Ž: antifa will do nothing to get rid of right-wing populism – it's just panicky posturing

The sad prospect that awaits us is that of a future in which, every four years, we will be thrown into a panic, scared by some form of “neo-fascist danger,” and in this way blackmailed into casting our vote for the “civilised” candidate in meaningless elections lacking any positive vision.

In between, we’ll be able to sleep in the safe embrace of global capitalism with a human face. The obscenity of the situation is breath-taking: global capitalism is now presenting itself as the last protection against fascism, and if you try to point this out you are accused of complicity with fascism.

Today’s panicky anti-fascism doesn’t bring hope, it kills hope – the hope that we’ll really get rid of the threat of racist populism.

And now: bat-shit comments.

Where do all the retards who dwell in comments sections come from?

This is all bullshit. Capitalism will encroach on workers all the way until it makes their lives completely unbearable, which will radicalise situation. It just cannot stop itself for its own good, because it is mindless and driven by profit.

Fascism is better (for communism) than neoliberalism, and neonazis are better than completely complacent liberals. Couple of chains of the neoliberal order swinging into fascism or ultrareactionary government would be quite nice in fact.

Fascists are the real anti fascists


How would that ever be good in the US?
The Nazis never had the kind of ridiculous surveillance state that the modern US does. They didn't even have TV. A fascist US would inherit a society with (probably by then) Weimar-esque inequalities but much more military and intelligence infrastructure. And what other modern superpower would stop it, now?

We could invade Mexico and nobody would give a fuck. Maybe Canada would fight us. I don't know. The communists in Nazi Germany still couldn't bring down the Nazis from inside.

If anything, the biggest drawback to a "full speed ahead" arch-capitalist approach is the neoliberals' willingness to behave like Nazis wrt draconian security measures and powergrabs. Accelerating capitalism will continue its degeneration, an oppressive military-industrial complex is only a defense against the inevitable consequences. These things don't exist to be ineffective.


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The article directly addresses the alt right, liberals, and anti-fa, and is shared in these circles. You can't touch on a more retard-filled grouping relevant to politics than this.

so edgy

and zizek is doing nothing in general other than selling books and living off his celebrity edgelord status

We would do fuck all, trust me

After his run for presidency of Slovenia and being kicked out of the second round by meager 22,000 votes I doubt that he has any desire of partaking in active politics again.

Tolpuddle seems right tbh.

Still too soft.

We need Socialism with a Human Face as a Party Mask.


Even his party bears his initials. What an alpha.

America is already mostly fascist anyways.

There's more to politics than running for office and failing

nonsense. It's another "the word fascist means nothing anymore" episode

Read Parenti.

what timeline is this, i want out

He's not a shield against your bullshit internet posts

macmarco isn't entirely wrong there, Trump's rhetoric has a veneer of populism to it but if you look at what he's actually done so far it's been nothing but one big sloppy blowjob for Porky.

Hope he can discredit right-populism. They have the government now (or think they do anyway) and what has it done to help their supporters' lives?

Honestly I think a lot of disillusioned Trumpcucks are ripe for radicalization, but effective anti-fascism needs to flip these people, and punching or silencing them only seems to make them dig in their heels.

thanks but we already know that, Z

most likely, as someone who lives in "Trump country" he got voted in over the economy. Outside of specific areas on the east and west coast, the economy for the average American is complete dogshit

Trump's actual, real life supporters love him for that though. They are mostly petite bourgeoisie.

This is peak delusion m8

The petite-bourgies are hopeless but that's pretty much always the case. The working class ones I wouldn't be so sure about though.


The only way the left can be victorious is if it simultaneously fights against IdPol while fighting against the bourgeoisie state. IdPol is obviously a creation of that state, and proponents of IdPol should be treated as agents of the enemy.

True. "LGBT culture" is a stain on the modern world, promoting lavish lifestyles, consumerism and basing one's total identity on the sexual orientation. People who identify as LGBT culture people are gulag fodder.


Dunno about that. In my city there are some hardcore leftist lgbtq kids, they're passionate too. I get where you're coming from but it's not all bad.

I'm guessing you aren't actually LGBT. Like, there is a bourgeois gay culture, but there is a rather large contingent of radqueers, a huge contingent of people who just want to hang out and meet each other in LGBT zones, and a liberal contingent that never really knows what it's doing.

As far as identifying with sexuality, yeah, that tends to happen when historical oppression has been the norm. It's the same reason "Black culture" is considered a thing. I'm not saying it's good or bad, but it's not exactly relevant to Marxism. You're viewing it as something antagonistic when in reality it's just a matter of course due to our material history. Similarly, it will probably fade out once a more hospitable, socialist society has been established. It's nothing to piss about.

this person should be arrested for child abuse

Well said m8


But… this is what representative democracy always was.


Honestly this is the main thing that creates the impression in peoples minds that the left is not a real opposition. Social liberalism, identity politics, mass immigration, and globalization are all clearly elite projects. The more left-wingers focus on these things the more we are indistinguishable from the dominant globalist and cosmopolitan wing of the bourgeoisie


The Z is on point again

fascism will get us killed before we can do anything

you can't tell me gulags aren't necessary in modern times after reading shit like this

Can't disagree with you there.

You forget many working class people voted for Trump because he appropriated some pro-working class talking points during the campaign. These people voted for protectionism and "America First", not tax cuts and outsourcing. They voted Obama and Sanders before and flipped to Trump based off his populist facade. They can be converted if you can get through to them.

i am physically ill reading this

ye his run with the liberal backed coalition that staged a bloody junta to topple the socialist federal government

Liberals will never allow anything to happen and the American "left" is made up of 99% liberals.


but the youth are definitely moving further to the left. as long as the student loan crisis and stagnant wages with rising costs and wealth inequality continue, there will inevitably be more socialists.

They're just SocDems.

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Read Debs

Michel Clouscard predicted all of this way back in 1973 when he was REEing at Deleuze and may 68ers.

Antifa is the future of the west

Wrong. Homosexuality is bourgeoisie decadence

Is that you pierre

I have no problem with beating up people for X or Y reason as long as I agree with it.
The problem with Antifa is that they're largely SJW liberals.