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The U.S. Drops Out of the Top 10 in Innovation Ranking

The U.S. dropped out of the top 10 in the 2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index for the first time in the six years the gauge has been compiled. South Korea and Sweden retained their No. 1 and No. 2 rankings.

Americans’ Trust in Institutions ‘Implodes’ After Year of Trump

Americans’ trust in their institutions has suffered the biggest deterioration ever recorded since President Donald Trump took over the White House, according to a survey of global attitudes compiled by the New York-based public-relations firm Edelman.

'America First' tariffs on imports spark Asia outcry

China and South Korea have vowed to defend their interests after the US imposed new tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels.

Shutdown Deal Turns Democrats Against Each Other Before Midterms

For Democrats, the recriminations began even before the final votes were cast to end the three-day government shutdown – hinting at divisions that could complicate their efforts in November’s congressional races.

Lower-income Bank of America customers face a $12 monthly fee after the bank switched their accounts

Bank of America, the second-largest U.S. bank by assets, just finished switching all customers who used a free online-only checking account to checking accounts that charge customers a $12 monthly fee if they don't maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or a monthly direct deposit of at least $250, The Wall Street Journal reports.

U.S. Spending Deal May Threaten Intelligence Spending Oversight

The short-term U.S. government funding bill passed by Congress Monday contains a revision to wording tied to the National Security Act that some Republicans and Democrats fear could hinder congressional oversight of intelligence agencies and programs.

Secretary of State for NI criticised for comparing same-sex marriage to the rollout of broadband

Northern Ireland's new Secretary of State has been criticised after comparing same-sex marriage to the rollout of broadband.

Michigan Man Arrested After Phone Threats to CNN in Atlanta

A Michigan man has been arrested after authorities say he threatened to travel to Atlanta and kill people at CNN headquarters.

'Get out of jail free': Will this card get you off a speeding ticket?

A police union in New York is reportedly cutting back on the number of so-called "get out of jail free" cards given to friends and family.

Venezuela Official Proposes Presidential Elections Be Held in April

The ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, known as PSUV, has not yet announced a presidential candidate.

Americans Cheer Their Economy. Their President, Not So Much

President Donald Trump is breaking the convention that when Americans feel good about the economy they credit their leader.

Student: Boy arrested in Texas high school shooting has violent past

A 16-year-old boy accused of shooting a classmate at a Texas high school on Monday had a history of aggressive actions at school, a fellow student said.

1 dead, 9 injured in rural Kentucky high school shooting; suspect held

Someone with a gun opened fire inside a rural Kentucky high school Tuesday morning, killing one person and injuring nine others. Police said a suspect was apprehended and there is no reason to suspect anyone else in the first fatal school shooting of 2018.

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As Trump, Bannon, Assange & Oprah make headlines: The Empire Strikes Back - Slavoj Žižek

The global elite will use any means necessary to prevent the economic radicalization of the left. So “MeToo” and smears distract while tax evasion has become legitimate.

Revisiting ‘Development As Freedom’ in a Time of Neo-liberal Hegemony. Part 1

Poor economic opportunities and poverty create a ripple effect of other social problems such as crime and violence.

Amazon, City Killer?

The unseemly bidding war to have the opportunity to have Amazon ruin your city moves to its finalist phase.


Thank you based news user



And the bad news keep slammin' into DC.
Good, good.

I know; I wanted to emphasize Rösåkillerborg (Sweden)


b-b-b-but Americans love Trump…..they wouldn't be libs…that means….oh no…

You know, I disagree with this. Although the "movement" itself is flawed, I don't really consider it a movement. I just think, now with the internet, women are far more able to share stories of sexual abuse with other people in America, ESPECIALLY at a class level.

I don't see it as a distraction, I see it as a needed discussion. People underestimate how far and wide sexual harassment is in the United States in a work environment. Honestly, it's gone to shit, but I think the core of it is an ongoing needed discussion separate from other issues.

The whole idea we must talk about X because Y is distracting is ridiculous. Talk about both.


I wouldn't put too much stock into this. There's still have the Feb. 8th deadline. Latinos may be angry with the Dems now, but they know the GOP is their real enemy.

With the way everything is going, I feel if the Dems don't take power in 2018, they'll be full on riots.

I get the vibe that the "MeToo" and the various women marches are the nationwide equivalent of throwing your husband in the doghouse.

I don't think anyone quite appreciates how much pressure this is putting on men, especially not our "pussy grabbing" president and his supporters.

Different hypothesis: it's something that existed before now reasserting itself in a more atomized social environment. It's not hard to imagine how in clannish cultures for example any kind of non-spousal abuse is solved by appeals of an abused woman to the family to retaliate against the offender. In more genteel communal cultures, by ostracism and social stigma for the offender. That doesn't really work anymore today, as you can be abused by someone who is not touched by ostracism from your social group - you can interact with too many people, and they have too many other people to fall back on. Also, you can't do blood feuds any more because of the power of the State. So you need either an all powerful daddy you can turn to for protection, the State, or a more large scale forum for public humiliation, the social media.


Sweden isn’t even SocDem anymore.

I hope the Dems lose..
“Trust institutions” – Biden

the aziz ansari fiasco means cracks are beginning to show in the movement. also it shows how 'liberated' sexuality under late capitalism can be a profoundly alienating experience, and now, it's everybody's business thanks to social media. Liberal panopticon discourse is bound to have tremendous consequences on all aspects of our lives, not all of them good, in fact, it could mean a return to a more closed society in which mass media dictates the norms of interpersonal behaviour down to the fine print.


The Susan Sarandon interview Zizek linked to is interesting as an example of how far the media will go to smear people who deviate however slightly from the neoliberal consensus.

the tone is somewhere between condescending and totalitarian, the interviewer seems baffled anyone could think differently than they do.

People who sexually abuse other people deserve to be humiliated

If he did that I would never criticize him again.

How do we make the Dems lose than. Push the Greens for maximum spoiler effect? Riots sound fun.

They deserve worse. But I'm wary about regulating all sexual disputes in this manner, especially those that are not clearly abusive. Yet in our current moment, that is exactly what I feel is happening, in part because of the kind of society we find ourselves in.

Imagine that you live in a close(d) community, and you cannot even conceive of the Ansari-kerfuffle happening. It would not even be an option to give to and demand from a partner alienated sex. But we don't live in such a society, we will have alienating sexual experiences, and we need a better way to deal with it than the pillory.

of course, there's freedom of opinion in the west, as long as you have the right opinions as defined by the media class consensus. any deviation, no matter how tiny, sets you up for a character assasination, or at least gives them license to call you a moron and a crazy person.


Then just be more wary of how people percieve your actions? It's honestly not that difficult. The mishandling of that whole dispute is more the media's fault. It was a light issue, but the girl said beforehand, "Can't we just hang out instead" before Ansari continued. It's all gossip, but with so many women agreeing with this, I don't think the problem is women but media optics. I think, really, "Can't we just hang out" "No" "Chill out" are all basically telling you respect my privacy. Which I can completely understand.

The "victimization of men" in being accused of sexual harassment or abuse can stop as soon as any singular person can understand "I don't want to do this" or any alternative to the phrase is understood as "No", and men can learn to accept "No", without having to throw a freak about their feelings being hurt. Chances are it's not an insult on your personality or appearance, but probably because they're not into anything at the moment.

Our culture fosters men to be incapable of perceiving "No" (or any variety of polite or inpolite way of putting it) to mean anything short of an insult on their person. And insult must mean, I actually have to continue.

Look at people like Mike Cernovich. They're not a minority, most men in America act like their entire life is an Adam Sandler comedy or the 20th fucking sequel to American Pie.

Go back to tumblr

Knowing when to quit is tumblr.


He was right. You should go back to tumblr.

Go back to tumblr

also you: b-but…you're saying American men are dumb and can't take a hint…? w-what?

Go back to gaia

Go back to 4chan


Go back to tumblr

This is correct.

top hivemind analysis
tumblr →

Saying American men are stupid is acceptable but saying they’re too stupid to take a hint is absolutely fucking disgusting

You are a hypocrite or at the very least you dont believe what you say

Americans are stupid but don’t you dare imply their men are inept

Shit advice, I'm not a mind reader. I can't accurately simulate everyone else's subjective opinion in my head, especially not of an absolute stranger doing a booty call. You can only rely on clear communication here, and even then you will still be having issues because you are in fact strangers. "Can't we just hang out instead" does not cut it in a world where "netflix and chill" and "would you want to come up for coffee" all mean fucking.

Beyond that, you're missing my basic point. If you live in a closed community, these ambiguities are lessened to a large degree. You will know of any girl you will be dating from your mutual friends, her family, in short her reputation in the community, which already tells you a lot of what she will be expecting. And vice versa. You don't unexpectedly end up with a dick, because the reputation for that would precede him. The current climate of social media is starting to replicate this in our new environment of atomized individuals interacting with strangers through the mediation of said social media, but in a much more vicious, absolute, and frankly inhuman way, and we should be wary.

I just said listen to what someone is saying. Not read someone’s mind. You’re hypersensitive, ironically

This reads more like a tumblr comment than what people are jumping on user’s ass for

Yes it does?

hi hootchie

You’re perfectly free to make people uncomfortable, nobody is really stopping you. You can explain your argument to them when they throw your pants out you walking out the door


And as a matter of fact I’m not hoochie. The wonderful think about being user is you don’t know who someone is. I on the other hand, know exactly who you are

The masturbating Socialist

Not an argument.

See, told you, I can't read minds.

Anyway, bottom line is Ansari was expecting some easy alienated consensual sex, and the missus was expecting the full girlfriend experience. Ansari was inconsiderate for not doing his due diligence by assuming she would want the same as him, and she was an absolute moron for expecting anything else from that kind of hookup. No sympathy.

My point is there is a sexual harassment problem in America because America has terrible sex ed courses, and people are jumping me on tumblr.

Rape in the workplace or for favors, assault, harassment in the work environment, all of that needs to be heard. Albeit in a better way.

My own mother is tramautized as a child by being raped by her priest at 12 and refused to get help because the small town community would austrize her, including her family. This boils my blood enough to support the general idea that women need to come forward and not be treated like this. American family values are all sorts of fucked up and with the internet it’s the best way. It has flaws, media especially.

We need to change how we interact with women in america, or this will go on and on. Especially by people in power

I’m oversimplifying but you get the drift

Uh. This is a thing?

Yep. You can also get out of a lot of stuff if you're related to a local judge or someone else of importance.

People you are calling you out for being from tumblr and/or reddit because you posted the standard "men are raised to be entitled rapist pigs" paranoid tumblr/reddit bullshit, not because you criticised sex ed policies in the USA. Own up to your own arguments and accept that you got called out.

There's a sexual harassment problem in America because the workplace dynamic creates a power imbalance between employer/employee, teacher/student, boss/subordinate.

Do you think all those Hollywood bigshots raped and molested and kept mum for all those decades because of "terrible sex ed courses?" What kind of fucking sex ed course do you need to teach you that raping someone is wrong?

Yeah, and here's why you're a tumblrcuck. Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually assaulting young men and boys. It's not a male/female problem, it's a hierarchical/coercion problem. Weinstein might be a son of a bitch rapist, but that doesn't excuse the innumerable women that served as accessories to the fact, serving up their junior actresses on a platter and then keeping mum about it for decades.

Tbh this is the sort of thing that some MRAs have a point about. There's a problem that is demonstrably affecting both sexes and indentitarian dimwits try to make it all about one or the other, who's the most victimized, etc, as though anything would be different if it were Hally Weinstein and Kylie Spacey sitting at the top of this exploitative hierarchy.

Most of the time it's just implicit. Things like "I donate to Local PD" or "Proud Cop Parent" bumper stickers, or other marks of affiliation usually suffice.

I'm saying that, in America, culture forested by them in their youth makes them make unwise social interactions that result in the harm of other people. I have no idea why this idea is so controversial.

Honestly? America's sexual education should be far more in depth, yes. But there's a multitude of reasons why this phenomenon occurs.

And no, I'm not calling them entitled rapist pigs. I just think they don't understand the context clues that women don't want anything more than to hang out.

lmaoing at your life

I'm criticizing the very people you're criticizing, you're silly

I'm afraid guys. America is diminishing. God is going to punish America (especially american WASPs) for their imperialist crimes just like during the civil war.

Good. Let's hope it goes the way of Sodom and Gomorrah.

PBA badges are used by the wine mom wives of cops to drive like assholes and somehow always find a way to make the person they hit at fault in accidents.

Wishful thinking as strategy

That's exactly the point I stopped reading, I just couldn't manage after that. My god I fucking hate liberals.

No argument there, I mostly agree with your points, except for putting the emphasis on education in stead of power relations as per . Thank you for arguing in good faith on a heated topic.