Holee fuck

holee fuck
"Proud Zionists. Proud Feminists. 🙏🏾❤️🇮🇱 w/ @ZionessMovement"
These Hasbara psychos were at the "Women's March."

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There is a reason why the women's march wasn't even a blip on our radar. It is pure distilled liberalism. It does nothing. Fuck you for even making this thread OP.

How much more evidence do you people need that ZOG Occupied Government is real and all pervasive? ZOG Occupied Government has its hooks in literally everything you hold dear.


I want to die

I wasn't convinced that ZOG Occupied Government shit was true, but I was sold when I saw

the levels of retardation is already shown in the first two replies but let me add to that pointing out that zionism is a racist ideology of imperialist domination
we don't need autistic mystifications and conspiracies about "ZOGs", we have actual theory on our side

What did he do?


Pipe down Holla Forums

You the more images I see from the women's march the more I am glad that I decided to go fishing rather than deal with the liberal spectacle. Seriously, if one of the main goals of your movement is increasing voter registration and getting dems elected than you shouldn't even call yourself the "resistance" since you're already outed yourself as a tool of bourgeois democracy and the state apparatus.


But that's basically almost all of America's opposition to Trump. And according to Holla Forumsreddit that's pure Communism.

The American Left is in a sorry state of affairs at the moment. There are a certain few groups and chapters of people who are for sure advancing the socialist cause in positive ways but the contemporary left seems to be by in-large stuck on the identity issue due to the racial past of our country. It ends up alienating half the people with a bunch of rhetoric and books that people don't give a shit about because they're just trying to pay bills/life shit not worry about privilege or any of that whiteness/racialist bullshit. Their retardation gives the right a platform and a way
They're wrong and their opinion rarely matters anyways. The average normalfag is still spooked on communism but they're not boomer level retarded (yet). Socialism is becoming less of a dirty word but academia/media still manages to shove the "human nature" argument in people's faces.


Honestly, that's some of the less egregious stuff that the psyop resistance shit has been doing. Like look at the Iran stuff, holy shit.

So you're telling me that leftypol is also against jews like pol? Common enemy?

No, we're against right-wing imperialist apartheid states like the one you want to set up.

No, because we're not conspiracy-baiting brainlets:3

I'm a lurker, not a nazi. I'm genuinely asking about what leftypol is and want to see your side.
pol is boring and discussions are retarded.
Being called subhuman by Americans and Germans all the time doesn't help me either.

r/ChapoTrapHouse said it was good.

Opposing Zionism =/= thinking that Jews are some sort of hivemind or shadowy cabal that are secretly plotting to destroy white people
The hilarious thing is that Zionists are far more friendly to literal neo-Nazis than to leftists

Isn't it funny how people who conflate anti-Zionist with anti-Jew also conflate anti-Nazi with deeply triggering and problematic.

It could be go if it was actually marxist. It simply isn't.

Feminism is killing the kikes

What a shock!

You’re ideology is literally the European version of Zionism, with added Germanic neo-pagan mythos. It’s “We deserve what ever we take from the goyím, and we deserve power because we are truly superior”, just replace goyím with non-white. You fuckers really are retarded.

someone make a Virgin ZOG Occupied Government vs Chad Hoxha

We don't want a Jewish ethnostate any more than we want a white one.

Israel's a "Jewish State" because they keep refugees from the '48 war from returning home (and voting) and deny people in the occupied territories the vote above a municipal level.

Death to Israel and I mean that in the least anti-Semitic way possible. They even sterilize Abyssinian Jews (Jews of Ethiopian descent) cuz they're scared of losing their white Jewish majority in Israel. It's overall a horrible country that does it's best to make sure everybody whether Jew or gentile, Muslim or Christian, white or black can hate them.




Ironic how the "left" tried to get rid of Confederate imagery yet inadvertently made it more popular again. I swear every time I go into a rural area away from the city I keep seeing more and more Confederate flags.

we hate zionists and imperialists, also Holla Forums simpatizes with israel and yet them call themselves "based nazis 14/88 maga gas muh joos xD" Holla Forums is just a bunch of retarded LARPers.