The US made ISIS

So yeah, the US and their lapdog Saudi Arabia armed ISIS, if you needed any final confirmation:

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Seriously, when will it end?

Well I mean it is obvious, Daesh literally sprang forth from the rebels in DeZ, Manbij and that area. They were US aligned.

The US support is about to end soon, I don't know if le anarcutie girls will be able to fight a US/Turkey/Saudi/Israeli coalition


Unironic Rated PG Parental Guidance for epileptics.

when Holla Forums stops being cowards and storms congress guns blazing





why can't we just say islam a shit as well as America? Evangelicals are muslims without decent aesthetics anyway

Because you're still enabling imperialism with that rhetoric, Islam would have NO power were it not for the US (in modern times at least).

You just sound like a pretentious fence sitter.

An attack on Islam isn't an attack on muslims workers, they, like everyone else, are entitled to the full value of their labor. The problem with rhetoric like yours is it prevents you from supporting a theoretical proletarian revolution in the middle east because the US is your first priority over the toppling of any Ba'athist or Islamist government. World revolution can start anywhere and needs to be supported even if it's in a colonial country.

Another thing, muslims are genuinely better people than most westerners - especially americunts. They're more welcoming and community driven than selfish, viscous american scum that would gladly sell their children into prostitution if it means they can be famous.

I don't know where westerners get off looking down on everyone else - while they suffer record depression/suicide rates and an increasingly hostile, individualistic society.

Why are you living in a fantasy land? Any "uprising" or "revolution" that takes place while the US hegemon still exists is DOOMED to fail, 100% of the time. I don't think you realize how extensive america's influence and power is.

The empire is in decay, Revisionists are about to form a new multi-polar world, you're stuck in the 90's

That's what they said in the 90's as well. Capitalist realism my man, we're living in the eternal 90's. Capitalism will pull a miracle out its ass to continue its existence for another 500 years, it always does.

Dude the CIA and NSA literally can't stop contracting out to dumbasses, your view is as distorted by the propaganda machine as any MAGA chud thinking marines are superhuman. China is about to surpass the US economically and they have their own ambitions. History didn't end with the fall of the USSR, nor did it end with the fall of Paris. A reinvented left literally cannot be stopped once it forms.

Well I hope you're right - I just have a feeling that reality will surprise us all. I mean, who thought capitalism was going to survive the great depression?

The Keynesian reforms that saved capital won't work now, the rate of profit has fallen far enough those reforms are unacceptable and unthinkable to the bouj now. They're in a double bind and they can't escape. Besides, even if revolutions are doomed to fail you should support them, the proletarian struggle as experienced is an impossible struggle, but must be embraced, like Guts from berserk, the fight is impossible, but the fight itself is worth it and life affirming.

You underestimate the enemy. The reason the US can do all these shitty jobs in intelligence and weapons procurement is not because they are weak, but because they are right now so overwhelmingly strong they are not hurt sufficiently by their fuck-ups.At some point they will likely hit the wall, but even then they can make a comeback just by trimming the fat, something that will likely happen if they are forced in a real Great Power competition again.

and the Roman empire fell too, empire isn't sustainable and millions of people in the US are poor, proletarianized, and alienated. Fred Hampton had he been born today would be able to coup the US easily.

"The US"
Not Israel

Israel is just another settler colonial state like National Party South Africa and Ian Smith's Rhodesia

The Roman empire took longer to fall than the entire lifetime of the US empire, don't write its epitaph yet.

Slave society was nowhere near as dynamic as capitalism. Slavery was a stable political economy, capitalism is literally built on instability.


Rigorously confirms earlier reports, especially the Bulgarian connection. This should be totally damning to any normie exposed to it, so expect it to get absolutely no coverage in the media.

Are we honestly all that shocked?

hi, FBI

This attitude is exactly why no one is doing what needs to be done, stop being afraid of subcontractors and old fucks, get organized and get armed

yeah, I mean if people were doing that they wouldn't be shouting it out loud on some dubarse website that any motherfucker can find after one google search. I don't have a problem with burning down the white house, but even if I was gonna do it, this mongoloain throat singing site wouldn't be the place where I organize for it. Fuck no.

How the fuck are you gonna get people to join you without even saying shit? You need a mass base, if you're not willing to build and organize a mass base and declare your values and program, what the fuck are you going to accomplish? A socialist Illuminati/secret society can't do anything other than sit on its ass.

Holla Forums is unlisted from Google. However, talking about such things on a public clearnet website known for radical views is a stupid thing to do. If anything, people interested in this kind of thing should organize over Tor through VPNs and other security measures, with a whitelist.

The Russian Empire may have tolerated the rise of such radicals as the Bolsheviks, but the US government is not going to be so lenient, especially considering it's seen what has happened to such countries as Russia and routinely orchestrates such movements itself. The best bet would be to at least begin organizing underground.

They didn't tolerate the Bolsheviks, they were jailed and slaughtered and censored in ways that wouldn't even be possible in America today

Not only that, the various socialist and anarchist organizations were riddled with informants, provocateurs and double agents of the Okhrana who among other things encouraged splits. Not all that dissimilar from what the alphabet soup does in the US.

Nah, thanks. Revolutionary causes hold no benefits for me, in neither their success or failures.

why are you on this board then?

Ideology. I'm a leftist, sadly. I wish I still was blissfully ignorant.

Holla Forums is indexed on Google. Some boards aren't though.

I find it unlikely that the us armed ISIS, I think what really happened is the us gave a shit load of weapons to the fsa, who being incompetent fucks either lost them or, just had their members take them with them when they defected still America’s fault, but not same as arming ISIS

I’m gonna need everyone on this board who called this a conspiracy to apologize to the ☭TANKIE☭s and ☭TANKIE☭ twitter

I’m reading the paper on ISIS arms deals so far it’s just us made weapons captured from the feat and Iraq


I'm trying to be a cool anarchist but ☭TANKIE☭s keep being right

America and its allies are the only thing funding terrorism. Are there people who still think otherwise?

They're the complete opposite, Ba'ath are secular nationalists.

You're an idiot who doesn't understand the extent to which the US controls the world. You probably know nothing about the global surplus recycling system and think that the GDP of the US says anything about its economic power.

What kind of braindead retard calls this a conspiracy?

Tankies aren't just claiming the US funded groups that were absorbed into/defected to Daesh before the Daesh/other rebel split - everyone who follows Syria at all knows that already. (I doubt they ever funded Daesh directly, at least not knowingly; it does still have roots in AQI.)

They're claiming the US is still funding and arming Daesh while ostensibly bombing them, which remains a retarded conspiracy theory.

you must believe that FSA are poor revolutionaries that just want to get rid of a evil dictator that uses mustard gas on orphans and women and children specifically


This. Most of Iran’s weapons are of western origin, but that doesn’t mean the current regime is western backed.

What do you say about the footage of American planes bombing ISIS during the battle of Kobane?

Where are the proofs billy? Are there secret US arms deals all over the world? Yes. Is it possible that the US is directly arming ISIS? Yes. But the fact that those two things are true doesn’t mean that American arms are secretly and intentionally going to ISIS. I have not seen any conclusive proof of this.

what do you say about american planes bombing the SAA just before ISIS advanced on these positions?
what do you say about a dozen US military bases in Syria?
"lend lease"?

u wut m8? Sure you're not thinking about a different battle?


a different example, yes
if you are an actual leftist and have a brain you know that arming your enemy is nothing new in americas history of imperialism

So then you admit that the US may be bombing ISIS in one part of Syria and helping them in another. It’s some 4D chess shit maybe, but to me that speaks more to America’s blundering incompetence and the overall shakiness of any alliance in this conflict. America hasn’t been able to gain a reliable ally in this war at all, the closest they came was the S D F who they just threw under the bus in Afrin, which means that the Kurds will likely run headlong to the Russians.

I didn’t say that the Americans don’t lie, and this isn’t anything like Iraq. I’m not trying to prove what doesn’t exist, in fact it is you who is telling me that I have to prove that America ISN’T giving weapons to ISIS. But it’s your job to prove that they are, since in the absence of any positive evidence of this it is completely irrational to believe that it is the case. So prove to me that America is arming ISIS directly.

not only were they supposedly supplying groups of what was it, 6 men? giving them excessive amounts of money, weapons and trainings, all of them vanishing shortly afterwards and, big surprise, ending up with ISIS, all of which was reported on by western media and admitted by their own military,

you liberals hiding with red flag and sabotcat even have the audacity to pretend that the ties between "FSA" and several other "rebel" groups towards ISIS weren't proven for several years now

and then you go on and cry about being banned for apologizing imperialism after downright smoke screening over these already well known and established facts

i'm not going to do you the service of repeatedly posting shit that you can very well google yourself and find in whichever preferable western news you want on side-notes, BBC or WP, just don't come here pretending that this is unproven shit that has to be "proven"

just to give one example but fucking come on, we do not have to go through this again every fucking thread, this was news from 20 fucking 14 and is just one fucking article of a sea all confirming this shit that is fucking common knowledge if you don't have your head up the US presidents ass

FSA defectors and American sourced weapons ending up in the hands of ISIS are not the same thing as arming them directly. The ☭TANKIE☭ narrative in this case makes no sense. If ISIS is a US proxy, and the S D F is a US proxy, then why are the two fighting each other? If the US is arming both of them, then clearly one or both groups are not puppets, since they would only be fighting each other without US consent and thus in pursuit of their own agendas. The only other explanation would be that the US is not backing both of them, at least not wholesale. It’s entirely possible that the US may help ISIS one day and attack them the next, just as they helped the Kurds one day and then left them to the T*rks the next.

Furthermore I fail to see how denying US support for ISIS is in any way imperialist or apologist, since it doesn’t have any connotations of support for ISIS or US involvement.

What part of “direct support” do you not understand?

ISIS was started at camp bucca and even Joe Biden admits their gulf state allies directly funded ISIS–what that really means is the US was funding them directly too but won't admit it. But its common practice for the US to blame things on their puppets even if SA wouldn't be caught dead doing something that big without US permission. The same goes for 9/11 btw and the classified pages of the commission, those that have seen them say that Saudi Arabia's government helped the hijackers but its implausible that they would have done so without US support.

Is this peak middle brow? Funnily enough, there were those in Iraq's military who were hesitant to attack ISIS because they believed they had the backing of NATO behind them. ISIS smuggles oil through US ally Turkey which is sold to Israel.

The purpose of the US bombing of Syria was to destabilize Syria and bring about the fall of the Assad government. Pretty much everyone except US Democratic Party officials admits that the Russian bombings of ISIS were much more effective then the American ones.

The response of ISIS was to bomb a Russian plane. The alleged attacks on the US have been rather small-scale in nature while Israel has received no attacks from the group claiming that Israel is the brain-behind US imperialism. Why?

Israel has went so far as to treat ISIS fighters in their hospitals and ISIS even apologized to Israel. Meanwhile, the US funded jihad groups in Iraq, Libya and Syria all to either overthrow the respective governments or set back resistance fighters there. In Libya and Syria, everyone has acknowledged that the "freedom fighters" there were Al-Qaeda. And yet its beyond the pale to think that the US supports ISIS? Get fucked, my man.

Your narrative of ISIS being a literal construct of the US is completely bogus and is informed by a sense of western chauvinism coupled with the worst aspects of conspiracy culture. You're desperate for there to be some grand narrative which includes an omniscient actor who is behind every bad thing in the world. You deny agency to the very victims of imperialism you seem so eager to defend. The reality is that after the collapse of AQI in the aftermath of Zarqawi's death ISIS forms and continues it's insurgency against the US backed Shia majority government. As tensions in Syria begin to boil over the US turns a blind eye to the ratline between Syria/Iraq because they bet on the fact that flooding Syria with battle hardened salafists would eventually destabilize the country. They were right. Cut to Syria. The FSA forms out of a hodge-podge of Sunni factions with varying degrees of legitimacy. It proves to be completely incompetent and is riddled with questionable groups with dubious goals/connections. These less than reputable groups happen to be the most competent and provide the best logistical support due to their connections with al Qaeda or ISIS. They take over the operation while the FSA ostensibly calls the shots. All the while the CIA is flooding the FSA with arms which naturally make their way over to the al Nusras and al Shams of the conflict because there is essentially a free flow of men and arms between them and the FSA. Some of the factions within the FSA begin to sell the arms to ISIS for opportunistic or sympathetic reasons. Is this a case of deliberate strategic incompetence/naivety on the CIA's part? Very possible. But it doesn't matter because the outcome is the same whether the elusive "moderate rebels" of the FSA were able to get their shit together or the salafists did what they did. Does this mean that ISIS is a literal CIA operation? No. You're doing yourself a disservice by putting forth unproven conspiracy theories when reality is enough of an indictment.

Hello, CIA.

"bombing" might be a too strong word. try "evacuating IS commanders"
pic related

thats the whole point of having proxies you retarded fucking dumbass.
are you too mentally defunct to put 2 and 2 together? are you some fucking anglo fruitcake or something?

When something completely predictable happens over and over and the US keeps supporting their present course of action you have to wonder if they actually wanted that predictable thing to happen. Basically, all the naysayers here are believers in the “incompetent” Empire theory rather then the reality that the Empire acts intentionally. Just because you don’t understand how it fits their interests doesn’t mean they don’t.

No it wasn’t, it started as the ISI (Islamic State of Iraq) during the Iraq war as an anti US and Sunni sectarian militia. They were driven underground during the troop surge in the late 2000s and many fled into Syria, where they re-emerged in the chaos of the civil war.

Thinking the culture and tropes that have formed around the conspiracy industry are largely trash doesn't mean I don't think conspiracies don't exist.

prove it.
because before russia came in ISIS was suppost to steamroll the SAA and give the US an excuse for an intervention. when russia came in the US started supporting the SyDF to grab asmuch land from IS as possible before the SAA liberates it. this has been explained countless times on here and its only newfags and retarded faggots with cognitive bias like you who dont know it


This is documented fact.

Are you actually denying that Alex Jones and his ilk haven't built up an industry catering to everything from aliens to FEMA camps?


some people cant accept the truth because it collapses their perfect world where their country is supporting a "noble revolution against a tyrant"

Yes, retard.

That dude looks nothing like Baghdadi. This pic is sus as fuck.

Here's another not-conspiracy: USA stays in Afghanistan because CIA funnels heroin out. CIA is a major drug trafficker.

Get the fuck off of my board you faggot.

Wow. That's it. It's the smoking gun.

I think the trillion dollars in untapped minerals might have more to do with it than the heroin.

Afghanistan being the source of 90% of the world's supply of heroin and soldiers guarding poppy fields is a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧coincidence🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

I don't think it's a coincidence. I think you're overstating the role heroin plays in the conflict.

Nothing involving CIA is "overstated".

So then are you suggesting that there was no US bombing campaign against ISIS?

You’re using past actions as if they are definitive evidence for current actions. A person may murder somebody, but this fact is not proof that they are behind the murder of somebody else. The evidence in favour of the US support of ISIS is circumstantial, meaning that there are multiple, equally viable explanations for it. In the case of the FSA defectors taking US weapons to ISIS, it’s possible that this was intended, but it’s also possible that it was a blunder. What you need to do if you want to assert that it was intentional is provide proof that it was.

Jesus Christ ☭TANKIE☭s need to take a corse in basic empirical reasoning. Prove to me that you aren’t a shapeshifting alien. Prove to me that you have never had sex with a donkey. You can’t prove what doesn’t exist numbnuts, if you claim a positive fact like say, the US is intentionally arming ISIS, then you have to provide definitive evidence.

Except that this still doesn’t make sense since ISIS also tried to topple the Iraqi Government which the US spent a decade trying to re-establish, and they responded to this attack with a bombing campaign and funnelling more weapons to the Iraqis. Furthermore if the S D F is really a tool to bring more Syrian land under US control, then why are they refusing to help in Afrin? Why are they letting their supposed proxies go to war with a major NATO ally? Why has there been no pressure to cut the links between the PYD and the PKK?

Something you need to understand is that puppets in the sense you are using almost never exist in geopolitics. Videla could have been called a “puppet” of the US, that didn’t stop him from going to war with Britain (technically an act of aggression against the US because NATO). Diem’s regime in South Vietnam was supposedly a puppet, and yet he had to be assassinated. Saudi Arabia is supposedly a US puppet, but they still helped Al Qaeda on 9/11. “Puppets” almost always have their own agendas.

Another reason why the narrative falls apart is that the S D F are clearly far more sympathetic to the Syrian state and to Russia, so if the US shifted the focus of their support from ISIS to the Kurds then they would have been undermining their own goals. In fact it would have been pretty easy for the US to let the Kurds be wiped out at Kobane, which likely would have led to their ultimate defeat. Instead you are trying to tell me that they intervened against ISIS and stopped them from achieving a major, possibly decisive victory, and instead sided with a faction that now regularly cooperated with Assad and Russia, and is currently involved in a direct confrontation with a NATO member. That makes no fucking sense.

heres more

Roj,ava occurred in the US hegemony, and it occurred four years before the US started supplying them. Annon you’re making the US empire out like it’s an all powerful entity. It isn’t. It can barely keep it’s own citizens from rioting all the time.

on paper it was. and for show they hit some barns and shit. but there wasnt any srious action. the US bombed the syrian army more than they did IS.

are you some CIA apologist faggot or something?

that kind of cognitive bias might be causing tumors you know

they let it grow and waitred for it to divert to syria

heres the fucking thread
and dont shitpost again till you read every single post you dumbfuck newfag

roj.ava wouldnt even exist anymore if the US didnt step in to make use of them

The US has organizations like the Democrat Cops of America, SALT, SPL, Redneck Revolt, etc. Reminder that the Bolsheviks in 1900 had less power and influence in Russia then the Democrat Cops of America currently has in America.

Still Ro,java isn’t a US puppet. Ro,java takes US aid because if someone you dislike through a suitcase of money at you, you would take it to. Ro,java is activity at war with a NATO member, and of course the US supports said NATO member.

The CIA supports ISIS in Syria, the FBI supports the FSA in Syria. And the Pentagon supports the over a dozen US military bases in Syria in Syria. The US Government isn’t a single entity.

That also doesn't look like him. Actually none of the people (that I could find) in the original look like the people they supposedly are.


Timber sycamore gave arms to the fsa though



Meant for>>2366304

Study some Roman history, after Marian's reforms Roman society experienced some sort of civil war practically every 50 years.

Might be these guys

Believe it or not, the Okhrana was like a 19th to early 20th century CIA. It was feared and hated by radical and progressive movements across Europe.

Al-Baghdadi was a go-between who was allowed to carry messages between varying compounds because of his "good behavior". Just tell me that isn't a little bit suspicious.

It's very funny that some people on the Left cannot be convinced unless their presented with "smoking gun evidence" aka some document signed by the director of the CIA saying they created ISIS accompanied by the genetic material resulting from a blood pact involving all the high officials of the Obama administration. In reality, we're lucky that we ever get any written confirmation of the things the CIA does because plausible deniability is the name of the game, if you're conspiring to commit a crime you don't write all that shit down and if you do you don't put it somewhere it could be leaked. When we do get dead to rights proof of the stuff that the US does it is usually de-classified by accident or decades after the fact, long after the point where the information would still be relevant to the public.

The fact that ISIS was born at an American detention facility wouldn't mean much by itself but when you put everything into context it actually does have significance. I'm not surprised that none of the skeptics responded to the content of my original post, they just made a poor (and unsuccessful) attempt to dispute the facts about camp bucca.

meant for


ofcourse it did

sure sounds like a puppet to me

how new are you?

the US aircampaign isnt shit. theydont need an ally on the ground to say its OK for the to bomb a place. they needed them to get boots on the ground. and the US only steered IS toward goverment areas after they established their operation via the SyDF

must be why the FSA guys mccain met with became lead IS commanders

I see you posting all the damn time about over a dozen US military bases in Syria and your only argument seems to be "You're a newfag".
Just stop.

not an argument