It's been one year since antifa destroyed the windows in their rabid rampage at Washington D.C.
Press F to pay respects.

ib4 it wasn't real socialism

anarchiddies being anarchiddies

keep going for that social capital

Yeah but it wasn't real socialism.

Following in the foot steps of their idol Nestor Stalin who personally liquidated over 100 trillion window's of Ukrainian landowners. Despicable!

that's state capitalism tho

The windows deserved it!

The only evidence that any starbucks windows got smashed comes from the CIA and baristas who collaborated with the Nazi's.

glass is produced in sweatshops

I can't help but read this as "Anar Chiddies" and it makes me giggle.

that glass was fascist

Akshualy, breaking windows helps the economy, so by their destructive tantrums antifa helps maintain capitalism. Anarkiddies btfo!

I know this might be just a ironic quip against "muh irrashional violensh", but in our post-ironic age wouldn't expect anything such as that to be honestly dishonest.
Or is there something more about this image that should be known?

literally true, communism means we take down the physical walls which produce and enforce notions of property

don't blame me, i did my civic duty and called the police.

Windows, much like trash cans, are inherently reactionary and have no space in socialism.

And nothing of value was lost.

Communism is not a window to be smashed; rather it is the real movement which abolishes all unsmashed windows

Smashing windows is too extreme and completely unrealistic in the present political climate, what we need is a bipartisan program to create a tax credit incentive program to encourage medium to large sized businesses to remove segments composed of multiple windows, where possible, and replace them with a single larger window, possibly in a variation on the window tax concept as introduced by Nobel prize winning economist William III, as peer reviewed by Paul Krugman. To meet the revenue shortfall from the tax credit, modest reforms of the welfare system will of course need to be enacted to provide greater incentives, perhaps by a system of workfare whereby recipients perform the work of replacing windows for tax-credit-recipients in exchange for their entitlement payouts.



Fuck my shit up fam

Please tell me this is some kind of satirical art show.

The joke
Geosynchronous orbit
Commercial Airliner

Why would there be satire? Trump winning means the death of all metaphor

The window defender has logged on.


someone please wake me up, tell me this is an absurd dream

you say this like we're supposed to just know that it's satire
no idea what timeline you're living in but this isn't funny where i'm from

and since it's antifa nothing of value was won either

It doesn't matter if it is satire or not. The proletariat must make it into satire.