I'm studying electrical engineering and I hold anarcho-communist views

I'm studying electrical engineering and I hold anarcho-communist views.

If I work at a large corporation in the future and make lots of money, will I be able to participate in the upcoming revolution, or will I be considered bourgeois and be possibly killed by the workers at my command?

In my opinion I shouldn't be killed since I'd support the workers in their uprising, but maybe Holla Forums holds differents opinion and I want to hear them.

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Your merits or values as an individual don't matter in a collectivist ideology. The only thing that matters is your social class. You will be sent to gulag as many devout communists were in the Soviet Union.

You would still be a prole, it’s just that Capitalist society classifies class just on income level, fooling well-paid professional workers into thinking they share the interests of the small business owner, because they both are close to each other in the income bracket.
If anything, you might end up gulag’d for being an AnCom by the ☭TANKIE☭s

But then how are you going to establish a post-scarcity society without electrical engineers that build the robots needed for such society?


Same way the soviet union produced food after killing all the competent farmers… just don't.

You'll still have the product of your labor stolen from you like any other prole, but you'll probably get a lot of stock options and shit as well, so you'll be in a weird middle ground between proletarian and petty bourgeois. Fortunately, trained engineers would be in high demand after a revolution.

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Not only should there be no problem as long as you are helping the revolution, but I would imagine any future revolution would need all the funding it could get. You could be a hero, friendo.

Just DON'T go into stocks and DON'T employ wageslaves. The property will be collectivized and you don't need to worry about rent or food scarcity. It will be distributed to your local food center where you just need to provide your identity for central planning accounting.

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Why did Lenin kill the anarchist comrades again?

He didn't

You'll probably be considered a bourg by illiterate dipshits despite still being a prole.

Just make sure you keep yourself with us if anything happens.


So this is made up?


Remember that Engels was bourgeois

The entire point of communism is that the system is at fault, not the people, bourgeoisie will be converted not killed. If you believe people are at fault because of some great conspiracy that there are bloodlines that directly are responsible for capitalism as a enslavement system and therefore justify killing, you're just an anti semitic nazi or a paranoid lolberg ancap.

But after they got rid of the kulaks the USSR didn't have any food issues.

If that's the case why then did the USSR need to import grain for the rest of its life from the West?

really makes you think

I'm just going to copy something I've typed up before as an answer to a question reagarding moralism and the bourgeoisie:

By understanding that while the bourgeoisie enjoy the position of being the materially muh privileged cogs of capitalism, they are still cogs nonetheless. No one is free in capitalism and all those who exist in it, from the bottom to the top, exist in a constant state conflict. A bourgeoisie enjoys their position only by the tip of the balance, by being ready to strangle those above him while being strangled from below. Capitalism is in of itself a frantic struggle to stay above the waterline, where everyone is to take every advantage they can or be drowned under the mass. The true tragedy of capitalism is no one is outside of it and that it will even be in the workers self-interest to be a bourgeoisie while in it, it would be against your current material interest not to. The deeper truth is that while you can change your position the only way you can move forward and be truly free, to be able to direct your labor how you would outside the confines of capital, is to put an end to the class conflict altogether. In capitalism you exist in flux, maybe a bourgeoisie today, maybe a prole tomorrow. But in communism you exist simply as you are, a person with a will and a destiny to dictate.

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A bourgeois class traitor is the only good class traitor. But that being said, no, the amount of money one make does not necessarily determine one's class (i.e a poor small business owner or a rich proletariat like an NFL player), unlike what this idiot seems to think. Strictly categorizing class in terms of wealth is pretty liberal, though not to say a rich proletariat might want to side with the bourgeois come revolution. While more often than not, if someone is rich and comfortable from the present state of things, they probably don't wish to abolish the said present state of things, but obviously that hasn't been a total given. See folks like Engels, Kropotkin, etc. Hell, using if you use your money or resources to help the revolution then by all means do so. Just don't try and sell out and become a total kulak or something if there ever is a revolution. Like this person said, only those without a grasp of any actual theory would have issue.
An authentic communist revolution (anarchist or otherwise) isn't about killing X amount of rich or bourgeoisie elements or society but abolishing the complete structure that allows those such to exist.

Not an argument. Literally every country imports large quantities of food from other countries.

I now feel slightly validated for staying


the reason they didnt produce food is because they geared their economy towards heavy industry and not food production, it was part of the plan you dingus.


Commies admit Holodomor was thing. You heard it here first, folks.

Will we need electrical engineers under communism? Yes? Great, then you can stay.

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Why bring up bourgs when electrical engineers aren't even bourgs?

Uh, how should I break it to you…

This - petit bourgs and bourgs are not categories defined in function of salary or net worth. Only porky sociology defines class like that, in an attempt to divide the population around relatively meaningless issues (when contrasted against the question of who holds the economic power in our society). Marx elaborates an objective concept of class based in the subject's relations to the means of production:

Congratulations, you're bourgeois.
Congratulations, you're petit-bourgeois.
Congratulations, you're part of the proletariat.
Congratulations, you're part of the lumpenproletariat and potentially a reactionary. yes, NEETs are lumpenproles and that's why they flock to Holla Forums and other such shitholes

Thus we can conclude that most engineers are actually part of the proletariat even if belonging to an accomodated strata of it, which is very logical since our tech-based world requires tons of engineers for just about any aspect of production - that's why they're trained and recruited in mass. Only a small fraction of the profession might be petit-bourgeois (think small startups), and the full blown bourgeois are even less (most of them born into bourgeois families anyway). Anyone not knowing these basic concepts of Marxian economic analysis should go Read a Fucking Book™ before continuing to post on this board.

Anyhow OP, of course we're gonna need you not just after the revolution as some comrades have said, but also during, and before the revolution. I imagine engineers in particular will hold some importance for the technical preparation of the workers' organizations (I'm thinking in a military aspect here in particular).

Do you own stocks? Because if you do then you are petty bourg and need to be placed in a gulag.

Where do you live? I'm from Chile and here electrical engineers gain as much as doctors

If you sell your labour, you're a prole. You're simply a prole that lives in one of the nations within the imperialist alliance where porky can afford to give enough concessions to workers so even a prole can have a decent quality of life.

With that being said, well-paid proles usually become petty-bourg since at some point they'll start investing their money into property or whatever. At this point you're on the exploiter side of the fence. Plus, being an anarkiddie, you'll most likely never support worker's parties and will always be compliant because you're well-off. That makes you a lumpenprole

…and are doctors bourg?