How to convince people of socialism?

So, i recently gained close relations with several people who i want to convince in order that they won't die on the Day of the Proletariat (DOTP). They are unfortunately both Christcucks, and petite bourgeoisie.
How do i convince them that they should stop being both christcucks and classcucks?

Just cus you believe in a sky fairy doesn't make you an enemy of the proletarian state. Using that belief to justify reactionary activities does

petite bourgeois are already in a precariousness situation, so a revolution would really just embolden them. Historically speaking they've been the most reactionary class

As for an answer, I doubt you alone can convince someone to change their worldview. They need to be prepared themselves to change. Not saying don't try, but dont get your hopes up. At the end of the you can only teach them so much, they must want to learn themselves if you are to get anywhere

Individual Debate is individual. Noone can help you, because noone knows those people except yourself.

You need to understand, that you do not have to try to indoctrinate everyone ideologically. You only need to be a part of a small group of enthusiasts, and do something with it, and coerce others with practical and pragmatic reasoning.

Overall, less talk, more action.

They sound like nice people and you should stop trying to cram your euphoric atheism down their throats.

Let me fix that for you

Okay, for one, DOTP (as I corrected), stands for Dictatorship Of The Proletariat.
Secondly, there is no need for them to die, why do you think this?
Thirdly, this is harder than you would believe. I mean
That's dense, really dense. Are you sure you want to "save" them? Why do so? For a revolution that may never come? For a revolution that, if they don't act stupidly, they will likely live through?
How could you convince them? What bothers them? Immigrants? How do you convince a petite bourgeois that they are on the side of labor? Because, realistically, they aren't. The vast majority of current individuals are in a constant state of competition and consumption. What does Socialism give them? A better life in the future after a war? Perhaps for some. but consider that these people are petite bourgeois. There is so, so much dense ideology that it's shocking anyone is a Socialist. These people want to consume more, and be higher on the pole, and the more I wrote the more I'm convinced a great and destructive force will be required to convince your bourgs.

No thanks.

highlight all the historical successes its had, how great the path to "real communism" is

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Thanks for the clarification.

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Religion is just indoctrination. If someone makes it to their 20's and are still religious, it's likely nothing short of a bullet to the head will show them otherwise.
You're trying to convince a member of a class to go against their class interests, which is very idealistic. The petty bourgeoisie are still bourgeoisie, and are often the most reactionary. Don't bother with them, bother instead with your proletarian comrades.


Slav reporting in.
Socialism has greatly improved the living standards of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.
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So is this an argument for North American, European and East Asian capitalism? Given the even greater increase in "standard of living" and basically every other quantifiable metric?

Citation needed.

I was an atheist from 11 to 19. I'm glad I didn't let my teenage self dictate my worldview further than that.
Religion is not inherently "indoctrination", it can be self discovered and appropriated willingly, learned like any other system.

Is it more insulting to tell people there is no bread after they waited for hours or to tell them they can't have bread because they're poor?

What religion is is fabricated hope. When Marx says that religion is the opioid of the masses he does not mean that the religious hierarchy purposefully twists beliefs in their favor, but that on the contrary the masses use religion as the closest substitute of happiness they have. Religion is a surrogate, a way to justify ourselves and reconcile the world with what the world is taught us to be. See the Protestant ethic, is it not simply a way for the human mind to justify one's own incompatibility with the hamster wheel we call modern life?

Do take also in consideration the fact that religion is not only theological, when we say that modern economists are the new priests it's not simply a slogan, it's exactly their role. "Work and someday you will be rich" and "Work and some day you will be in heaven" are nothing more than the same fabricated hope with different names.

Hope is part of it, but not all of it. It also has immediate results which is why people continue to practice it. I makes people stronger in the face of adversity and better able to handle struggle. Of course anytime someone has a goal or plan for the future there is some 'hoping' going on, but that doesn't mean its fabrication or false. It depends on whether the religion/ideology is true or not.

Religion doesn't make people happy, it toughens them up and orients them properly in the universe. Without religion people setup idols, and idols will dehumanize them and their neighbor, will undermine the sanctity of life and the foundation of morality. Men will become brutes, instead of overcoming vices they will be ruled by them, meanwhile they will tell themselves virtue and vice don't even exist, because without religion no one has any actual, palpable duties, only "social contracts" for pragmatic and egotistic reasons.

What hamster wheel are you talking about? Every form of life has to struggle to survive, working and struggling is not some anomaly for humans. The bible says: if a man will not work, he shall not eat.

Modern economists are also of the socialist bend who make similar slogans to entice leftist revolutions, in the hope of creating a moneyless, resource based, egalitarian, pseudo-utopia. They tried this experiment before and riled the masses up with their own red opiates…Give people idols and they will bleed blood.

Heaven is not something you acquire through good works though, so the analogy does not fit. Heaven is something within you and a reality that persists after death, but it is not acquired via your deeds but via your faith and enlightenment. It's a gift from God, not of your own doing.

fixed it for you
what this guy said

according to your own stupid logic, liberal capitalism was the desired communist future of ussr's 'socialism'