How does it feel to go through total ideological annihilation?

How does it feel to go through total ideological annihilation?

This was like a second fall of the Berlin wall. The rejection of Neo-Marxism is picking up steam and there's no stopping that train.

Good night left cucks.(No kermit posting)


What did Kermit do now?


And you think you have the right to call anyone inferior

tired: ethno-jungianism
inspired: lacanian internationalism

*for you**


itt left cucks butthurt

marxism didn't work

they tried cultural marxism to dismantle western societies, it's getting rejected for the cancer that it is


when you're so BTFO you can only respond with weak snark like a cat lady on twitter

What in the world would make you think this woman represents communism?

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men >>>>>>> Consider the Lobster, I love David Foster Wallace but he had some duds

Says the guy typing like he's on r/the_donald

how desperately you don't want her to be is a good start :)

tell me one bit of actual communist ideology does she tout, give times in the video

It's actually not a start at all.

When green is all there is to be
It could make you wonder why
But, why wonder? (why wonder?)
I'm green and it'll do fine
It's beautiful. And I think it's what I want to be

autistic canadian christfag apologist "destroys" interviewer even though this was not a debate and the journalist in question was simply doing her job and posing questions to prompt answers from the person being interviewed
leftards btfo 200 years of communist theory can be discarded now.

Come on, she was clearly trying to have a debate, and she sucked.


not how the world works kiddo



that's irrelevant to the question, actually timestamp when she's using communist talking points you rube

you rn

you would get along well with her I can tell :^)

you sound smart, user

I'm sorry but just reading this and knowing that people earnestly believe its true cracks me the fuck up


You don't even know what communist talking points are, you can't identify them because you're eye deep in ideology fed to you by autoplay and infographs


liberals pls leave
sargons channel is the other way

That doesn't even change the question you utter retard. Explain how she's "unknowingly" pushing communism.
explain that in an intellectually honest way and we can have a discussion

You're admitting you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, if ideology is a trashcan you're Oscar the fucking Grouch


ebin trole :DD


top kek fellow r/the_donald user X)


This is highly exploitable.