How Do I Find Out If The IWW Is Hiring?

How do you apply for work at IWW? I keep looking for a apply for job button or something on their website but all I see the become a member option. I was thinking it would be a rather fun job to work for them and organize as well.

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They have only few paid positions, and those that are paid positions are only that you're elected too in the GEC. If you mean a job an a business organised as an IWW shop, that's another thing and I don't think it's advertised anywhere. My honest advice though: find a job at a mainstream large union with resources. It will be better for your wallet and your future.

Are you a straight, white guy?
If so I would not count on getting very far with the modern IWW.

The IWW modern has taken the id-pol kool-aid, hard.
The IWW of Joe Hill, James Connolly, Bill Haywood and countless other notable leftists has long since died.

Well I guess I'm out of luck then. I'm 20 percent American Indian though, I can I've been oppressed for having black hair and white skin, the Neo-Nazis never loved me :(

they're a bunch of ansynds and infiltrated by idpol irony-poisoned wreckers. still involved in some good things, but only headed downhill.

I would recommend that you just join the largest union that covers your trade available to you.
Remember that even the most class-cucked of unions still do organise (even if it is only for their own benefit), so there are some skills to learn about union organisation, internal union politics and union organising.
All very useful stuff to have under your belt if you want to actually work for a union at some point.

I would also recommend that you give up on anarcho-syndicalism, it is a dead-end ideology.
DeLeonism/State Syndicalism is the only form of syndicalism with legs and a useful praxis in the modern world - Modern anarcho-syndicalism is nothing but pink haired, upper middle class, edgy collage kids crying about the id-pol issue of the day.

Mate, you would be lucky if they ever let you speak.
The 'progressive stack' system that id-polers use means that if you do have the misfortune of being a straight, white guy then you will be at the very bottom of the list in just about everything, including speaking.
Those sorts of people would not be very inclined to hire you.

People keep saying this, and I've never seen any actual evidence of it.

Will somebody from leftypol please actually join the IWW and report back to us?

Can't vouch for anyone else's experiences, but my local IWW has members who literally argue that communism is for "privileged white males." I was absolutely stunned when this happened, as the leader of the branch doesn't seem so bad. But they also do nothing to purge this scum, so that's what I think must be happening to many other IWW branches.

That sucks. Would still be interested in seeing an in depth analysis on this - is Spectre Rouge still going? If you have more detail on your experience, you could probably do an article about it.

Don't have much else to report other than IWW making a joke of themselves with the Juggalo March. Here's Lenin mentioning the IWW:
"There can be no doubt that the Gomperses, the Hendersons, the Jonhaux and the Legiens are very grateful to those “Left” revolutionaries who, like the German opposition “on principle” (heaven preserve us from such “principles”!), or like some of the revolutionaries in the American Industrial Workers of the World [27] advocate quitting the reactionary trade unions and refusing to work in them. These men, the “leaders” of opportunism, will no doubt resort to every device of bourgeois diplomacy and to the aid of bourgeois governments, the clergy, the police and the courts, to keep Communists out of the trade unions, oust them by every means, make their work in the trade unions as unpleasant as possible, and insult, bait and persecute them. We must be able to stand up to all this, agree to make any sacrifice, and even—if need be—to resort to various stratagems, artifices and illegal methods, to evasions and subterfuges, as long as we get into the trade unions, remain in them, and carry on communist work within them at all costs."
Looks like he was right as usual.

I already did and its largely true

I'm a member

GDC is collecting more of the idol.

The day there is a progressive stack I'll walk out and never go back and keep organizing on my own.

There is an effort with iww to iterate they're organizing labor and not interested in any activism.

Members are self described "intersectional feminists"

Use the iww for what you can and leave no trace when it's time to quit, whatever u can do for class liberation before anything else

I'm a member

GDC is collecting more of the idol.

The day there is a progressive stack I'll walk out and never go back and keep organizing on my own.

There is an effort with iww to iterate they're organizing labor and not interested in any activism.

I'm a member pls join and help kick out the idol

They need to immediately purge if ppl from every aspect of their programme.

They should just embrace being that one group that doesn't do idol

from my understand, one does not simply walk into mordor in terms of joining a union
generally you start working at a job, and then apply to a union that covers that [type] of job
there aren't ~union jobs~ that you apply to, per se
you can join a LOCAL which is like a branch formation of the union
and they teach you a trade, you become and apprentice, and get access to the credit union and other benefits

from the discussions going on that I've seen here in the passed year, it seems like you have to start your own union, buster.
unions seem to be bunk in general. the idea and theory of union for building dual power is still highly valid and necessary for revolution.
however, the shifting climate of WORK ITSELF has changed dramatically, and you can't expect there to be a preexisting union that works and is all set up for you, being a precarious burger flipper or overwatch streamer

From what I gather, the NeoUnion should be HORIZONTAL, because unions have become glorified boss-sama. It should do away with ALL hierarchical chain and ALL bureaucracy. Therefore, it would do well to have the Union be an anonymous, distributed, decentralized, untraceable, ledger-sort-of-thing that simply distributes funds to the correct thing at the correct time.

The thing you end up joining for work & sustaining yourself & your community should be Co-Ops. The union is an umbrella under which many co-ops are funded. The co-op model can be disguised in order to get classcucked American workers (mostly snakes) in on the revolution.

This is actually why we have >>>/gnussr/ so get your butts over there and get to work. It's not going to be easy, but stop wasting time. A lot of us are going to get killed, because unionbusting is a thing. So let's make it and don't get caught.

might as well try reforming the Democrat party.

ok, have fun getting fired and having no strike or picket funds

did you read what you just quoted?

There has been some success for the IWW organising couriers from deliveroo, but apart form that there isn't much labour organisation from what i've seen, my branch is mostly what you would term activism

Lets make an underground current in the iww and clean split at the right time. I'm ready to quit my iww and realign at the correct moment. Hell I might just keep organizing alone bc I didn't join the left to protect mosques and gender neutrality

Are you UK?

Lies! Joe Hill lives!

This is an OFFICIAL CALL from an IWW member to Holla Forums we are swamped with "activism" we need YOU to join your local branch and PUSH for labour organisation and STAND UP TO THE IMPOTENT DEFEATIST LEFT AND STOP DELEON AND CONNOLLY SPINNING IN THEIR GRAVES.If enough of us join, we can control it, not many of us have to join to be influential, from my experience meetings aren't full of strong personalities, if you can speak, you will be listened to, this is the nature of the beast.


If u can speak youll be told you are not a good ally and problematic. These are dark days fw.

Heres my solution: when a fw worker is developing safe spaces, liberal propaganda, succdem, idpol, etc: Do not assist. Vote in favour then do Nothing to help it.

When a fw starts organizing your class and organizing labour make it obvious youre all in and ready to help. : ) we can just ignore the fucking liberals, hell theyll leave when they dont get the attention they want


Some facts:
< 3000 active members Worldside
- A total budget, in all of north america, that is less than the average single soup kitchen, shelter, church, art gallery etc in any small city in america.
- Enough funding to hire ab impressive grand total of 3 people to run it! 3!

So you still think it can take on even like 1 fag that owns a mcdonalds and is kind of a dick let alone Capitalism?


IWW was just part of the coalition attempting it.


suck a dick

have they really devolved this far?

unironically this.
The modern IWW is spitting on the grave of it's founders.