Anybody else find it amusing that Holla Forumsyps, for all their massive collective hardon for "muh biology"...

Anybody else find it amusing that Holla Forumsyps, for all their massive collective hardon for "muh biology", never mention anything like epigenetics or neuroplasticity?

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They can't integrate new information without rupturing their pseudoknowledge pustule.


I do though fag. Why are marxists so incapable of processing the inherant idealism in their understanding of history with dialectics and the end of history. Smacks of LIEberal bullshit. Epegentics cycles (cortisol) are one of the key components that regulate population dynamics. Its funny when commies talk about the base but do not underatand the critic role that sociobiolgical phenomena play within the base. Commies are just as bad as LIEberals, both are like creationists.

Populalation dynamics ensure that history does not folllow some sort of linesr path as enlightenment fags perceive but rather cyclical as was common knowledge since before plato


Also fuck biology tbh.

No shit history doesn't follow some set path, but it sure as fuck isn't cyclical. The material conditions need to exist before anything happens. At the current rate of technological advance and if capitalism fails to sustain itself then communism will win.



That doesn't mean communism wins, that's like saying that you live in poverty but at least the rival gang's leader died so life is better now.


Cyclical history in this sense is a heuristic. It is more accurate to say that there is population dynamics on motion that follow a pattern which interacts with new developements. Thinkers like spengler have been vindicated with recent investigations into epigentics and how epigentic cycles regulate behaviour and history.

Don't make me explain myself, you know what I mean.

Stopped reading right there.

I really don't

yea…. no.

Then you're a bourgeois.

Leftypol is literally too stupid to understand how population equilibrium works.

But it is, retard.

One of us is retarded, i think it's you.

or you.

It's both of you but even the nazi is less retarded than you, you're just in a vegetative state at this point.

Single celled organisms are proof that class collaberation prevails over class conflict. Checkmate. No, this totally not a bullshit nonsensical statement. Just as population dynamics are totally ruled by interaction of class :^)

Trips confirm that this the truth, this is where being ironic get's you nazi, now you are obliged to turn nazbol.

U wot lad?


Auto correct, I'm phone posting.



[citation needed]

He did have citations, just discredible ones from right wing nuts who were shamed for putting politics before work and churning out false propaganda.

Holy fuck, I lost brain cells reading this

You shouldn't have, that's the smartest thing he's said the entire thread.





Just like lysenkoists totally put their citations before their labor right? :^)


Commies are fucking retarded. 100+ million deaths and countless famines later, including the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, and they still want to keep trying. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" is fundamentally a flawed idea because man is inherently greedy by nature.
Without greed as a tangible reward, no one would ever work hard. Plus, if you incentivize not working by taking from those who work and handing out free shit, eventually no one is gonna work.

This has already been seen throughout history and is a lesson that everyone should know all to well. The result of ending private property is that hardly anybody works, efficiency spikes downward, and most people simply end up starving. It's really that fucking simple.

Man is not inherently "good' by nature. Therefore, communism can never ever work. It is a terribly flawed ideology, period.



Yep, it's a Holla Forumsyp

This is what I want to hear more about.

Stop using avatisms to refute the core axioms of communism. It does not explain why greed is an emergant behaviour, and in of itself it is in the interest of the worker to be socialist. The issue with communism is its histiography and idealistic component. If you read your basic economics you'd know stuff like ltv and such came from thinkers like adam smith or ricchardo.

Why would I provide citations to you? So you can ignore them? Which citations would you want more specifically? That cortisol (a stress regulating hormone) is itself regulated by epigenetic factors? It's not hard to understand based from that there is a sociolgocial and historical effect.

Yeah, nice try. Sauce on your claim that epigenetics justifies your cyclical history BS or GTFO.

Holy shit, it's "Ricardo" you brainlet.

Stop trying to act smart when you can't even spell correctly.



Still waiting on your sources, kiddo.

Everything else besides antifa and the hammer/sickle is ignorance at its finest. Except the rainbow dildo. That's spot on.

They know it, they're just trying to get a rise out of you. He's probably a kid.


I'm not wholly convinced of that. Fascists love to veil their actual opinions with seeming flippancy, it gives them a convenient. The idea of an antifa deep state child fucking Hilary worshipping left, despite all the coherence, is a real bugbear in their mind

*convenient cover/retreat



I clarified on my previous claim, cyclical is heuistuc. Not in the literal sense.

I can provide citations on epigentics impacting on cortisol. You wont dismiss that striaght out of hand. You'd have to be braindead to not make inferences that such factors feed into population dynamics and population equilibrium. Inferences that are testable through an examination of history.

Pls explain

I'm not asking for sources on cortisol, I'm asking you for sources on the inference concerning historical patterns you claim that such studies validate. Don't dodge the question. And the fact that you haven't given any tells me a fair amount.


And to be clear: I'm asking specifically regarding your Spengler bullshit regarding "cyclical history."

He said Spengler, which instantly means he's disqualified, now stop enabling him.

In the most unironic and political way possible I genuinely believe there is nothing wrong with pedophilia. Don't take this the wrong way.

Is he a member of NAMBLA? I don't think you quite understand what projection means. If I so chose I could list any number of leftwing activists who have been exposed as pedophiles with hardcore cp or as active molestors. Not just having lolicon.

I clarified on that statement after posting it. Cyclical history is a heuristic in population dynamics. When you observe history, patterns emerge such as the rise and fall of empires which take the same general shape amongst a spectrum. Due to similar causes and timescales it appears that from a view of population dynamics that there are various cycles running that cause sociobiological behaviour pattenrs to emerge; migration vs. isolationism. Its funny to see commies getting worked up to defend whig histiography

Please die.


Case in point, commies love to defend kid fucking

You first.

This is a copy pasta isn't it? I swear to god I have seen this exact same text 15 times now


Reich was a good man.
Also there's nothing wrong with that.


Hi kraut.

What the fuck is this thread?
It just smells like assholes chucking shit at each other.

Now that you're here you can finally join us where you belong, shitting out of that asshole you call a mouth.

Why do you have to be so rude?

Well you would say that my dude. I have known plenty of children that were sexualised let alone abused and it has traumatised them for life. They are developmentally challanged. Anecdotal I know, but I'd reckon you'd see it bare out. I couldnt condone a study on testing if fire is hot though.

Kraut was working with you fags lol, i wonder how bak'to got in his doxxing discord

You're either trolling or so utterly stupid you can't even remember your own posts.

You've been ragging me on this wholetime for pretending for being smarter than I am (because apprently making a spelling mistake due to my disgraphia precludes me from using "big words") yet you are incapable of even the most basic reading comprehension. I clarified my claim. How can I even trust you to read a paper when you cannot even enage in good faith or even read properly?

Read my earlier post here, where I clarifed my claim earlier in the discussion.

go on, then.

He's got you there, you filthy ableist

How many and what are your standards for leftwing?

I might be blind, deaf and dumb but at least I can read properly.

not an argument

Please explain what you are talking about? What does epigenetics or neuroplasticity have to do with anything? No one would claim that chimps are just as genetically intelligent as humans, and the difference is just because of epigenetics.

I didn't ask you to clarify to begin with, dumbass. I asked you for a source.


Yeah, I clarified on the claim I made. You are asking for sources something I am not claiming.