Batshit America

Let’s make the most cartoonish, nightmarish, reactionary America possible.

President: Roy Moore

VP: bill o’rilley (yes, the talk show host)

Supreme Court Justices: David Duke, that guy who founded Stormfront, Ron Paul, Matthew Heinbeck, Jeff Sessions, Joe Arpaio, and various others that more or less agree with Holla Forums

Congress: 8/10 of the Congress is paleo conservative and unironicaly believe in cultural Marxist conspiracy, deny climate science, and are anti new deal reforms

44/50 states are thoroughly controlled by the GOP

90% of white America has politics akin to Reagan supporters in the late 80s (>colored people mattering in this scenario)

Net neutrality is 100% dead

Paul Joseph Watson, Daniel Harris (the rageoholic) and Black Pigeon Speaks appear on mainstream television, having their own shows on fox

Batshit Protestantism is the religious norm

Welcome to Hell, how do you like it?

is that not current day America?

Duck Fumpf tbh.

Nah, it was worse in the past, specifically during reconstruction/the gilded age

Seems perfect.

SCOTUS is gonna be about that fucked by the time RBG gets dragged to hell, and it'll get worse when Beyer (Breyer?) dies. There's a good chance they're dead before Trump's out of office. Batshit Protestantism is pretty common currently. The way Cucker Tarlson is headed, and with 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧chain migration🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 commercials on CNN, we'll have complete batshit reactionaries on TV soon.

President: No one really cares, some neo-liberal
VP: No one really minds, some neo-liberal
Supreme Court Justices: No one really knows, someone appointed them
Congress: 10/10 are the party some people voted for in an election, can't really name names
50/50 states are controlled by some group
100% of America has politics akin to a party
"What's Net Neutrality?"
"What's on TV?"
"What am I supposed to believe?"

Welcome to the future, tell me how I'm supposed to like it.

liberal RP shit

All I got for now. Let’s make an RPG for this and sell it to liberals.

I just wanted to have fun ;_;

I can one up you: football stadiums converted to gas chambers to industrially genocide Mexicans and blacks

American Union State
General Secretary: Huey Long
Vice GS: Charles Coughlin

Huey Long was a leftist, stop slandering him.

"Whenever this administration has gone to the left I have voted for it, and whenever it has gone to the right I have voted against it."

- Huey Long on the New Deal

He was a mix between a Christcom and a SocDem at the very best but still /ourguy/ in most regards
t. Louisianian

I threw up a little. Thanks OP.

tbh it seems like we're trying to get to that point as hard as the porkies can push it

I got more

Well yeah it was materially worse then, but I dunno, there's something off about modern America. Like all the madness simmering beneath the surface of the American collective unconscious is reaching a fever pitch or something.

Solid advice for many situations.

I'm willing to bet suburbia and commutes have caused a lot of Schizophrenia and anti-social behavior.

given the images he posted he's clearly from Holla Forums, let him be

those are just kaiserreich posters dude

This is some seriously twisted but believable shit. I could totally see Ted Cruz types and hordes of evangelical cockroaches supporting something like this.

Pretty sure it exists now, but just more low-key. I actually believed it was happening during my le atheist skeptic phase

Oh man, I'm not the only one who thinks how these things afect collective mental health.

Also there's no doubt a strong link between Marxist alienation and depression, including in the USSR since the workers themselves didn't have control over what they produced either. Not to mention shit like the lead exposure thing, which is absolutely terrifying yet barely remembered. Large-scale individual and collective behavior and intelligence degraded by something as simple as a gas additive? This would have been an episode of Black Miror if it existed in the 50s.

Meh. The true horror is not that congress might be filled with conservative, it is that it might be filled with missionaries. Oh wait, it already is.
liberal/10 OP

sounds like the ideal kekistan

Air quality becomes so poor people have to buy air. Areas with clean air have there air privatized meaning you have to pay in order to breath.


Like this?

Yeah pretty reactionary

oh boy do I hate succdems.

I'm not sure what you are trying to say, that being afraid of batshit reactionaries makes me a batshit SJW from tumblr?