Conspiracies that ended up being true

Post infamous conspiracies or other alleged PsyOps that ended up being completely true. My personal favorite is .

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CIA drug trafficking.

Chiquita Banana overthrowing governments in Central America.

Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

Straights of Tiran were never blockaded.

"Incubator baby deaths" during the first Gulf War.

Bush did 9/11

the NSA is basically what everyone thought the FBI was already doing.

did bush actually do 9/11? or did he inadvertidly allow 9/11 to occur?

Reagan's October Surprise


Radiation Sickness existing

bush was just a puppet anyway. the important thing is that the CIA was absolutely in on it.

I think from what i've read a while back the FBI or CIA kept telling him that Saudis and Bin Laden were doing stuff but he ignored it . A link from politico that talks about it.

Trump having an affair with Nikki Haley

He meant Bush Sr.

Operation Northwoods
Total Information Awareness
The Men Who Stare At Goats
Pedowood/Pizzagate/Trump-Clinton-Epstein incidents
The Finders
Danny Casolaro

Of course Bush didn't do it, he's too fucking stupid to, it happened under him.

There are pedophiles in the European governments and courts, Hollywood, and probably the USA government and senate as well, and there is nothing we can do about it. I know this is usually tied in with "Satanism" but putting aside the spooky factor, rich people that can get away with shit because of money is nothing new. Honestly the only remedy to this is revolution.

Ruling class sticking its dick in kids isn't new.


We know that Sandy Hook was a complete false flag operation, and every piece of shit we saw on CNN giving fake tears on a sympathy campaign never had a child die. The crisis actors have been well documented, pretty pathetic!

Ya, I live in the area, and witnessed first hand them busing in people going north to newtown, and staffing the local area with FBI agents. Fairfield County was the staging ground for major psyops.

Moon landing footage was fake. They did land on the moon but they were so worried the rocket would crash and the nation would be embarrassed that they faked the whole thing beforehand. The fake footage ended up looking better than the real stuff and that's what was released.

Any evidence of this?


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[Citation needed]

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Just about everything that the left has claimed, to be honest.

Everything twitter ☭TANKIE☭s say and people screech at them for, and then quietly admit they were right four years later.

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/r/communism is actually run by FBI agents.

Stirner was Engels all along

Why do you believe the footage is fake but we actually went to the moon?

Source? its supper interesting

Posadism is inevitable and is ‘true Communism’

I don't have anything concrete to base this on but I'm almost convinced that Pizzagate is an example of intelligence agency subversion. At first you had serious posters that were examining all these people, their relationships, business interests, etc, and finding some very strange connections and coincidences that, while not proof positive that children were being sold out of pizza parlor basements, suggested that something or some things were going on that would otherwise bear investigation at least.

Over time though all these rational people looking at things like deeds of ownership and business contracts and investigating social media accounts were driven out by people ranting and raving about demons and spirit cooking shit. It went from "these incongruities don't make any logical sense, what are the connections?" to "THE CLINTONS ARE KIDNAPPING CHILDREN FOR DEMONIC SEX RITUALS!" Real, concrete things like staffers for the Clinton Foundation being caught illegally smuggling children out of Haiti were ignored to chase after Jewish Kabbalah rituals and the illuminati.

It's possible that over time, all the tedious, unsexy work of perusing corporate registries and tracking down owners of front companies just lost sane, serious people when nothing spectacular was turned up, and only the lunatics were left to rant about satanic communist liberals and their pizza death cults. I'd even say that's the most likely outcome.

But I find it hard to believe that in the hysteria around all these secret emails coming out that the Clintons et al wouldn't have some disinfo company running interference to keep anyone from discovering a fucking warehouse full of skeletons, even by accident.



Military History Visualized:Communist Progaganda on Reagan's Crusade

Are you actually retarded? You do realize this was a joke created by 4pol, right?

Also, the USSR dissolving has something to do with it. If anyone is interested in 9/11 without all the wacko conspiracy theories this is one of the greatest because it focuses on more on who is likely to have been involved rather than what happened: