De-Classcucking Memes calls for migration to leftpol

Both of our old meme/propoganda pages are saying we should go to /leftpol/. De-classcucking Memes for Commie Proles and De-Classcucking Memes for Non-Secterian Proles (the second of which was created from a split about a year ago) were made by leftypolyps to help spread our influence a long ways back, but its seems they've made up their differences for this.

> now has enough activity to be a usable forum, and has the same rules and moderators as leftypol before the crackdown. Go check it out!

how long before this thread is deleted? I give it 5m, or whenever BO wakes up from their heroin nap

I hope they don't, if they were serious about giving people a real choice of where to post.

yeah cause BO has been very open about free speech recently

that's a good argument for migrating

other mods, please do not delete this thread. thank you.


Are they still running their mod team on a loosely-affiliated platform (and if so, what was the point of dumping the splitters in the first place)? This post of theirs (1 hour old) looks more like a random mod's post without any consensual backing from the rest of the team (hence the copy paste without any context).

there were talks between the owners of the respective pages. They couldn't reconcile ideology enough to relinquish control of either page, but wanted to be relatively friendly again, so DCMCP offered to occasional share some stuff.

Completely undialectical.

Yeah but
seems… stupid?

why do you assume that statement contained the disagreement? they both agree the leftypol BO has gone too far


there is pretty much pph parity between the two boards now, leftpol's is actually a bit higher atm

Not supporting interests of an imperial hegemon is too hard for some people. We call those people "pseudo-leftists".


You mean over a dozen US military bases in Syria?

Everything. US wanted to invade Iran since 2003, and flies nuclear capable B-52's, while rejecting any sort of peace deals in favour of military force.

This just in, Lenin supporting Russia's exit from ww1 made him a pseudo leftist thanks to supporting the interests of German imperialism.

But you know what, let's even set that aside. the point is we should even be able to discuss these things. the neutrality of the board has been essential to the formation of the leftypol community in the first place.

do you just not know what php is or something? leftpol had 77 posts in the last hour, leftypol 44.

plenty of people despise the US's imperialism at leftpol too. if you want them to understand why a particular group is supporting imperialism, go tell them why.

The purpose of discussions is to modify our beliefs, not to regurgitate the same bullshit over and over at each other forever.

And you think you're going to have so much success in modifying your beliefs by living in an echo chamber

I already have done it. The rest can't or won't.

ah yes, you've arrived at your very own end of history, what an accomplishment.

Our board has less than 800 active posters and yet Ultras and Anarkiddies still call for a split.


The left is going nowhere

Rojava will be gone in a couple of months so there isn't much to worry about.


You aren't fooling anyone, Holla Forums

Aint pol, just a pessimist


i've seen your posts and i know you're retarded and yet you still keep surprising me

a bunch of Trotskyists

BO urged people to split first

Tankies are ultras. Try actually reading LWC.

He is the biggest one.

fuck, even the quote is splitting up.

ok then

another reason to get out of his fucking sphere of influence. his influence has been as deleterious on the online left as the fucking mods at r/socialism (who are mostly trots as well)

I know you get all your political knowledge from memes, but Trots are not the only people in history to split.

If the splitting is not what you're taking issue with, what are you?

The left is a fractal of ever-dividing, never-converging lines.

This sort of thing really casts doubt on the old assumption that the right is the one obsessed with notions of purity, doesn't it?

So we made it what, 3 years and change without splitting? On the bright side, we might hold the record for leftist group which stayed the longest without splintering.

not him, but literally every thread on /leftpol/ is the absolute rock bottom of leftist chauvinism and imperialism. very Trottish, though on Holla Forums these people call themselves anarchists or leftcoms.

Then go post examples of imperialism and how to fight it. Anti imperialists are needed on leftpol. The fact is there is no future on leftypol anymore. We've completely lost any credibility we once had.

lol anti-imperialists are fine here, and we have twice the users. why the fuck would I want to go alone to some shithole to fend off 300 users who think Hezbollah is "reactionary Iranian imperialism" or some similar garbage?

There were quite a few supporters of Hezbollah there last time I checked. Some ppl preferred the Lebanese communist party, which, btw, is the only political organization in Lebanon which takes ppl of all religions and ethnicities.

The fact is that leftypol has been loosing users hand over fist since the drama and leftpol only increasing in size and activity. If the left has a future on Holla Forums, it's on leftpol.

lol there was like one dude.
Holla Forums is losing the users who post on /leftpol/, who are fucking awful.

Well, you're welcome to become the next r/communism if you want. The rest of us are getting out before the BOs toxic behavior gets us into more shit.

Literally everyone told him making hoochie a mod was a terrible idea, but no, it took him until literally just now to realize that. Who knows how long it is until the next drama

Oh, I'm sorry, the next r/fullcommunism

funny because everyone on /leftpol/ is just r/socialism and r/anarchism rejects.

And yet r/socialisms mod team is right here on leftypol


let's test your theory:
r/socialism mods will ban you for saying stupid, retarded, autistic, faggot, and so on. yet leftypol mods won't.
r/socialism mods won't ban you for imperialism, yet leftypol mods will.
I think you will need more evidence for your claim, because right now it just doesn't hold up under scrutiny, sorry.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Assuming that's an actual issue, removing a 'y' will somehow change that?


That so, user

The fact that the new board retains the mod neutrality means we can once again claim to be the only place for open leftist discussion online.

Filthy, dumb, Hoochie scum

yeah. also I forgot, r/soc bans catgirls and anime… not banned on Holla Forums.



It only means more activity overall for the left-chans, and currently there are interesting discussions in both of the boards. We're not gated communities and we both hold the same principles that sparked up Holla Forums from a start: creating a place in the Internet for a leftist current that doesn't focus in the vane identity politics that now seem to dominate the "left", so it's not like /leftpol/ actually holds views that we can't reconcile with ours' (and any variant of "country [x] is/is not socialist" doesn't count as such a view - these things must be up to debate).


Does it really? I mean I can't tell if it is neutral right now, but said neutrality can be broken at any time anyway, and chances are it'll happen to any internet community sooner or later.

It's the one thing the whole board is founded on, being old leftypol

Dunno man, I don't recall a golden age when BO didn't have spergouts at a frequency you could set a clock by. It seems to me that the day-to-day of this board remains the same, it's just that the BO's rap sheet simply built up over time, despite him still being as much of a faggot now as he was then. That rap sheet is what seems to be unduly scaring people.

No, they were almost completely invisible until last year. We didn't see any spurgouts until 2017 really

Transitioning is a hell of a drug.

Anyway, I don't think that getting rid of his spergouts is worth the risk of dividing the readership or creating rivalry or, worst of all, leave us with 2 boards with readership too low to be viable. Currently, all this is doing is unnecessarily keeping part of the readership from knowing about good threads on the other board.


It's too late for that friend. The division already exists. When the drama happened originally, I did everything I could to stop this from happening, but now leftpol is a real option, and I think we have no choice but to take it. We're on a sinking ship.

BO didn't sperg out as much as the retards that won't shut up about him doing things they disagree with like to pretend. The majority of leftypol users didn't notice or care. There's a significant portion of the board that comes here for a few threads in particular and don't venture much outside of them, because this board is filled with so much trash. They weren't effected by BO banning a dozen users arguing with them about barrel bombs or whatever the fuck.

If anyone would like to show me proof that BO is the one ruining Holla Forums I'd be more than happy to see it, because all the evidence I have and have seen is that BO's tantrums/spergouts/pranks/whatever hardly effected board population at all.

Last year, Holla Forums's active users peaked around 1600 from the middle of August to early September, declined, shot back up in October, but then started to decline again in November.

But that's true for every board on Holla Forums. Holla Forums is down 1400 users from its peak. Is BO responsible for that, too?

Holla Forums isn't being run any differently now than when it first started. The only things that have changed are
1. the users
2. the narrative
I don't know why, but there's been a dedicated effort to demonize BO and try to replace them. Depending on who you ask, BO is a double agent for Holla Forums, r/socialism, the FBI, or some kind of tranny cabal bent on ruining leftypol because…

It's easy to believe this shit because no one pays attention unless BO is doing something they don't like or there's some other kind of drama. They imagine some kind of mod cabal of shadowy gestapo ordered to ruin Holla Forums some reason they never articulate. Even though BO's been in charge from the beginning, he only wants to destroy Holla Forums now, but only in the most circuitous, illogical ways. It's fucking Holla Forums "the jews are worthless untermenschen but also world controlling masterminds" cognitive dissonance. BO is both incompetent tranny and scheming mastermind.

Again, I've never seen any actual evidence posted. Sometimes there'll be a screenshot of someone saying something, without any context or source, but that's the extent of it, at least from what I've seen. I don't think BO is the reason Holla Forums is in the state its in.

If it is BO, then why didn't board pop drop when these actual "spergouts" were happening? A lot of hay has been made over the Bunkerchan migration, but if you actually go back and look at the thread you can see that opinions were heavily mixed. That was probably one of the most acrimonious exchanges, but board pop only climbed from there.

In my opinion the variables effecting board pop are the seasons. Population was highest over the summer, but right now Holla Forums is about at the pop it was at this time last year.

There's also the board atmosphere. I don't think I'm imagining it when I say that Holla Forums has been an increasingly unhappy board. BO's unhappy. The mods are unhappy. The users are unhappy. People get fed up with the board for various reasons and they leave because they're no longer enjoying themselves or finding the stimulating content that brought them in the first place. The worse people feel, the worse the content, and the worse people feel in a vicious cycle that culminates in misery increasing until people get fed up and leave.

I think in part a lot of people want it to all be BO's fault, because that's an easy answer to a complex problem. It's not the board dynamic driving people away, or the constant shitposting, or the decline in discussion quality and frequency–it's just that faggot tranny! Toss them out and we can go right back to business as usual.

And if that's the case, then /leftpol/ is already fucking doomed. If it wasn't BO ruining Holla Forums, then it's leftypol that ruined leftypol. Trying to make "old leftypol" doesn't make any fucking sense, both because leftypol itself was a product of unique material and temporal circumstances, but also because we're seeing where "old leftypol" leads. It would be like trying to make "the old Soviet Union." It doesn't matter if it's Stalin or Brezhnev in the chairman's seat, we know where that path ends up.

If Holla Forums can't be fixed, then the only real option is the revolutionary one, and that isn't "just do the same thing all over again'' in the futile attempt to try and recapture bygone days.

I've known the BO for quite a while so let me clear up some misconceptions here, both as the person behind this post, and why I'm calling for people to leave.

1) BO is not a tranny. I know because they fucking told me. That is just a myth Holla Forums's been pushing.

2) This isn't about some big conspiracy, they're just a temperamental bitch who bans people only because he disagrees with them. The entire mod team, besides, up until recently, hoochie, agreed with this assessment.

3) BO pushed for the migration to leftpol in the first place and encouraged the split because they wanted their own circlejerk here, I'm just granting them their fucking wish.

4) The reason the board count doesn't drop during the spurgouts is because ppl come to comment on the drama and then leave once they realize the place is fucking wrecked.

5) No shit people are unhappy, I don't want to have to put up with cleaning up the BO's mess. You know where posters are a whole lot fucking happier and optimistic with their situation: leftpol.

Why do you use the pronoun "they" then?

bitch it's a fucking colloquial use, you can refer to anyone as they. is that the biggest issue right now?


But why the fuck would you add more fuel to the fire for no reason then? I mean ok, its not the biggest issue but I see no reason to give Holla Forums more reason to continue this stupid meme.

He's a he, and not because I'm jordan peterson. that's the end of the discussion. I didn't even consciously realize what pronoun I was using, that's just how I would naturally structure that sentence.

It's hard to take you seriously when you say things like that, because I'm on the mod team. Judging from how rarely anyone is on Tox I don't think that I can just take you at your word here that everyone agrees with you.

I remember when /leftpol/ started and I do remember BO telling people to go there, but at the time I didn't interpret it as being out of positive encouragement or "to have their own circlejerk" than it was to be rid of the constant bitching that his been plaguing Holla Forums all year. To me it's just another episode in this antagonizing back-and-forth between asshurt anons and the buttmad BO.

If that were true then we'd see spikes during the drama and then falls after it blows over, but board count doesn't fluctuate substantially either way anymore than it usually does. That also doesn't explain why attendance is down across every other board too.

Then what are you still doing here? Go shitpost to your heart's content and leave this fell place.

BO isn't faultless, but you haven't offered any evidence that BO is the root problem here or that leftpol is the solution. I don't think you know what's happening or why, or even if there is something happening. The impression I'm getting is that you're frustrated with the situation and directing that toward BO, because you're as clueless as everyone else about what to do.

I still can't believe I've been a mod for a year and a half. Maybe it's my fault

I killed Holla Forums ;_;

I've talked to several people on tox and they've been in agreement on this. if you haven't been on tox when everyone else in, that's your fault.

bitching that they fucking caused by being a drama queen. They didn't have to respond to anything, everytime he did he just made things worse.

It's not, besides leftpol picking up, cow and tv have also gotten more traffic. Anyway, loosing half our users is pretty dramatic compared to Holla Forums loosing like 1/6.

To ensure the migration becomes complete. I don't want two fucking boards fighting with each other. I want people to go to /leftpol/ so the community that I've fought for so long and so hard, the community which the BO has said repeatedly they don't care about and has worked to undo, is preserved!

You want an example, here's some of the things they said to me in dm

Stop projecting m8, all of this started with the BO's drama. When I talk to people off Holla Forums about leftypol, they refer to it in the past tense. I refuse to let their vision of a leftypol circlejerk succeed.

I'm not migrating. If I want to hear apologism and cheering for American imperialism, I will watch PragerU.


soviet apologism is literally your entire ideology

now this is a get

Soviet Union did more things right than wrong. Every other strain of socialism amounted to nothing.

if you're not going to engage with people on this, then what's the point. you're just going to circlejerk here endlessly in your secret club. this isn't a party, or a socialist org, this is a forum, a place for discussion. literally the only thing that separates us from reddit is allowing all leftists to discuss these things.

now you know that's reductive user

Discussions have to go somewhere. I have modified my positions and opinions repeatedly. I am open to ideas, and I am willing to change my mind, but there comes a point where jerking off over Catalonia and Kronstadt has to stop, and we clearly past it.

This is straight up Holla Forums tier denial

Well it's a good thing there's very little discussion of that on leftpol.

Just like you still jerk off over your failed USSR? Literally basing your positions around an other.

Yeah, one attempt, that lasted 70 years. Meanwhile, "propaganda of the deed" doesn't work, never has, and never will, a hundreds years in the past or the future.

I answered your summons and talked directly with you on tox, Dollars, you hysterical faggot.
Yeah, that'd be nice. Are you going to post the logs or caps or any fucking evidence, or just continue to make stuff up?
lol fag u mad? butthurt triggered edgy jewish nigger? buzzword meme catchphrase and so on?

You haven't ever shown me any hard evidence of any of this shit that you're so coloncrushed over. Your subjective asshurt over Holla Forums not being what you want it to be and your hateboner of BO aren't demonstrative of anything you're asserting. So far you haven't offered anything more substantial than your gargantuan asspain.

Put up or shut up, you massive faggot.

We all know it isn't your fault Vol.
Cheer up.

there is no "neutrality" on the issue of war and expansion of the US empire
"neutrality" is as bourgie of a term as you can get to expose your idea, any other centrist scum would try better to cover its tracks better than OP who is a shill of the lowest order

there is no reasonable middle term on "acceptable US terror hegemony" and you can take your propaganda and fuck right off to your frustrated bernie cucked failure cesspool of liberal newfags

this shit wasn't an issue before because this thinly veiled propaganda front opened by liberals against national souvereignity and antiimperialism wasn't something that would even come up when this board wasn't in decay due to liberals trying to force their positions by spamming retarded nonsense and flood any other content off the board

go vote for your radical change that you'll get with [currently emerging hot new cuckdem party figure]


Ah yes, I'm the one being hysterical. Why don't you calm down buddy.

Here's some of the messages we've exchanged. I've begged them for months to change their ways or retire, but they don't care, especially not about the community.

Wait, people were legitimately upset about 200 characters? lmfao

Why not? It's dialectical.

You'd better be joking.

Vols, please don't insult/flame each other publicly. Even when I cause drama with my mod tag, I don't flame people.

Those aren't really any different from stuff I've said publicly, but please don't start posting people's PMs and private info, I'll have to remove your account.

Hey, im just giving him what he asked for

But sure, it's not like there's much to show anyway.

gsus crist

wtf is a detestable ideology?

kek, didn't take you leddit faggots too long to switch 'its okay that this is happening, it's just sexist chauvinism!' for 'it's okay that this is happening, it's just chauvinistic imperialism!"


It's been fun watching this turn back into /r/socialism.


What the fuck do those fb fags know? They just copypaste leftypol memes anyway.
Let those upset upstarts shill whatever they like. I don't plan on moving.

That is disheartening


Oh please, people don't argue with facts here.

Go home Holla Forums cuck. You have no power here.

It’s not about the specific subject, it’s that this place has turned into an autistic torture chamber for redditor newfags who fail to grasp what made Holla Forums great in the first place, mainly the fact that we’re werent a bunch of whiny little faggots who couldn’t tolerate triggering opinions.

The whole Syrian Kurds debate is ridiculous because they just confirmed their military alliance with the Syrian government, distancing themselves from the US.

If you think Roo is anything remotely close to being legitimate, much more being close to ZXizek, you are a fucking retard

I think you are reading too far into it. These are characters of leftypol. Obviously they are not on the same level.

their both shit but roo is slighty better tbh

The absolute fucking state of this board.

Have a pity usercount bump.

I'll just leave this here.