What is your opinion on Free Software and the GNU project?

What is your opinion on Free Software and the GNU project?
Do you consider it a form of communism™?

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Not inherently, alternatives to alienating mass corporations always attract people of the petit bouj mindset of "what's mine is mine, fuck off". Strong communities of uncensored and unboujideologyframed data are needed though, and are needed in mass, easy to access channels for everyone.

Yes, one that's been perverted by capitalists though. Even the register at my job uses Linux.

Thank Torvalds and the BSD “real freedom” morons.

The libre software community is full of nerds who just do it for fun and not much thought on anything else.
The community really needs to change their strategy and their way f thinking to go against propietarian software.
No more forks for the sake of forks, no more protocols with 3 clients that are not different, no more DIY mentallity software should be a solution and not a new task to maintain.


People solving problems that they created for themselves.

This. It's fucking cult.

t. javascript dev
Can't wait for webasm to put you in the unemployment line.

I think most of the original pioneers of free software were/are left wing, but now the movement has been mostly co-opted by ancaps and/or neoreactionaries.

lol, nobody who's employed as a dev knows only one language

Honestly I'm surprised if one knows anything beyond jQuery let alone full-on js.

I like it alot.

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more than 80% of all contributions to the Linux kernel are done by such corporations, and many others profit from free software, mostly from support (RedHat, Canonical). Any FLOSS project could potentially fall into this - in the case of Linux, it's a perfect business model since every corporation benefits from hiring programmers to commit to the kernel. It's like cooperativism for porkies. Given that it should be clear that free software is not communism, nor does it necessarily benefit it as the OP might seem to imply.

Heck even Linus himself has to protect the kernel from shady commits by their clients, see: >>>Holla Forums856419

OP said "GNU" and "Free Software" not "Linux" and "Open Source".
There's a distinct difference.
Hence the Interjection Copypasta.

For anyone who isn't familiar with free (libre) software and doesn't understand why it's important I recommend Stallman's "Reclaim your freedom" presentation for an introduction.


All licences will be relicenced under the GPL-v3+ to intentionally subvert Proprietary software during the revolution. All licences will be abolished when there is no proprietary software in existence.

Any -ism philosophy is unnecessary for the software industry, it can cater to your needs without the addition of any kind of movement or philosophy outside of its industry bubble. Adding that tag to anything would just make it unnecessarily political and autistic.

Big boy tech needs no ism, he a stronc and independent industry

What's the alternative? Hard to support proprietary software without also supporting private property.

Free software is not communism in itself, but it's something wonderful that porky doesn't control and can't monetize, and its successes can prove to normies that we don't need capitalism to create things. All software will be free after the revolution.



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