Comrade Roo is being false flagged

Comrades, this shit is URGENT. Roo is on the verge of having his channel (which has been his life and primary source of income for the past nine years) shut down over false content strikes. It is obvious the perpetrator is known "an"-cap Esoteric Entity, who has successfully flagged down Jason's recent livestream video AND, on top of it, has gotten "violent" thumbnails of a few of Jason's most popular videos taken off.

We must give Roo our unconditional support during this time before he loses his channel for good. One more content strike within the next three months and everything he's worked so diligently on for NINE FUCKING YEARS will be taken away in an instant.

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wtf am I reading?

See for yourself:

It can't be comfortable having your head lodged up Jason's asshole. Climb out, OP (unless you're Roo trying to use Holla Forums as your own personal army).

I still refuse to believe Esoteric Entity is not a troll.

Well Roo is delusional. Didn't someone on here say that Roo only "discovered" he was Saami because a Native American shaman looked into his background and saw Saami people? I mean, I knew Roo was autistic, but geez.

I hope he loses his channel, and didn't he argue against consent laws or something like that anyways?
Shit content creator, shit name fag, I hope he considers a new life for his next move.

He won't lose his channel. He's a Youtube partner and it takes a fuckton of flags to get a partner taken off.

that's not what false-flag means, jesus.

Say no more, if he's /lefty/ and needs our help then we have no choice. But at the same time what are we suppose to do? I'm down for a counter raid or some shit?


Is this a false-flag (a real one, ha!) or is Bat'ko really a professional doxer/raider/haxxxor as him being in the Kraut indicates him to be?

On the one hand I would love to see that furry rage at his channel being taken out but on the other hand this is real downgrade from what we did to Murdoch Murdoch last year.

Go after EE. It's a known fact he's the one doing the mass flagging.

Kraut server*

I'm just being straight forward my man or m'lady. We need to look out for our own no matter what, the far right has a pretty strong presence on the inter-web. We need to show we aren't are scared.

no are*

this dude isn't aut-right, he's an underaged ancap furry who probably uses Mac.
Doesn't mean he shouldn't prepare for the storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing he calls his life.

I honestly don't know who this guy is kek, I'm just willing to fight in anyway for fellow /lefty/ folk. I'm watching this guys videos right now, he seems rather liberal but still """crapitalist""".

he has a 6 video long chain reply with DemSoc01

He is more autistic than the Roo for sure.

This kid sucks dick, I'm down to burn his shit to the ground. Muh free market muh """REAL""" """"""""""libertarianism"""""""""".

*galaxy brain*

WTF is he talking about?


So they removed the Gaddafi and Syria images but allowed the krokodil one? FFS Youtube.

So has anyone figured out who this guy is so we can fuck with him?

Just start tweeting junk at him.

This is his YouTube, but no idea who he is IRL

Daily reminder that Jason Unruhe was the face of communism until the feminists and liberals came back in

in the US

Do you think his channel will go down?

Flag this for "hateful or abusive content." Let's get Esoteric Entity's channel taken down:


Exploitable title and or thumbnail for flagging:

Thank you based user.

1) Flag videos by Esoteric Entity,
2) If his channel is taken down, support Unruhe financially,
3) Recruit others to the cause as much as you can.

We need to use our combined force. We might also take a gamble at going to /leftpol/ and shilling for OPERATION CONGO there. Holla Forums does shit like this all the time and there needs to be another power to combat their raiding hegemony.

I reported this and am on my way to report more.

Reported all of them.

doxx on this faggot

Who? Roo or EE?

Roo's doxx are on google images.

How much flagging will it take to bring EE down?

proud boys is attacking him.

So it went from shit to shit pretending to be gold. Wonderful.


He looks like a pedo though.

Can't really tell under a furry costume.

WTF? It's happening AGAIN.

Well then, he has a history alright.

Esoteric entity is the worst internet user I've ever met. His argument against historical materialism is that "capitalism is different than fuedalism"

So autist called midnight phantom.

Shit I haven't been to ED in ages.


hahahah motherfucker ain't even trying

it's like he couldn't even be bothered to read the Wiki articles on the things he's pretending to know about


I wouldn't shed a tear if he does get flagged.

I need source on this, I want a good laugh.

Literally who?

he's a good egg

Not really, no.

Do we have some proof that (video or prints) EE ia a pedo, besides being an ancap?

We don't, but you know Roo. His head is hotter than a ghost pepper.

How can there be so many of them?
Are they mad ein labs or do they reproduce via division?

To be fair, many of us also use tacky anime avatars as well.

If this Esoteric guy didn't have such obvious lolcow potential I'd say let Roo rot


So Jason told me some stuff over DM which could be considered transphobic and advocating suicide. I sent him Anarchopac's resent video on her past of suicidal thoughts and Jason responded saying he "doesn't respect [her] right to live." Do other comrades see anything wrong with this? I pressed Jason on when AP ever denied the global class divide in her tweets or videos and Jason so far hasn't responded.

Screencaps or it didn't happen.

Anarchopac is a liberal who believes that class is an identity. Also they started a pogrom against Jason a while ago after he used male pronouns instead of genderless ones (even though anarchopac claimed to be "agender" at the time.) Anywho it's clear that anarchopac is mentally unstable and is using leftism as a form of therapy or something, which is absolutely unacceptable.

Okay this is what I have. I'm not trying to brigade Jason but I have mixed feelings on this stuff.

Doesn't mean you should deny their gender identity or deflect being called out by bringing up the class divide, as if that has anything to do with having the right to be transphobic and ableist.

Wow, that's pretty low Jason, even for you.


what a psychopathic pos.

Jason isn't a bad guy. I just don't understand why he does this.


Just wait until /r/ socialism gets their hands on this.

If you are suicidal and/or dysfunctional you shouldn't involve yourself in politics in any capacity. This isn't a fucking game. It isn't a social club. Of course anarchopac is bourg so they wouldn't understand the stakes.

So, you think Jason should delete his channel then?


Screencaps or it didn't happen.

Who cares? It's not like people aren't told to 'kys' here on a daily basis or anything. If anarchopac wants to live then maybe she should not attempt suicide. I don't see how what anarchopac does or doesn't do is somehow up to Jason. This was also a private conversation until it was screened and posted here, its not like he made a video called
"ten reasons anarchopac should consider suicide"

Maybe we could do with some civility on the Left, I do get a little tired with the bloodsport atmosphere and lack of comradeship, but its not like anarchopac was calling out calling on the SJW mob to restrain themselves just because Jason used the wrong pronouns.

Jason isn't dysfunctional he's just a dick and a stressed out prole. Anarchopac, being a non-prole, has actual resources that they can rely on for help other than whining about things online and adopting new gender identities every 5 months. The fact that they choose not to get actual help is not worthy of respect. It's not everyone else's job to treat your mental illness/problem.

If you listened to her video, she said she never attempted suicide out of her fear for her family.

No, he is absolutely mentally unstable. It's not just "stress", it's his extreme ego. Look at how he attacked Muke in very much the same way.

Last time I checked, comrades care about other comrades' health, including mental health.

My man, why should I care about the bourg family of an e-celeb that I don’t even know personally? I hope anarchopac gets the help that she needs, but I really only care in the abstract—in the same sense that I don’t really want to see anyone commit suicide.

Feel free to call that callous or whatever.

How do you know anarchopac is bourgeois?

She has admitted it while arguing with Jason during that whole misgendering drama a couple of months ago.


I DM'd Jason asking him if he considers trans women to be women.


[world's smallest violin plays in the distance]


mehr wie anARSCHOpac gä

postiert sowas in leftytrash ihr lumpen

Unruhe is right tbh

Wow another tranny lunatic who wants to off themselves, who woulda thunk it.

I mean, I knew Holla Forums was full of Holla Forumstards, but….


How is anarchopac not a comrade? She's made good videos in the past. Plus Roo is definitely way worse off mentally than she is.

No amount of drugs is going to change reality.

The Roo is 100% on the ball here

Because she's a fucking attention whore using leftism as a means to satisfy her narcissism

Roo isn't that different but at least having attention whores all be at each others throats might help them all die off

and anyone who takes sides in this is a fucking normie following their favourite celebrities around and needs to fuck off too

In what ways?

Wow I did not expect leftypol to sink so low to defend pedophiles.

sweet false flag, bro.

Oh, anarchopac has finally jumped on the transtrender bandwagon?

The lesson to take here is that growing as a person and examining yourself isn't real until you put all of it online.

It just seems that "I have no concept of self-gender" seems very, very much at odds with "I am a woman". It's like all the """transwomen""" who suddenly jumped into that ludicrous idpol "non-binary" category because they're too sexually dimorphic / lazy to convincingly pass as women or (more likely) they wanted to play Oppression Olympics by slapping an even odder label on themselves.

Regardless, it should be amusing to see anarchopac en femme. I've got an old picture of Oscar and quite frankly he looked like a shaved ape.

post pic?


To be fair, his babyface could pass as female if he had the skills to contour.

Um, guys?

Thanks OP. I just threw the rest of my dinner in the trash.


Oh. Fuck.

Anime > Furrys

I'm not trying to make light on the fact she has depression, but when you hold it over peoples head to make them feel bad for you - It's manipulative as fuck.

It's a "fun" "social" "activity" people do on twitter where they simultaneously claim to be offended by everything said by others while talking like channers about everybody else. When Unruhe said he was born with depression he certainly means that being depressed goes back as far as he can remember, but of course he is called a liar for that. Everybody knows what he meant, but that gets in the way of talking like a wanker, so they pretend to misunderstand it.

Pac wasn't looking for attention, she was drawing attention to an issue that's very real (suicidal depression).

Is the Roo gonna come out as trans?

Closeted trans women sometimes go through a phase of overcompensaing by displaying excessive male behavior when their masculinity is challenged like… posing with fake guns

This contrasts with this video where the Roo says he's comfortable with his masculinity

Posing with guns is not the kind of reactionary masculinity he alludes to?

I may be grasping at straws but who knows, I mean it would certainly go a long way to explain his extreme transphobia.

*giggles from grave*

Communism was invented by the burgoise jewish elite to trick you into fighting your way into eternal serfdom. Once bound to the unwashed masses and locked into the party line you will fill the pockets of the porkies as they throw you a few gibs for the trouble…
UBI is a meme
Roo is a pide piper leading you to your demise.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Looks like the drama has died down.