Marxism and occultism

Some months ago I came across an article that claimed that marxism was a form of occultism because it rejected scienticism and because dialectics are based on understanding the essence of things on a larger framework.
Right now I'm really interested how could marxism relate to other forms of occultism on how could occult knowledge help to advance socialism.

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Politely, this is fucking retarded and so are you.

What are you going on about? Marx applied the scientific method much better than any other economic theory.

science as we know it today is vulgar materialism, Marx rejects that

Read Althusser's For Marx, ya dipshit!

No, modern science is based on empiricism and induction.

Marx foreshadowed the anti-positivist turn in sociology, in that he believed "social sciences" were not just an extension of "natural sciences" and weren't supposed to use the very same tools of inquiry. This is interpreted as "anti-science" by 15-year-old scientist memelords on the Internet who believe the scientific method is the infallible source of all knowledge and values.

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Interesting, what tools did marx believe social sciences should use?

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Its interesting yes but if the god of abraham is the problem what deities are on our side?

That research should be up to you. It would be impossible to list all the others. Any god that doesn't represent profits should do.


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Could be a Druid sickle, maybe to symbolise Anti-Imperialist Celts.

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That's stretching it but partially true. Marx took inspiritation from Hegel whl was not just a philosopher but a Hermeticist

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Hegel was obsessed with Christianity. Mysticism seems like "occultism" to idiotic Amerifat protestants though so I can see how they made this mistake.


The occult is incompatible with socialism, because it is focused entirely on egoism.
Paganism, however, is compatible with socialism, but tends toward the worst forms of racial nationalism.

Hmm, deities are a topic of their own and I still don't want to step into it

Pic related maybe

Check out this spooky fellow
is not a matter of religion now

There is a whole discussion among philosophers of science about the validity of universal propositions in the social sciences (i.e. whether we can make statements about the objects of social sciences that hold universally). I wish I could link to an open paper about the disagreement.

"All spirituality and superstition ought to be smashed with an iron fist"
-Karl Marx

we have the NazBol gods, if we're ever desperate enough to call on them. Also, Ishtar's on our side.

Karl Marx didn't ever get to meet "rational skeptics". The only reasonable approach to spirituality is to let people believe in it if they want to, and use it to funnel collective consciousness into a weapon where it can be used to spark the revolution.

Did reactionary atheists exist back then? Atheism still seemed to have a progressive feel to it back then.

You have a limited view of what occultism is. You're thinking of Satanism and perhaps Thelema though I know little of the later. Hegel was more a Hermeticist. Hermeticism from what little I know isn't ego centric.

It's specifically about personal empowerment and the empowerment of an elite.
That's diametrically opposed to the needs of the people as a whole. It specifically is against that entire concept, of public education and public works.
It is the very embodiment of Anarchocapitalism.


It's all about the balkanizing effect of the Individualist movement, aka Capital.

I mean if you ignore the innumerable parts where Marx talks about the essence of social relations under capitalism, even contradicting Althusser’s assertion Gothakritik has no Hegellian influence since he levels this at Lasselle’s theory of wages then Althusser is right on the money.

Is this essence as in some sort of metaphysical entity? Perhaps not, it’s be very wrong to grant Capital a permanence in a metaphysics beyond human construction and change. But does Marx employ Hegel’s Logic of essence? Yes.

That being said OP is a retarded thread.

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Dude, what if the allies, like, tricked Hitler into letting the Jews go? 70 years ago



Fun fact: many Bolsheviks and allies of the pre-1924 era held very heterodox views on many things, before socialism became tied with authoritarianism. Among them, some advocated what came to be called godbuilding, including Bogdanov, Gorky and Lunacharsky.

And since we're talking gommies and religion, read The Horde now because it's fucking incredible. Ayyliens, Saint Lenin, the last Chechen, the souls of lamaist Red Army soldiers, a drug-addled nazbol dictator, clones and much more:

Tying Marx and Marxists with occultism is popular among certain segments of the American reactionaries, especially Bible-thumpers. A while ago someone started a thread like that on /christian/, and it was as insane as you would expect, pure conspiracy theory with a religious seasoning. Saying he was a devout member of a Jewish sect of Satan worshippers or somesuch, and that the higher echelons of Marxists were aware of that and are following up on his plan to destroy Christianism, cultural marxism inevitably came up too, the whole nine yards. I provided proof of the origin of current use of "cultural Marxism" as rightwing propaganda, and how all sources painted Marx as not only staunchly atheistic, but completely divorced from any aspect of Jewish culture and community. But it was pointless, the crank would just repeat the claims I just debunked, then bring out some new ones.

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I heard about it before and it interests me greatly because I'm deist but religion isn't the same as occultism

which is also the name of the slavic god of thunder

Secular religions are really an underexplored concept. Altho I can't help bu feel some cynicism behind it. As if it recognizes some "need for worship" in human nature then attempts to divert it to whichever cause. Which isn't a necessarily bad thing as I'd much rather have the masses building socialism rather than enriching the Pope, but still, I can't help but feel it boils down to "let's lie to the rubes so they might join us without feeling bad about there being no God".

Yeah, the guy was Russian, somewhat unsurprisingly.

Buddhism and hinduism are pretty Marx-compatible. India has kind of cool leftist movements every so often.

No sorry, Religion is the opiate of the masses

Prescription drugs are the opiate of the masses, at least in murika. People need to fill the void that is God, like Nietzsche lectured, and at least the oriental religions arent monotheist, so there is no celestial dictatorship, its basically just atheism… for the masses that still want imaginary friends.

Anarchocapitalism equates "empoverment" with "making money". This is not egoism.

religion is not the same as occultism

Buddhism is much more an occultist system than a religion, and yoga is the occultism of hindus. Occultism and religion, while not same thing, they are pretty much inseparable.

That doesn't mean what you think it means.
An opiate treats incurable pain, it allows a person to live through that unavoidable pain.
He's saying that Religion is not the problem, the problem is capitalism and Religion helps people live through capitalism.
You don't cure a tumor by removing the pain meds, you do it by removing the tumor.

Personal Gain and Property.
My money
My land
My rent
My factory
My slaves
Me, Me, Me.

Hinduism is reactionary AF and buddhism developed in protest against the brahmanic traditions of its time which would eventually evolve into modern hinduism. The caste system had almost phased out until british colonialists repopularized it to get the proles to fall into a strict division of labor. Capitalists love hindu ideology. In it there's this big idea of everybody being in their deserved position in an infallibly meritocratic reality and freedom developing from just doing what one is told and following one's duty. Read the bhagavad gita, it was Himmler's favorite book for a reason

Now the buddha on the other hand was an uncompromising radical. There's a reason why they talk about the revolution of the wheel of dharma. It's the means to deprogram your brain from what's been put into it by bourg ideologists and becoming a master over yourself, able to pursue unrelentingly the socialist struggle without falling into petty consumerist distractions. Overcoming attachment to the present state of things means despooking yourself and seeing the fragility of the reified social and material order. It's absolutely compatible with marxism and egoism. Nibbana is mental conditions without internal contradictions while communism is material conditions without internal contradictions.

Siddharta Gautama was.. Stirner all along?

I'm pretty big into Zen. I don't consider myself a Zen buddhist per se, but I think it's pretty compatible. I remember there was this passage in the Dogen collection where he refers to taking food that was meant for a sacred ritual or something and he gave it to a homeless man, and when his friends were freaking out saying he could be killed for it because it's against the sacred law. He tells them that even if it is against the sacred law, he has a duty to feed the hungry guy.

There's also this book I own called "Religion and Nothingness" where Nishitani describes the process of enlightenment and how realizing the falseness of the ego allows you to realize your full potential. Anyway, for someone like me who was so frequently bogged down by stress over everything, following this kind of view allowed me to overcome my biggest hangups and go radical.