Is the word "Oriental" considered racist?

Now I know the roots of the word. "Of southwest Asian descent"

Though do you think it would be racist to call someone that?

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I agree, although why so? I've just grown up knowing it was, but I was curious why.

No, I use it as a descriptive term because "Asian" in the UK means south-asian, so saying "someone is asian" is not useful at all.
Tbh it is just antiquated, but I would never call someone "an oriental" to their face.

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This, it's maybe more weird than just racist

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Why do you need an general term for any group in the first place? Just refer to their nationality of origin.

A few leftists movements justify the origins of the modern right wing.

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It's an old "us vs. them" Euro-centric colonialist terminology. So, yes, it's kind of racist, but the terminology is too fucking outdated for anybody to care.

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Ok buddy, because you definitely have never found a time where it was convenient to group together culturally similar people in your everyday speech. Making clear distinctions between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people are 100% necessary in all cases, for sure.

I mean, I don't consider it racist. Mostly just an archaism. Like negro. There are still old people who call themselves "orientals," just don't randomly refer to someone as oriental yourself. It's not like "Jap" or "gook" or "chink" as far as I know, but it still carries connotations of its time.

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The Orient is just a place on a map. It is like how people from the west are called westerners or people from the ME are called middle-easterners. "Oriental" just refers to where people are on a map.

Its as racist as calling someone russian you retard. The orient is a fucking geographical term you sperg

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it's considered racist because society is filled with morons, but it isn't actually racist. like negro

No. Asian should refer to ALL asians, oriental refers to a particular subtype of Asian people

Chink here, I don't mind the term but it probably is considered racist these days. Use in public at your own risk.

Who cares if it is or isn't? If in context it wasn't meant as racist or if it was just a dirty joke, who gives a fuck? Someone saying nigger or spik or cumskin isn't even the problem anyway, its people using the system of capital to enforce personal attitudes that's the problem.

What are you, a Brit?
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Negro will always be the funniest sounding word to me.

Oriental is really somewhat like Negro. With negro, it was once the preferred terminology, has fallen out of fashion, and at THIS point if you use it without being old enough for it to have still been the preferred terminology when you were young people will assume you're only using it because it sounds kinda close to nigger which you would really rather say.
In the case of oriental… it really never was the preferred terminology except in really specific instances in the Near East (oriental orthodox for example), was primarily used at a time when the people using it were VERY RACIST, and frankly if you use it today people will assume you have the same views as the people who primarily used it.

Examine the fact that people used Oriental but didn't call westerners Occidentals. Why do you think they did that. Even if not on purpose, doesn't the fact that you're using a 'weirder' word for the east serve to Otherize the people you're referring to?