What's Holla Forums opinion TERFs? And radical feminist in general?

What's Holla Forums opinion TERFs? And radical feminist in general?

As a heterosexual male I feel more inclined to liberal feminism. Abolishion of pornography, BDSM and prostitution doesn't sound like a real solution to me.

Also treating lesbian trans-women as heterosexual males just trying to get laid with real lesbians is pretty transphobic if you ask me.

Well, what do you think?

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I'm for the abolition of gender in all of its forms, the fact we even think about our genitals in terms of anything other than the practicalities and practices of copulation between us is an alienating force that needs to be abolished.

go back to Holla Forums retard

That's not a Holla Forums post, if anything it's a liberal redditor, and I'm pretty sure it's in good faith. Socialists need to be able to discuss gender and experiences related to it if we are to overcome capital and alienation.

RadFems simply view gender in the same manner as Marxists understand class.

That's it. It's not some boogeyman.

B-but I'm a libertarian Marxist.


This is a huge error, there is nothing inherently oppressive about the penis unlike wage labor


Gender is not "penis".

nobody is liberal anymore

gender is inextricably tied to penis, physical attributes of people are directly useful things to consider when dividing labor, which every society has done. Why do you think trans people more often than not wish to go through with the sex change?

I honestly have no idea if this is bait or not

If its in good faith youre not wrong but youre using the language of the heavily progressive liberal influenced nee western left, i.e. tumblr, reddit, leftbook, which triggers the fuck out of Holla Forums fyi. Which is fair enough imo, because leftism needs to break entirely with the moralist idealism of progressive liberal influence. Unfortunately Holla Forums is also generally unwilling to ever talk about sexuality when it pertains to trans or queer issues no matter how you word it, and youll get people REEing and screeching "idpol" nonsensically even if you explain how gender and sexuality have very clear roles in the material productive processes of society. Start a thread about NEET incels with a sad pepe in the OP and youre gaurunteed 200+ responses tho

Are there any anti-porn feminists writing interesting shit from an anti-capitalist perspective, or has the creep of pro-sex fun completely destroyed feminism?

Cuz they're mentally ill.

There's no need to talk about trans and queer issues because there is already an effective solution to it. Institutionalization + insulin shock therapy.

They aren't ill, the political economy and culture are

That didn't work under capitalism, why would it work under socialism?

I don't buy that, so called schizophrenia and depression can be attributed to capitalist culture but homosexuality and trannies are naturally occurring illnesses that we observe in animals as well.

Where are the trans animals though? I've heard of homosexual animals

Ok maybe I was too quick to include trannies. Animals can exhibit behavior of the opposite sex due to external hormones entering their food (fish and estrogen) or damage to sex organs causing hormone changes. I guess you could lump external hormone influence under capitalism since that's caused by pollution many times but internal organ malfunction is natural.

I can't believe this exists.

careful with that edge

Conservashit tier non-analysis, you could claim that any discontent experienced under capitalism is just mental illness, a neurological short circuit that doesnt allow for the proper ambition and optimism and needs to be corrected with antidepressants and anti anxiety meds etc etc.

It's a dead movement as far as I can tell. They don't command any numbers or wield any kind of influence even at a purely theoretical level. It's mostly old women who are slowly dying off. Whether they are right is a bit of a moot question, it feels like discussing obscure Christian heresies.
Any discussion concerning them just ends up being used as a platform to either signal support for or opposition to transgenders, which is worse than useless.

some materialist feminists have their shit together, but TERFs are spooked as hell

At least on an everyday basis, gender is tied more to overall appearance than genitals. I've never had a dude stop and check if I have a penis before catcalling me. Of course, the legal and medical aspects of it depend more on genitals, hence why trans women need SRS to change our birth certificates or get sent to women's prisons in a lot of places. Pinning it entirely on one or the other is pretty short-sighted.


I've never seen a TERF that wasn't a mentally unstable lesbian with shitty hair. They're one of the most unpleasant groups you'll encounter in left-wing circles.

TERF's are basically rightists who are using feminism as a smoke screen for promoting traditional sex relations. Arguuuaaably more spooked than liberal feminists, but I dunno, I'd have to sit and read both for far too long to stand to make that determination.

Honestly I respect second-wave radical feminists a lot more than modern day ones. At least they were consistently anti-sex. Nowadays feminists complaint about being objectified but then glorify pornography, prostitution, and promiscuity. It's completely inconsistent and hypocritical. Also second-wave feminists actually had a radical vision for changing the world revolving around communal child care and abolition of gender the average feminists idea of radical change these days is world with 50% female CEO's and mandatory classes on sexual consent.

Also being anti-trans is just a basic extension of viewing gender as a social construct and honestly makes a lot more sense than the modern personal pronouns, 131 genders bullshit which is just a way for people to build a special snowflake identity without being an interesting person.

There are, but they're all old as fuck.

I'd still bang Harriet Fraad, though she probably isn't anti sex.

Modern day radical feminist are still fairly anti-sex (at least in the circles I'm aware of).

What the fuck is wrong with being "pro-sex"?

absolutely nothing.

TERFs get the gulag

They're reactionaries that hate trans women because they think they are a threat to the abolition of gender. I'm for despooking gender but they don't have rationality to how they try to do it.

TERFs are old decaying reactionaries who will get put up against the wall.

Its not for no reason that they are treated with hostility in virtually every radical leftist space.