Kind of sad.


Its just blame shifting. They need a boogeyman to take responsibility for their own unhappiness.

Like it or not it was the vehicle that put retards like Milo and Sargon on the map

Can anyone make a thread clipping of this. We need this thread archived in the booru.

good, more violence.


autistic kids that played minecraft in the computer lab at lunch are 90% of the alt right

and they make fun of US…