Are immigrants destroying Europe?

Has Europe erupted into flames? Non-ironically, how shit is Europe right now that immigrants have "invaded". Give me a leftist perspective on whether or not Europe is truly falling apart because of immigration.

Mass immigration is a symptom of porky importing cheap labor. The only leftist action is the action of opposition.

Which is a symptom of the local population not breeding enough, which is a symptom of the system neglecting the welfare of its people and affordability of children, which is a symptom of profit seeking, which is a symptom of capitalism, which is a symptom of porky breathing. The only leftist action is opposition to porky breathing.

but how is Europe doing as a result of the migration? Is it doomed or lost or in flames as many sources would argue?

In comparasion with USA, there are still much less terrorist attacks. On other hand, number of them increased. So did petty crimes.

Capitalism combined with police power will ensure they will breed less and be much more obidient in time.

Oh, and sweden is still much whiter than USA.

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Not much is going on. But If you were used to the fact that your bicycle will stay on same place you left it unlocked, such way of life is disappearing fast.

Ita, immigrantes Europa perdunt. Mille annos floruit in creatione rerum, quae resonat in saecula. Carminum architectura creamos culturae - ingenti cumulo uno omnia sunt proiecta hostes incendisse perfidi. Per mille annos traditum artis et historiae infudit descendit in exhauriunt.

Ire unde Germani.

how would you compare it to Canada though?

I never been to Canada, but what do you want to compare?

Crime is getting worse in europe, I can't speak for everywhere but here in the UK its getting worse due to poverty getting worse and the police getting their budgets cut so badly its as though the government wants criminals to get away with shit. Immigrants aren't the cause of it, and its still waaaaay better than burgerland.

It's a result of porky not paying wages high enough to justify the labor. The US isn't importing Mexicans because there aren't enough people to do the work. Companies can just get by on paying them less because they aren't citizens, which in itself is a necessity because stagnating wages are eviscerating purchasing power. The only way people can continue to buy things is if prices are kept as low as possible, which is only possible by paying workers as little as possible. Since you can't outsource kitchen work or nanny services to India, the only option is to bring in "illegals" that can't complain if you pay them sub minimum wage–or not at all.

Basically everything the article says that Europe is suffering from.
overall quality of life, safety, etc.
When we compare Canadians to the general state of main migration destinations in Europe, how do they stack up.

Yes, but as true leftists we're not concerned with the integrity of peoples, places, cultures, histories, or nations. Let the chips fall where they may, borders and personal property must be abolished for the ultimate utopia to be enjoyed anyways. Just let it go.

Immigrant threads are great because all the idiots come out to cry about people they've never met living in places that they don't and all the commies get to have a sensible chuckle at the self hating mongrels.

That article is quite strong fear monger propaganda, but yes, there are concrete blocks in public spaces, and increased police/army activity. When I was visiting Paris this summer, I was searched before entering every tourist attraction.
Hard to say. Quality of my life is increasing, my family is doing pretty much same on overall. Politicians speak it is increasing, but who knows? I don't think there are big changes.
If you stay away from ghettos you are safe, but it was always like this. But yes, number of ghettos in Europe increased.
All I know about immigration problems in Canada is that Holla Forums autistically schreeched about a year ago about some Chinese march. Perhaps you can tell me more?

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Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr why does porky make things in places with cheap labor

British Columbia is getting more Chinese in general, but they usually have Canadian/HongKong citizenship. Toronto has some parts of the city with stop signs in mandarin due to how many of them there are. Toronto in general has some of the most immigrants in Canada I would say, and BC is getting more and more. Apart from that, Ottawa is getting a ton of Ethiopians and Somalis and Canada overall is pretty diverse. The main problem with Canada isn't the immigrants per se (in my opinion, there might be some who disagree) but the absolute state of reserves, literal shitholes. It's embarrasing we take better care for immigrants than the native peoples of the country. However I would like to point out that (a talking point conservatives like to point out when complaining about Trudeau) Canada had actaully recently let in a couple of confirmed ISIS fighters who were Canadian citizens into the the country. This was a while ago, if you're interested you can research it yourself.

No, hissy fit whites are just as much to blame for making everything worse in regards to identity politics


Meant to say "I think immigrants are just fine"

It's not.
Europe has seen a downward trend in violent crime during the last decades. In France for instance, the homicide rate today (around 1.2) isn't much higher than it was in the '70s (around 1.0) and actually lower than in immigration-free '80s Japan (around 1.4). What changed is people's tolerance of violence; a mugging at knifepoint is considered unacceptable today when it used to be seen as part and parcel of city life not so long ago.
Besides, saying crime or terrorism are caused by immigration is like saying night-time assaults are caused by people going out in the evening — it conceals the social roots of such issues. Why blame native crime on unemployment or urban decay and then blame immigrant crime on immigration?
t. Belgian living in a lower-class ($450 rent), ethnically-diverse (Moroccan, Polish, etc) neighborhood of Brussels

How does porky having you by the balls feel?


Define 'destroying'. If you are talking about European identity, well, yes. Treating immigrants humanely includes including them into your culture and identity; but for white, historically christian countries to include non-white Muslims (a sorta binary opposite), creates a contradictory identity that is as good as meaningless. The rhetoric of European leaders is always about 'muh values' because that doesn't exclude anyone (but liberal values include about the whole west).

If you are talking about crime, no. Immigrants are usually poor and often relatively (!) excluded, which would come with a little crime hike. But no one is burning down streets for teh lulz. There might (might!) be some increase in rape in Sweden for example, but that's probably targeted towards immigrant women by immigrant men and not blonde Swedish women as the right likes to imagine.

Eh in my country the big mafias are immigrant based and I'd guess the drop in violent crime is seen the most in the richer and more successful native population

And you're right, but that doesn't change the fact that bold headlines claiming Europe has gone to shit because of immigration are sensationalist crap.


Yeah, there's ghettoization but that's about it.

It's not falling apart because of immigrants to begin with, stop going to Holla Forums.