"Muh La Raza Muh N.O.I and New Afrika movement"


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They mostly liberal so no.
Also pic very related

New Afrika is less an ethno-state and more an autonomous region for majority-black communities in the American South.

The La Raza Aztlan shit is wacky Himmler-tier Mexican nationalism. Aztlan doesn't exist and never did, and if it had somehow, there's no evidence it was the southwestern United States. For those not in the know, Aztlan is the mythological homeland of the Aztecs, this is as silly as the Greek government claiming North America is, in fact, the lost isle of Atlantis and, therefore, rightful Greek clay.

The Nation of Islam preaches nothing but the unadulterated truth and I for one pray to Dr. Yakub every night thanking him for the creation of my race and enlightening us with his holy doctrine of Tricknology.

La raza and the nation of Islam are things in the U.S., but they are not as big as Holla Forums makes them out to be.

I've literally never heard anyone talk about either of them IRL.

The nation of Islam is smaller than it basically ever had been and it's pretty much just a retarded Muslim cult no-one takes seriously.

I have never met a single black nationalist in my life outside of the internet and I live in the South south in urban areas.

La Raza is Mexican stuff and I don't have alot of exposure to them so I don't know much about them.

There are other ethnic racial supremacist groups in the US, including Mexican and Black groups. You can find them on SPLC. Some members are considered dangerous too and are on the FBI's most wanted. They're extremely fringe. The fact that Holla Forumsfaggots scapegoat them is laughable.

When was when last time you ever heard anything about "La Raza" in the news?

It's just another Holla Forums boogeyman. Not once have I actually met somebody IRL that actually believes this shit. They're part of the wack-a-loon fringe

Because the leftist media won't report it you dunce

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Weren't you busy eating your own shit before you came here?

Most haven't even heard of these movements.

A majority wanting to purge a minority from an entire state will always be more traumatic than a minority purging a majority from a small territory tho (by forcibly moving them). Kicking out millions from their homes violently is sick anyhow though, no matter who comes up with it.

It is and it isn't user.
It may be easy to think that things about la raza or aztlan are popular and done by the seedy 4ft tall sombrero-wearing mexican. But they're not, unless you're the mexican equivalent of a retarded autist.
The real "danger" is really in organizations like CPLC. It's not the full believer to watch out for, it's the nice community organizer in a suit. They never spouse the belief fully, but more like an affirming faith-belief in the average religious manner. Kind of like "Reconquista? That's dumb! But those demographics eh? :^)" or also "Well, back in the day the ratio of mexicans in southern states was higher because they were here first so it's not so bad :^)"
So they may not spouse the views in full, but they have that sort of half-belief that lets them make willing excuses about it and sort of like them.
It's annoying, insidious, and kind of boring too.
Mexicans tend to have kids which means work which means less time to deal in grand conspiracies that consist of having kids they were going to have anyway.

Mexican revanchism is a joke, Mexico lost it in a war fair and square and Mexico is just as much of a settler colony as America is

Its hard to say. Going by what is said on the internet.. no. But the African-Americans who I've become good friends with have confided in me that they, and all of their friends and family, do ultimately want to self-segregate in such a manner.

And Hispanics in my area seem to differ on it, the Puerto Ricans seem to be against such a thing but the Mexican and El-Salvadorean activists that I know are actually pretty aggressive about it.


Can't speak for Mexicans and other Mestizo ethnicities, but from what I know Black-Americans ain't really interested in a "black ethnostate". Most of the "woke" ones promote looking out for their community, but that never goes much further than starting and supporting black-owned small businesses and farms to create community wealth through group economics and the promotion of gun ownership and crime fighting militias to keep neighbourhoods safe and replace the statist police.

The Nation Of Islam's a joke and Black-Americans as a whole know it. Holla Forums's got no ground to use them to justify white nationalism.

Yeah but let's be honest here: they are only that way because they are butthurt about deportations. It's a greivance that would be extremely easy to address with normal socialism.

What makes you say that? Just curious.

Basic history of all post colonial states in america?

They dont care, still censor that.

I’m just curious here, sure any modern American state can be called a settler-colony but was Mexico really as bad towards its native population as the US? Did it also have a major wave of post-independence Euro-immigration?

The Spanish enslaved and raped all natives they encountered.

Most egregious I ever saw of the Aztlan shit, having grown up in San Diego, is this part of a painting in Chicano Park depicting what appears to be a "rightful Mexican clay" sentiment. Most of the artists who worked on this were pretty young from what I remember.
As a political position I'd say it's extremely fringe and if queried the majority of mexican-americans would agree that such an idea is probably not good, despite historical grievances. Of course this idea of America having stolen Mexican land isn't with too much texture considering, as this user pointed out
the state of Mexico has always been a tool of colonialism. The indigenous of Mexico have no love for their government.

T. Anglo propagandist

Not many Hispanics where I live but I figured the "Make America Mexico Again" was just a movement of a bunch of butthurt immigrants and Mexicans in California.
Most blacks I talk to support self segregation and community self defense which I agree with their decision to live in their own communities. The only real black supremacists are mostly female and post stuff on facebook about how melanin gives you superpowers and how white people don't exist or some shit like that. They also like to complain when black people talk about fucking white bitches and criticize white bitches that fucking niggas doesn't make you any less racist.

It's kinda ironic how white nationalists and black nationalists agree that racemixing between whites and blacks is bad. Seems like idpol always finds a common ground

Holla Forums likes to believe there is any kind of unity between latinos. Holy shit there isn't most of latin america hates each other. I also cannot stand that every thing is about fucking mexico.

I'm black and I know only one other black person who wants to self segregate and they are pretty much regarded as hotep loony. White supremacy has rendered black people to be pretty self hating. The ultimate dream of most black people in the US is to move into a middle class white neighborhood. Even the idpolled rich black liberals can't stand most other black people.

It's also strange with the whole white-Hispanic thing too. I have friends from Brazil who have blonde hair and blue eyes and yet Holla Forums wants to believe anyone south of the border is a subhuman shitskin.

>before he came here

darling you need to take a break

I live in Dallas and there used to be a La Raza billboard by highway 121 a couple years ago. It was really low-key, literally just "LA RAZA" with a picture of a mexican dude on it and a website on the bottom. Was only there for like 3 months and I've never heard anything of it sense.

I'm hispanic and I'd never heard of Aztlan until I saw paranoid White Nationalists freaking out about it on the internet.

Kill yourself retard.

I'm half Mexican and can attest that they do have a view of racial superiority and competition

The Latin slave trade was almost on par with the Barbary slave trade. The Anglos gory damn literally invented the concept of humanitarianism and abolitionism. I won't deny that their treatment of aboriginal populations was not great, but for all of history the traditional mode engagement with such populations throughout the World was either genocide or profound slavery and the erasure of the identity of the newly subjugated

You'd have to be a fool to think that a series of related populations (mostly in the cultural sense) who had the concept of racial castes does not have to this day a concept of racial consciousness. This by no means implies that all Latin americans are one population, in fact some are quite opposed on such ground of racial classification.

sums up nazis pretty well

I'm a Chicano and I've only ever seen anything about la raza in a wikipedia article I saw once.

Spic here
La Raza shit isn't a significant political movement, sometimes you'll here a dumbass now and again say La Raza in response to being insulted or harassed by racists but we have very little to no serious ethno nationalists in the US. Aztlan is a Nazi tier we wuz fantasy nobody takes seriously.

Yes, they're both regional though. La Raza has a real presence and are hard to miss if you live in southern commiefornia.
You can watch news clips on the internet, too

Dude I'm a southern Californian with a Mexican dad and Salvadoran mom
La Raza is fucking nothing here

So what? If anything, your bias would be such that you'd not be concerned with invasive hispanic nationalism, so you're only discrediting yourself as an objective observer by playing up your race.

Also, you're flat out wrong. La Raza has an office on campus @ UCSD, marches in political demonstrations which are sanctioned by the municipal gov't (youtube.com/watch?v=XGOIpgFny7s) and have been popping up in local and national news for about 10 years.

You think that constitutes a serious political movement? The CPUSA has been a national party and had TV appearances for decades

You're either a crypto-kike, or just a really dumb spic who should stay forever irrelevant.

Those are completely legitimate movements with people concerned for their own well being and the overall comminity they live in. Those groups, however, need not beworried since the birth rates are in their favor at the moment.