Why do communist countries always ban "degeneracy"?

Why do communist countries always ban "degeneracy"?

Most societies do this. Liberal capitalism is aberrant because culture is commoditized and packaged for sale, and so the product will be as crude or uplifting as necessary to maximize return on investment, without regard to any system of morality or ethics. If the capitalist transformation of Chinese society continues apace, they will necessarily eventually adopt the same logic. They're just a little slower.

the same reason capitalist ones do, and the modes of production before that.

i'm ok with this

literally nothing wrong with this
society should promote good morals
not everything needs to be seedy and scummy

Yeah, but is gay marriage or even homosexuality legal in The People's Republic?

Decadent behaviors such as homosexuality, liberalism, prostitution, and other such countercultures are counterintiutive to the wellbeing and productivity of the socialist state.

Right, the PRC doesn't tolerate any liberal decadent behavior besides the merciless rampant exploitation of workers and peasants for profit.

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Explain. How does for I instance two guys fucking each other in private set up a roadblock on the path to communism?



Show me one example where workers are exploited that is a result of Mao Zedong thought. I will wait.

Homosexuality, in addition to being extremely unsanitary and a blatant violation of common sense, is also a behavior exclusively associated with the upper class. Homosexual "proles" are usually so sex crazed that they cant even focus on their jobs, devoting their entire life to their depraved identity.

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How is heterosexuality not decadent

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Of course they don't. Those 20 year olds throwing themselves off the roof of Foxconn chose to work there and they could quit anytime they like and get a new job elsewhere for a different capitalist.

What in the name of Blue Fuck do you think Maoism has to do with 21st century China?


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Heterosexuality can also be decadent, but it is not exclusively so.

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Notice how the pro-homosexuality lobby on this board never provides actual arguments, just memes. It's almost like they know their worldview amounts to valuing feels over reals but dont want to admit it…


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homosexuality is legal in china and has been since the 90s

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Because of Eurasianism, specifically the aspect labeled "Traditionalism"

Asia is conservative, it also happens to be attempting to be socialist at the same time. It keeps fucking up.


It unironically is. Modern humans waste unimaginable amounts of water because of the cult of hygiene. The cult of hygiene was integral to the rise of fascist movements and ideology.

Dugin fears China and wants to partition it

Again, please give me an actual reason why homosexuality should be allowed in the socialist state, one that doesn't appeal to feelings. I've already raised historical materialism and health issues as arguments, I would like it if you would at least pretend like you have something useful to say.

You seem to know an awful lot about washing one's ass. Why is that?

Pretty sure Alexander Dugan isn’t officiall dogma of the ccp

That's because he's not trying to be socialist anymore, and neither is Russia.

I would like to hear your arguments first that can't be solved by using a fucking condom.

Heterosexuality can be just as fucking decadent, if not more so, because reproduction is as harmful to any individuals as any STD. And it's in dominant form, there's a reason why China has limits on children.

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Condoms are a waste of plastic and do nothing other than promote unproductive sexual encounters, which again, are the backbone of bourgeoisie society.

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Wait a second, I thought that was property? Have you read Marx?

New fucking rule everything that does not either harm an actual living person or harms the revolution in a real way (eg violent counter revolution) is allowed

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Why did Lenin legalize homosexuality before any major western nation? Why did China legalize it in 1997?

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Abstinence is ridiculous religious dogma. I just like things in life to have a purpose beyond base pleasures and crass instincts, thank you very much. It's what makes prole culture superior.

Homosexual priest kings were a thing before private property

Homosexuality caused aids, so uh, I'd say it actually does harm living people, yes.

Lenin only "legalized" it in the sense that in 1917, all laws of the old regime were abolished. It was rightfully recriminalized as soon as order was restored in Russia.


Wait I thought we were talking about socialism?

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AIDS was cause by the simian immunodeficiency virus mutating into a virus that could infect humans.

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Because most so-called communist states are reactionary and cryptobourgeois.

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