Why is it that mongrels are attracted to the ideology of Nazism...

why is it that mongrels are attracted to the ideology of Nazism? does it help them cope with their inferiority complex or am I reading too far in to it. Do they just get a kick out of pretending to be "Aryan" so they can look down on other people because they've never had that opportunity?

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Pretty much. Most Holla Forumsyps are pathetic retards who fit the basement dweller stereotype. They have absolutely no redeeming qualities so they have to fall back on their race. They also get a rise out of offending people because they're complete social retards who have no idea how to create positive social interaction. They'll mock black people with "WE WUZ KANGS" memes and then they do the exact same thing claiming any achievement in all of European history as compensation for the utterly pathetic lives they lead.

Being a mongrel can lead to identity issues.

The only " nazi" I ever knew was a fat emo kid who cried in public constantly, was 5'4" got addicted to heroine when he turned 18 and had an out of wedlock child with someone he hated at 16.

All hail the master race.

I really don't get this as an American. If you are born here you are one of us and basically everyone agrees on this. Even if your parents speak no English and you are obviously not white or black you are instantly considered American by like 99.5% of all other Americans. Why the need to attach yourself to some Europeans who lived hundreds of years ago, especially when the likelihood of you knowing what the personal lives of your ancestors was way back then is almost impossible. Just be what you are, a burger.

Economic anxiety and lack of opportunity that is a part of capitalism can cause brainlets to turn to blaming other groups for their own misfortune, rather than the system itself.

Yeah but blaming Jews or blacks isnt quite the same thing as larping as a Roman soldier is it?

There's literally nothing wrong with being a basement dweller. The problem is placing your identity outside of yourself.

PoW (peoples of whiteness) do not wish to live with PoC. Why is this so difficult to understand? It's simply arithmetic!

Bye bye PoC!

Fare thy well, ape men!

here is your daily reminder that wh*Tes are demographically fucked across the globe

bye bye wh*Tey!


I 'ad a giggle, ty m8

Germans did it.

Zack my son you are a red blooded american, a mystery meat suburban lab rat, you are grown now, it's time for you to choose:
a) an oppressed POC, condemned to perpetual marginalisation
c) sanity and a healthy sense of self(not available)


I don't know who's more pathetic: the guy who put up these dumb stickers or the journalist who thought this was somehow news-worthy.

also they ruined the normie converting effect by putting a link to stormfront.

Mostly because they are afraid and >le edgy ideology gives them a screen thru which they can LARP their inner anxieties.

it's a campus newspaper from a university that nobody has even heard of so they probably didn't have anything better to report on

I dont know why some biracial kids choose sides like this. They should instead be promoting interacial coupling to create more mixed comrades.

The future is mocha colored my friends.