So the spd in Germany are holding a vote on whether to form a grand coalition with Angela Merkle. I’m making this thread because I can’t read German and hopefully one of you can clear up the situation and ramifications.

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The motion passed in favour of making a deal.

SPD will cuck and prop up Merkel and make sure the """""Moderate Center""""" Holds in germany


wtf ist STILL wrong with these cunts? has 1914 not been enough?

Class collaboration today, class collaboration tomorrow, class collaboration forever!

Legit the SPD isn't even socdem anymore.

Thanks guys, either way this vote goes the EU’s days are numbered. When’s the next German election?

who the fuck still votes for these people srsly


Less than 20% of the German people.

still 15 % too many

the SDP are liberals, they're gonna agree to the coalition


The fate of the two major Germany parties will affect the left and the future of the EU a lot. Being interested in developments in German politics can give good insight on where the EU is heading

All kidding aside, they don't really have any alternative but to join in coalition, in purely political terms. They will only lose votes if a new election is called, and they know it. The leadership might as well cash in and grab those cushy government posts while they can.




Even though they're centrist as fuck, I support the SPD. We need a centralized and social Europe. Aside from helping with immediate crises, it would provide the institutional framework for a socialist state. Socialism wouldn't work in a single European country anyway.

Without Europe, we'd open ourselves to the fancies of post-neoliberal global capital. The EU gives us some measure of control.

Framework for a socialist state my ass. A centralized Europe already today is the framework only for an anti-leftist crackdown, demolishing the welfare state and handicapping leftist national governments.

You don't think we'd get the same shit without the EU? You'd only be more directly exposed to the global financial market. Governments would be forced to demolish their welfare state by economic necessity. That's the reality of contemporary capitalism. We need large scale cooperation to control it, otherwise we're lost.

The EU fucked up during the financial crisis. They're acknowledging it. Things could go in a bunch of different directions at this point. Imagine if Varoufakis gets anywhere. It would be glorious. We can't let that chance slip.

Bud the EU actively makes it impossible for member states to start carrying out reformist policies like nationalizations. It's why Corbyn is so against it. If you aren't retarded and looked at what happened to Greece, for example, you would realize that they would be better off out of the union.

You live in a fantasy world. All the same actors still hold the purse strings, peddling their same voodoo austerity economics, and slowly strangling Southern Europe.
Pray do tell how that happens. You don't seriously believe the kabuki theater of the European Parliament has any relevance towards EU governance, do you?

5 years from now. Chillax kiddo.

Christ, its like you want nationalist-fascists to gain popular support.

crypto-fash succdem is /europhile/, wtf.

You people are fucking brainwashed to the hilt. Every socdem I know spits out some variation of this line. It's been programmed into you all despite the EU founding treaties literally outlawing socdem policy and forcing austerity onto everyone.

Destroying the EU is an important step towards establishing socialism in Europe.


Wild ride for the next five years

Eu does not outlaw particular set of policy nor even hold onto it`s austerity principles when it comes to national debt vs GDP ratio since France,Spain and Germany were allowed to cross that threshold without any consequences.

In fact the EU common labour laws guarantee individual worker rights and consist of anti-discrimination regulations too. While wage regulation and collective bargaining are not covered by article 154, this is bound to change with further integration towards federal union.

*article 153

EU constitution explicitly says you have to have a capitalist system to be a member. That sounds like outlawing a particular policy set to me.

Eu does not have an constitution but operates on basis of Lisbon treaty.

yes, because they're france, spain and germany; even poland and italy are strong enough, to get away with it

but greece, portugal, lithuania, latvia, estonia, slovenia, croatia etc. won't be allowed and would and did get strangled

p.s. we are basically subhuman slaves for the EU

I`m highly doubtful of that, considering how the labor markets within the union have been developing for last decade, particularly when it comes to eastern Europe. Greeks should have not been allowed to join in the first place, they can only blame their elected governments for the troika. EU is a free association after all, they were free to join or to leave at any point.

you understand things in a rather simple way

if, before brexit, greece would leave, the enitre eu would emabargo them, making them a 4th world state, as a reminder to any others

even with "helping" them, the eu has completely collapsed their state

Why should traitors and liars be allowed to leave unpunished? Dog that bites hand that feeds it must be put down.

find the nearest oven hothead

eat shit

the eu is a project of the german-french business elite and it will remain just that for the entirety of its existance.

Honestly, SPD would already have merged with CDU by now if only they weren't so proud of their old name and "legacy".

The EU and all treaties related to it that came before were/are anti communist to their core

fuck you fin socdem

The EU will not save you from them. For that, you will need either galvanized masses of socialist militants, or a sufficiently comfortable population. And you can forget about the latter when the EU dismantles the welfare state.

WER HAT UNS (so oft das schon lange keiner mehr mitzählen kann) VERRATEN?

Yeah, NATIONAL-socialism.

Pls no bullying

Is this quote even real?