What the hell should we do about CCP stans

what the hell should we do about CCP stans

MLs on twitter didn't use to be so defensive about every Chinese action

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What is there for MLs to be wrong about? China did literally nothing wrong here. Perhaps it's you who has the problem, not the country of China? Fuck new skool "hip hop" shit.

Hip Hop even if class conscious is still one of the most reactionary subcultures around IMO. I really don't want the chinese people medling with muh bling, muh bitches, muh riches.

Absolutely correct decision.

Besides, american Amerimutts aren't Black.

Hip hop is an entire genre. To suppress it is outrageous and unnecessary. Hip hop often has a really revolutionary character that the CCP should be able to appreciate. Why define hip hop culture as materialism and suppress the music when they could just as easily encourage a more positive expression of hip hop, which would then benefit the image of China greatly in the long run?

It's totally hypocritical for the Chinese government to complain about the glorification of "wealth and hedonism" when their entire foreign and domestic policy since 1976 has centered around promoting investment and growing Chinese businesses.

Because many American kids and every young person in East Asia now follows the Higher Brothers and other Chinese rap acts, this is really self-destructive for China in the long run.

Shut up bourgeois scum. Hip hop is counterrevolutionary.

engage in respectful and comradely debate/criticism with them if you disagree on some issue.

They're right. I'm amazed everyday how correct China's analysis is.

Hip-hop has become completely commercialized. Just look at the backpack rappers from back in the day, it was all socially conscious. Now it's literally retarded and hip-hop is controlled by giant corporations.

Why in the fuck would you listen to hip-hop today? It represents the supreme alliance between the lumpen and petite-bourgeoisie. Hip-hop was once proletarian but not any more.

Stop false flagging, you sound like a liberal.

Nice criticism but that's what they're actually doing you mental invalid.


Only white liberals who love Kendrick defend hip-hop today.

Yeah but is CCP actually "banning hip hop"? Or just imposing cultural standards on it just like they do to their movie industry?

Thank you for posting a more informative article.

Another liberal I.Q.-let showing that everyone who attacks China simply doesn't understand it.

There's your fucking problem.

Eat shit, plebians.

The hiphop industry is probably one of the most bourgeois thing I’ve ever seen in my life besides Silicon Valley, and fucking McDonald's. Punk will always remain the most revolutionary, and leftists subculture there is, as well as all subsequent evolutions of it that come about this century, hiphop not being one of those.

This is living proof that everyone on this earth deserves the nukes.

No it's more like

You're right but Holla Forums has some resident hiphop heads who get buttfrustrated and go into rampant shitposting mode anyone speaks against their chosen genre.
*cue quote about defenders of the lifestyle of the lumpen proletariat that that soc dem poster posts all the time*

Aren't you a little too old to still be rebelling against your parents? Or do you just not want to admit that they were right about some things?

I laugh at you singularly.
This "Hip-hop makes Capitalism" stance is absolutely idealistic. Banning it is a clear example of "Saving the poor proles from bad thoughts". Here we have the clear cut CCM stance.
The "Hip hop, is like, commodified African culture" is the clear liberal stance. Almost ALL culture is commodified, yet for some reason yall feel the need to "save the poor negroes" from their "ev- commodified music". This is the clear, disturbingly paternal liberal stance. The Anons in this thread have accepted both.
Again, this is why we deserve the nukes. Even the Socialists are liberals, Capitalism has truly made us all tools. I hope dearly that this is just concentrated autism, and not a Holla Forums development.

I speak of deserving nukes and the more I read the more I believe.
And now the, "fall in line with traditional values" shtick? What sweet hell is this?

Pick one.

Can you not admit that your parents were right about your music but for the wrong reasons? All the garbage that is promoted as popular culture tends to be anti-social and anti-socialist.

Everyone knows that Debord would kill himself again if he saw how thoroughly lumpen culture has been commodified and incorporated into the spectacle. Hell, he probably killed himself because his own work was incorporated into the very machine he despised.

but punk is bad

I think it's the soccer mom stance justified through tankiness

That's why it took longer to be commodified then most subcultures tbh

It's purposefully bad, can't have mass appeal if it's shit. Truly the infinite-1 Autism Level move.

they're both for-profit entities so I'm not sure if there's a serious difference

What are you talking about it was commodified well under 5 years in.

This drips with "everyone has to hang out with m- eachother".
My parents never cared for what I listened too, and I rarely listen to rap, not really a big music guy.
Enter stage right Anons totally great fringe music that like, totally isn't a commodity. Dude, we should start a Socialist Hangout group, and we could post really dank memes and organize.
Holy shit, next you might actually engage in materialism.

Revolution attracts people with the "based boss/leader" mindset. In their head, they are the ones who will save the proles when the proles are the only ones who can save themselves. There is a quote about that idea, don't have it though.

So… what I got from your post is that you don't actually disagree with what I said but you're just too cynical about the prospect of change/comfortable with the liberal consensus around art. I just don't get it, the shrieking that I see from people here when you bring up the fact this stuff is anti-socialist


Is this Satire?
Hip-Hop Rap and all those other burger genres are some the most counter productive pieces of shit to society ever
It Actively spreads the idea that being poor and a gang member is something to strive for

There's nothing wrong with the concerned Christian soccer mom stance.



Wtf I love Xi Jinping now

This board gets worse every fucking day.

You've misread everything and your premises are those of a mentally ill child. Restate what you have to say like you're not having a seizure and I'll respond.


Hip hop used to be good pro revolutionary art but eventually evolved into bourgeoisie dog shit, "Versace, Gucci, Designers, Lean, Vape, Weed, Ass." and is just about a bunch of dumb coons leading blacks and other minorities the wrong why, that's why white liberal middle class kids are the only one's who listen to it, nothing of value was lost.

Also ☭TANKIE☭s confirmed for eternally shit.

Literally no idea what you're talking about. They're censoring a song that includes misogynistic lyrics and that glorifies drugs and wealth.
Again, what the fuck are you talking about. They can ban misogyny in the media, this is good. Read Mao's Combat Liberalism or do you not think media has any effect? Or rather are you some kind of MRA who is using 'bad' ironically to make light of of disrespecting women.
One last time, literally what in god's name are you even talking about? The person in the tweet said something about appropriation, so the fuck what? The stance of the CPC is based on its principles and standards for media not 'appropriation'. The CPC sees hip-hop as a potentially positive force.

No one accepted those two premises you mentioned. The only issue here is that you're actually just too dumb to read.

you're a coward


ITT contrarian ☭TANKIE☭s pretend underground and local music doesn't exist and its all pop top 40

Ok kid


Lmao the sideways vagina-chasers in here defending Christian soccer mom-ism.

Good lmao

u wot m8

Jeez. This thread is like a congegration of Hopsin or KRS fans. You guys sound like suburban Christian soccer moms.

There is nothing inherently wrong with hip-hop. It's a genre - the lyrics are up to the performer. They could decide to curb in on songs with focuses on drugs, sexual matters, violence & displaying wealth — that's fine, I guess. There are enough other topics to rap about. Many rap songs are not thematically too different from pop songs. Why should a rap song about love or hanging out with your friends be banned but pop songs on the same topic be allowed? It's more because of Chinese racism (they HATE black people as I've noticed during my year abroad in Shanghai) mixed with actually reactionary paternalism (which isn't necessarily always a bad thing) than "preserving revolutional and communist attitudes".

Now excuse me as I go back to listening some Yung Lean and Lupe Fiasco.

The word filter got me. I meant paternalism in order to conserve traditional societal values.

It's also funny that this board loves a certain musical genre filled with reactionary white power Viking-fetish neo-nazi shit but somehow thinks that hip-hop is the genre of all evil and must be eradicated.

Suppressing cultural trends is about the most benign censoring you can do, and honestly I'm fine with a moral censor that purges glorification of greed, splurging, and so on from public consciousness.

Censorship can be a good thing, and far as I can tell this is good censorship.

Western music itself has been under intense cultural pressure to the point where mainstream popular music in its current state is manufactured as a commodity that represses proletarian art.

Music is a powerful and underutilized art form. Although most/all proletarian music becomes appropriated by capital, at least it has - in the past - leaked into the mainstream.

The only other Burger music that should be banned is country. But you can't argue with China on hip-hop and rap. At the end of the day its done more harm to the black community and US culture than good.

Just fuck this whole story. Their not being racist. You don't see them banning African folk or anything. Hip-hop is just the production of people that have been repeatedly victimized by their own nation. Of course it sounds terrible.

Fuck this, I remember when this was an anarchist board.

Ask me how I know you're white.

You non-readers really need to kill yourselves.

Reminder that the most proletarian music in the west atm is Blackpool Grime.

I'm not white, unlike most of this forum. Not that that matters though.



*ends racism*
*destroys western hegemony*
*revives classical music*

Han chinese are politically white (at least within China.) I wouldn't trust them with global hegemony but I'm wouldn't mind if they destroyed the American empire.

it's not fair man

What did he mean by this

Absolutely nothing.


What is it with idpolers and maoism?

Liberals are retarded, want to LARP as commies and respect chosen pronouns, while China still calls itself communist.

but racism is bad

Sure it is, but the way idpol twitter marxists talk about it, you'd think it is not only the center of the fucking universe but all that marxism accounts for, and the revisionist assumption that a fucking communist party would ban something in order to fucking stop cultural appropriation is objectively fucking wrong and retarded and is the height of identitarian partisanship