Pedo right strikes again

Holla Forumsack who was putting "It's Okay To Be White" stickers on public property doxxed and outed as a pedo.


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Of course

Shit, forgot to post this one

Are there any Holla Forumsyps who aren't morbidly obese?


No, obesity and obsession with the west go hand in hand. They're all Henry the VII's

"WHY WON'T WOMEN GIVE ME A MALE HEIR? I'M A NICE GUY" he says while he watches his sixteenth wife get beheaded

fake Holla Forumsack

imagine being 30yo custom making, buying, and putting stickers on things for your anonymous image board """friends"""

what did he mean by thia

le aryan master raec

When he still had some

I have always been saying most of Holla Forumsreddit and le alt-right are non-virgins and clearly have or had gfs.

Reminder that any attempt to court these fascist idiots from Holla Forums and elsewhere should be rejected. They’re not intelligent. They don’t and won’t read ML theory and they have no material interest in doing so.
The most they’ll do is abandon their cringey theoryless kekistan bandwagon for the cringey theoryless nazbol bandwagon. They’re far right fascist nuts and dismissing them as “ironic memers” serves as their cover and propaganda.

It's just that most of them are methheads and/or hookers who really don't have a choice but to date an obese Nazi so they can wait for him to go into a diabetic coma so they can take all his money

More info on the fucker: (This page won't archive so I've provided screenshots)


At the very least you aren't going around and putting stickers on trash cans and shit to get a rise out of liberals

So much for the anti-degeneracy Right.

I wouldn’t do it just to get a rise out of liberals but if it somehow served the cause I guess I would but I wouldn’t sticker trashcans, that’s just bad aesthetics

Also, he was running illegal campus gambling

Also he was hitting on, or at least, sexually harassing "femme presenting individuals" which I can assume means trans people.

Please don't dox people, everyone has a right to privacy

You're subscribed to an ideology that respected the privacy of a lot of fucking people lol

Also, Holla Forums does this all the time shut the fuck up


We follow the ideology of Richard Stallman. No matter what you say, I'll defend your right to say it

This is public information. If the motherfucker didn't want to end up on a public sex offender registry, he shouldn't have been fucking around with kiddie porn.

No you won't

I'm so far into the "disappointed but not surprised" territory by now that I can't even come up with something fresh to say nor any proper reaction image to post.
Here, have this Bookchin-googled Earth-chan instead. Basically a recoloured Mako Mankanshoku, but whatever.

He also named his cat "Bait." Unbelievable tool.

Top fucking kek

Bullshit, man. You have the flag of country that put people in death camps for what they believed in.

First they came for the lolicons…


this doesn't work here, they have come for lefties countless times already and while you cuckolds post helicopter memes

Inb4 right-wingers claims that he's some undercover antifa trying to make rightists look bad.

Into the ovens with the rest of you he goes!

That's liberals' deal, man. Fuck right off please.


The only things you'll ever put in an oven are hot pockets.

But you're supporting the dehumanization from the same powers that will dehumanize you. You must see that he's not your real enemy.

poker is fascist

The only thing coming out of your oven is a burnt digorno's she apologizes to you profusely over

child drag queens are right wing

You want to have your cake and eat it too dumbshit. Holla Forums exposes people's private information the most, and yet you come back when we do it and give us blubbering tears about how we're exposing your privacy

It's always the same with you people

We absolutely do not. We are the primary victims of doxxing, which mainly goes on twitter and tumblr by anti racists and feminists

He also ran an illegal campus gambling ring and sexually harassed, or at the very least "hit on", trans people who didn't want to fuck with him.

You absolutely, do


nice double post

with good reason as is the case for this pedo, dipshit



Would it hurt more to be punched with or without the mask

Violence isn't the answer, it only breeds more violence

Standing here, I realize you were just like me trying to make history.
But who's to judge the right from wrong.
When our guard is down I think we'll both agree.
That violence breeds violence.
But in the end it has to be this way!


First pic related, really makes you think huh



Based, he's making the cucks lose their minds

I mean, and secondly if this was really "like the satanic panic" there wouldn't be a conviction. This man was convicted, and had child pornography on his computer

Who are the cucks? The mother of the daughter he had child pornography of?

Or is it the guy who's permanently on the sex offender registry who's the cuck. I think it's him.

Stay mad, cuckold

Wouldn't it be him that's mad, for you know, being on the sex offender registry

Are you on the sex offender registry?

We do not adhere to Jewish moralities, that is for our normalfag pet slaves. We are satanists.

I see. So you are on the sex offender registry

Why didn't you just say you were a sex offender from the beginning dummy


VII was dialectical as fuck.

baked alaska

He makes up for his weight in the amounts of time he humiliates himself in public

Didn't he rant in an In-N-Out parking lot for 8 hours over getting banned from Twitter?

There's a whole website dedicated to chronicling his public self-humiliations


What does this even mean? I've heard this about a few historical figures like Oliver Cromwell and now Henry VII, but don't quite get it.

what the FUCK?

I know, that's kind of my point.

He's his own special brand of retarded.

they probably mean 'progressive' in the sense of enabling the progression/resolution of contradictions of England at the time. Henry VII's reign was marked by the reorganization of the country following the final and complete breakdown of feudalism in the wars of the roses. He restricted the aristocracy and empowered the urban bourgeois professionals, centralised power and lay the foundations of the modern British state which continued being expanded by Henry VIII and his heirs.

I'm just honestly trying to imagine ranting in a parking lot for 8 hours. Like, that's a third of an entire fucking day.

Does he not have a job? Or did he decide his precious free time is best spent yelling at people about things they neither know nor care about.

iirc he's on disability from his legal blindness

such based genetic stock



Another fine Aryan specimen. Remember: Women little girls refusing to fuck you is wh*te genocide!

You're enablers of the status quo, the #1 regurgitators of deep state propaganda, and always first when it comes to stomping working class "commies", often in order to protect the very jewish business interests that you claim to oppose.
Please, fuck right off.

Also this is a good thing

Good. Rightists are subhuman anyways.

Why are you up this late? Don't you have school?

Are you cool Satanists who read George Bataille and say "metaphysical" too much, or gay satanists who like 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧LaVey🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and listen to Dimmu Borgir?


Holla Forums once again continues to embarrass themselves.

ooo ouch DANGEROUS indeed

What is up with Naziposter?

he's a nazi

u sur?

Nah he a good boi

One of these days I will set him up with a cute princess to fug

imagine being literally any age and wearing a sweater with pepe on it

Look, I honestly can't bring myself to give a fuck about these larps anymore.
We all know it will come to violence with these people sooner or later, we know it, they know it, liberals are still deluding themselves that we should all just have muh open dialogue but deep down they realize it's not gonna do shit. This is what we should be preparing for, everything else is fucking drivel.

Berkley was already America's Cable Street, these people are pussies, America has no fighting culture for its men, none of them have what it takes to organize, because organizing is painful and hard unlike being online. There won't be an insurrection until both the economy collapses and the US directly loses a war, not a withdrawal from an occupation, outright losing on all fronts and by all measures.

Wait a sec, are those tiny post-its what the "It's Okay to Be White" slogan was printed on? Is that a joke?

Are we sure it was actual child porn? For all we know, it might as well have been Japanese cartoon traps or something — I'm not sure if they're considered legally distinct in the US.

wtf am i looking at?

Plenty of liberal pedos, let's not forget. Not long ago, internet churnalists were crying tears of ultimate sadness for those poor pedophiles.

What does seem to be disproportionately common among altists is parricide.

Does this mean Holla Forums hates 2D lolicons and shotacons?


Yes fuck off

Yes, please end your life.


How many layers of irony are you on?

one layer of divide and conquer and/or one layer of r/socialism

Ablooo boo you stupid bitch


Are you on the sex offender registry too?

More news on this pederast


How should I kill myself, lads?

iktf. Just take comfort from that fact that no matter if we'll ever get laid or gfs we'll never be as retarded as that guy.

2D means no one is actually exploited you moralist dumbfucks, read stirner

Stirner definitely had 2D on his mind in the 19th century, I'll check it out again


2D porn is literally as old as mankind, pedophiles and animal fuckers will always exist and need an outlet for themselves that doesn't include abusing people or animals, 2D is perfect for this.


Holy shit. I would have never thought about discovering a this perfect archetype of a Holla Forumsack trainwreck. As far as we know, he

I don't think this could have happened any other way.

come on now


Does it hurt your Holla Forumsyp feefees knowing you elected a zionist? :^)

citation needed

I thought that was Matt Forney for a second.

lmfao, getting btfo by ancaps too.

you literally aren't trying, I've gotten opportunities for one night stands by doing nothing at all.

As much as I want to jump at this opportunity don't all white chubby guys with shaved heads look alike? If it is indeed him the charge says cp but that could be as young as a baby or as old as an hour before 18th birthday. It's also something people can come in posession of on accident for example due to a virus or simply not realizing age. Is it really worth stooping down to that level without knowing details?

all the detail is in the thread, and no, people don't get convicted for accidentally finding CP.

I read the story of the pursuit after him but I mean details of what he was charged with beyond the legal term if that is indeed him. Being fat takes away definition of the face so they do indeed all look alike. Yes you can't for finding something illegal because seeing something illegal because it's not enforceable but the law isn't written in a way. I'm pretty sure I recall hearing about a guy who downloaded a batch of porn via torrent and there was illegal videos mixed in there with legal stuff he was unaware of and was charged with posession and distribution.

Maybe I missed something though so I could be wrong. I'm not saying he didn't do anything or did.. I'm saying Holla Forums should learn from Holla Forumss mistakes when they screw up on doxxing people.


People have identified this person knowingly en masse, so yes, this is true.

This is the dumbest excuse yet you're a fucking idiot

how do you do it chad?

Uh, if you go with like minded people for a long period of time that's mixed between sex

Even on the internet

It's impossible not to spark interest unless, yknow, you're like, below a 6

It's not an excuse. I never said fat people aren't identafiable but are harder to identify. It does look like him but it might not be. Is that hard to understand?

If they independantly identafied him or personally know him then that's solid but if it's people who check what everyone else said the first few responces will influence the later which may or may not be correct in that case.

Oh wait I see the screen caps now. So some do know him. It didn't load for me before. Bad internet.


Just bee yourself. :^)


For real though, what a degenerate.

They're 90% internet tough guys, beat them up if it makes you feel better, but does this guy honestly strike you as the type to take on a living opponent?

By all means come prepared to protect yourself when protesting or counterprotesting, but the people actually willing to fight are a tiny fraction of the people who hold Holla Forums-sympathetic views.

No, creative freedom is an integral part of human emancipation. Just don't touch real kids.

I wonder if you can legally register your race as red, so when the Nazi masturbation fantasy starts you can say that the reds ally with the blacks to kill the whites.

What is up
with fat dudes
being pedophiles?

Lack of self control?


The other one wasnt?.

drag isn't inherently sexual

It's like the fun jackpot

The disgusting non-tollerant nazis ITT. The poor man just wanted to aquire some child sex slaves for personal use. What's wrong with that? Granted, he did do the heinous crime of damaging private(I assume) property, but nobody important was hurt.

Not my thing but it's fine as long you don't do anything to 3DPD kids.

Straight shota is fine.