I’m not sure why I’ve been kicking shit over on Holla Forums.
We need effective tactics to resist ICE here in the states.
ICE has only been around since Nine Eleven. A Bush construct. Obama should have shut it down. Now under Trump, it’s not just so-called “illegals” who are being targeted. It’s a threat to civil liberty. How do we protect the most vulnerable from this sick highly armed behemoth?

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Direct action is the only way; the hashtag resistance and the Democrat Cops of America-adjacent Dems will only keep it funded once in government.

There are churches, synagogues, and mosques all over the country who’s congregants are being questioned as they come and go from services.

I mean the DSА goes around cock-blocking ICE and spreading information on how the public can cuck them (for example, they have to have a judge court order to use your property for anything no just a department one).
Tbh just harassing them is a good means, perhaps someone should resurrect user and do that kind of thing.

It seems that Democrat Cops of America will have to team up more directly with RedneckRevolt and Socialist Rife Associations.


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Most churches are happy to sell out the immigrants. Even the Roman Cucklic “follow the laws unless it’s gommunism :D” dioceses are teaming up with ICE.

And yet, they also funnel people into voting Democratic and supporting pro-ICE candidates (Booker, Obama, Gabbard, Jones). Womp womp.

Will never happen as long as they’re cucked by the “guns are ebul” party.


I don't care who comes here as long as they love free markets and follow the Constitution!

As flight attendants we're supposed to be on the lookout for people with bogus paperwork. Fuck that if Gomez hands me a passport with his visa drawn in crayon I'm giving him some extra almonds

Nah I'm all about that acceleration bby

Actual citation needed (also Gabbard is pretty anti-imperialist and is anti-ICE).

DSA varies heavily from chapter to chapter, some are filed with liberals others have genuine socialists. Some of them actually notify immigrant communities ahead of ICE raids and records/monitors when they are patrolling communities

What are good chapters to join?

Hindutava isn’t anti-imperialist you dingbat.

North Alabama and Louisville are the only good chapters tbh

BAMN is already on the case.


"The American Neo-Gestapo is good because only whites can be working class"
- Retarded transplants from Holla Forums

Most of the people immigrating from Latin America to the US are working class. Also hispanic's have a more favourable view of Socialism than any other demographic.

I understand why Euro's don't want reactionary MENA people in their countries, but Hispanics are better people than your average amerimutt.

Read a fucking book

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Why should I be against ICE? They make my labor more valuable. There actions are in my self interest. I’m not going to help them, but I’m not going to go after them either.


This but unironically. Most ICE agents are people that are too fat or weak to be actual police so they decide to terrorize brown people when they're sleeping or outside of schools and churches

They're not "in your self interest" and they don't "make your labor more valuable." ICE is just the modern gestapo sicced on this or that minor porky to make an example of them and put the fear of deportation into these workers in order to coerce them into accepting their pitifully low wages. All they're doing is maintaining the system that is cucking you out of even more of your labor's "value." Your deflated wages are justified with lower prices that wouldn't be possible without these foreign workers.

But even if ICE were enforcing the law uniformly, all that would happen is the deterioration of your economy would accelerate as prices rise. Wages of course won't. Even if yours personally did rise somewhat, the net effect would be increased costs for the majority of people who are already being severely impacted by deflated wages and decreased purchasing power. In some places, packs of cigarettes are $15 or more. How do you think it's going to look when all the mexican kids that they use aren't there to pick tobacco for 50c an acre?

So now there are no mexicans, no jobs, and no fucking money, because the rich fucks whose dicks you suck have it all. What are you going to do? Protest? Well, gosh, now there are all these ICE officers with all this expensive equipment and no one to use it on now that all the evil browns are gone. Better keep sucking, faggot, because porky pole is going to be filling your colon one way or another.

Having fewer immigrants in your country to slightly increase the value of the labour power your boss gouges out of you seems like a pretty low bar tbh. Your not even actively pursuing this self interest, bad egotism, fam.

This devalues my labor.

Only porky get’s lower prices.

So Porky paye more for shit and my wages are higher.

I don’t care about Cigarette prices, I don’t smoke.

Seriously if it weren’t for mass immigration in the Agriculture sector giving agribusiness very cheep labor thus causing the American peasantry to be virtually dead I’d probably be a care-free peasant happy as could be.

All I’m doing is not stoping ICE. I’m not directly helping them.


Deporting Someone =/= Killing Someone

If ICE were actually killing people I’d probably grab an AR-15 and start shooting at them. Seriously you’re overestimating this.

No you wouldn't lmao. US policy surrounding the border already kills people, and leftists aren't engaging in any substantial violence to stop it. Stop larping.

The US Mexico border is one of the deadliest borders in the world. ICE agents kick water jugs over so people die of dehydration, there are Boer war style concentration camps in Texas and Arizona for whoever ICE decides to pick up that day.

No it dosen’t

All ICE does is take you in a van and drives ten miles into Mexico where they let you out. It isn’t a big deal.

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Why doesn’t the website owner do anything about boards like Holla Forums doxxing individuals, and filing false reports with ICE?

Because he's a Holla Forumstard himself

People like you would support the slave hunters back then because "I don't hate the negroes they just devalue my labor"

ICE kills 232 out of 140,024 That is 0.166% of the people they come across. That’s about one in every thousand. That isn’t them acting like the Gesapo, or he KKK. That’s them acting like a shity American Police Department. No different than the one a few miles away from my house. Yes it’s bad, but it doesn’t mean Immigrants are being genocided.

Wouldn’t the slave hunters be he ones bring the slave here and devaluing my labor?

because all of those things are legal

Why? We need a bunch of anti-gay anti-feminist reactionaries just because they will vote to redistribute money away from whites?


and yes

There are sheriffs that deliberately refuse to cooperate. There is one in my area who claims to be a "conservative" and is resisting ICE. I won't name names because we don't want any pol/lurks to raid him

Race =/= class

He’s doing that so bigagriculture can have cheep labor and keep destroying the American Peasantry.
So he’s pro-rich, which explains why he’s pro-immigration

Well OP you can always hide illegal immigrants in your house.


ancap detected, reported

we need to protect porky's slaves to be exploited

OP had good intentions but the vast majority of this thread is shitposting.