White trash

Why does everyone seem to have such a visceral negative reaction to lower-class white people?


Watch this documentary and read the comments. It's so much stereotyping it hurts (lol his mom! lol meth! lol white trash!) and you can feel some genuine hatred behind it, even though everything about the video invokes a lot of sympathy: a struggling family, a poor city, a guy whose dad died and is trying to win some money to take care of his mother, etc. They're not doing anything bad, it's just their existence that bothers people.

And, without condescension, the entire event seems actually cool, even though the guy obviously should be paying them more.

Why is shit like that so common when you're dealing with struggling white people? And I say white because a lot of people probably feel this way about struggling black people, but they learned it's shitty to articulate it, and because I hear comments like that from all sorts of people, even "socially conscious" people.

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Because white people hate lower-class people. They associate lower races and lower classes with trash. Hence, “white trash.”

More recently? The civil rights marches started and they showed a visceral reaction against incorporation of the black working class into society. They remembered the upper class values of their area were to just treat black working class people like shit, and as always in America the lower class copies the upper classes' behavior.

But more generally? Probably the civil war, states that supported the confederates, etc. Maybe even farther back, knowing these places were remote and not very industrialized.

This has none of my personal opinions, it's just how it happened.

Better then niggers

Because they are reactionary class cucks who would rather genocide non-whites then have healthcare and workers rights.

The ENTIRE WORKING CLASS is made up of "reactionary classcucks" you imbecile. You'd be wise to understand that before you cause the revolution to fail because the guy next to you is christian.

“Whites” as we know them today were literally barbaric feudal trash, and every society they touched fell to their fucked up ways. See the communistic Native Americans as the perfect example of this.

B-b-but Varg said it was totally free from exploitation, and fun


Well, there it is, the most retarded thing I'll read today.

Because some societies have become class cucked to such an extent that people of a Lower-income have become thought of as a virtual separate race or an alien species from the rest of the population

You have to go back to hunter/gatherer, or at least the pastoral/horticultural neolithic for that.

Because disgusting upper class shite projects the criminality and anti-social attitudes of a minority of poor whites onto all poor whites
Exact same mindset as with blacks, latinos, natives, etc.

What do you think natives in North America were?

Probably not what you think they were. The first Spanish explorers of the Mississippi Valley came upon large cities. Don't fall victim to Dances With Wolves Disease the way they did to smallpox.

Because its easier to deflect the issue of class onto race and say the problem is a component of the system rather then the system itself. You do understand this board was made with that in mind, right? Your preaching to the choir here.

well, i agree with you in concept, but it makes it hard when virulent racists are always the first to moan about the state of 'poor rednecks' and are the first to provide them sympathy. and ofc, this then ends up with poor whites adopting these racist narratives as well. a lot of them are super reactionary.

now, this doesn't make them inherently bad, but you'd be a fool to deny the brainwashing going on in some areas.

so, in a way, it seems that well has been poisoned and libs, not having a solution, just kind of wish these people didn't exist as a result.

i also blame the civil war for a lot of this, too. the civil war was basically a failed socialist revolution imo. it's kinda interesting if you read about how many communists were involved in our civil war, and just how far/long they were willing to fight. it seems the fight really didn't end, and reconstruction was just a total sham. in general, this country seems to have been fucked from the beginning, kind of crazy when you think about it.

and, ofc, the left is nonexistent to challenge the narratives that are so long engrained. i'm not sure there's an easy answer to this than for leftists to gain real respect in those communities and actually do something good for them for once. then, libs might be forced to respond in a different way that is in greater alignment with the class struggle than just the usual condescension and classism.

libs only ever seem to care about shit when leftists pwn them at their own games

right now, i think libs cringe at 'poor wypipo' because they explicitly see things always through a left/right narrative.

so what? before that black men rallied against women's suffrage. all people are scum

Programming from Liberal media outlets. They are constantly peddling the "superiority" of urbanite, milquetoast, "progressives", to "le ebil drumpf voters" in middle America (aka, the Proletariat).
It's a divide and conquer strategy built off turning liberal self guilt against ill-formed conservative indignation at their poor conditions of life.

This is the whole point of identity politics. The "White trash" atones for the sins of the WASPs without actually having any of the said privileges.

A few dozen people being buried with heaps and heaps of beads in a giant artificial mound that would have taken an awful lot of labor to produce doesn't indicate the existence of a class society at all, no way.

A few dozen people being buried with heaps and heaps of beads in a giant artificial mound that would have taken an awful lot of labor to produce doesn't indicate the existence of a class society at all, no way.

At least the liberals on this board have come clear that their entire ideology is built more on getting back at Holla Forums than anything else.

Because lower-class white people are typically the most reactionary and (ideologically) capitalist people out there, making them the foremost proponents of what ails them in the first place.

Only true in America, yet the left treat lower class white people the same everywhere. You can also see it in their hatred of Russia and Eastern Europeans.

They hate poor white people because they don’t fit into the privlege narrative and they just hate white people in general.

Bullshit. Petty bourgeoisie are waaaaay more reactionary. Stop being a liberal.

Because they are taught that white people have all the advantages in the world and if you are white and can't make it that is a personal failing combined with purposely not being taught about class.

So your solution is to relentlessly vilify and mock an oppressed class because they've been effectively brainwashed?

Progressive af