Daily News Thread 1/20

Shutdown Starts Amid Blame Game as Trump Marks First Year

The U.S. government began a partial shutdown on Saturday as finger-pointing intensified on both sides and members of Congress explored whether there was any hope of bringing it to a quick end.

Syria: Turkey war planes launch strikes on Afrin

Turkish war planes have launched air strikes on Kurdish positions in northern Syria, in a move likely to cause tensions with the US.

U.S. May Speed Up Jerusalem Embassy Move to as Early as 2019

The Trump administration accelerated its timetable for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, weighing a plan to retrofit the existing consulate there by the end of 2019 in order to fulfill a key campaign pledge by the president.

China accuses U.S. warship of violating its sovereignty

A U.S. Navy destroyer sailed near a disputed territory claimed by China in the South China Sea earlier in the week, U.S. officials said on Saturday, as China’s foreign ministry said it would take “necessary measures” to ensure protection of its sovereignty.

House Plan for Sexual-Harassment Complaints Would Bypass Ethics Watchdog

A bipartisan House bill to strengthen protection for congressional employees who file sexual-harassment complaints would bar review by Congress’s outside ethics watchdog.

NSA erased surveillance data related to controversial G. W. Bush spying program – court documents

The National Security Agency (NSA) has deleted surveillance data about warrantless wiretapping ordered by President George W. Bush to recycle some hard drive space, recent federal court filings reveal.

Staff Allege Sexual Harassment, Assault Widespread at United Nations

Staffers at the United Nations, U.N., have claimed that sexual harassment, as well as a culture of impunity for perpetrators, is rife at their offices around the world. The Guardian interviewed dozens of current and former U.N. employees in over ten countries as part of the investigation.

Two Koreas Form Single Ice Hockey Team in Show of Olympic Unity=

North and South Korea solidified plans to march together under a unified flag at next month’s Winter Olympics and agreed to compete with a joint women’s ice hockey team in a rare show of unity amid heightened tensions about Kim Jong Un’s nuclear program.

'Am I scaring you?': British teen harassed top CIA officials after hacking their computers, court hears

A British teenager hacked the computers of top US intelligence officials and waged an eight-month campaign of harassment and intimidation against them, a court has heard.

Waters Near Florida Still Being Considered for Oil Drilling

Despite Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Jan. 9 declaration that Florida is "off the table" for offshore oil drilling, that activity is actually still on the table.

Senator Menendez Will Face Retrial on Bribery Charges

The U.S. Justice Department intends to retry Senator Robert Menendez on bribery charges after a jury failed to reach a verdict last November and jurors said that a majority believed he wasn’t guilty.

‘Shoot black kids’ smoking weed, police chief advises recruit

A former assistant police chief in Kentucky advised a recruit to “shoot” black youths smoking marijuana and to have sex with their mothers if he finds them attractive.

Facebook to favor ‘trustworthy’ news sources – Zuckerberg

Feeling the pressure from Congress to ‘fix’ his social media platform, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has resorted to crowdsourcing the ratings system for “trustworthy” news sources appearing on users’ feeds.

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Inb4 freedomeagle1776.blogspot.com is rated to be the most trusteorthy news source by all the Facebook boomers



How the CIA Tried to Bribe Wilfred Burchett

On 6 February 1976, in his syndicated column in the New York Post, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Jack Anderson revealed to his readers that “the CIA once tried to bribe the Communist World’s most famous newsman, Wilfred Burchett, into defecting to the U.S. for $100,000.”

David Smilde: 'US Sanctions Kill Venezuelans But It's Worth It'

David Smilde, in a New York Times op-ed, stated that a US military invasion of Venezuela would be "folly." Actually it would be a major crime, argues Joe Emersberger.

You Think Your Landlord Is Bad? Try Renting From Wall Street


He would have rode the amusements at the Hague for this 70 years ago.

Oh look, another episode of "Tаnkies pleased by the march of islamism".

What the fuck

Did I at any point in my post cola in to support Erdogan or Islamism?
I simply pointed out how it was funny to watch two US puppet states maim each other
Another classic US fuck up


Don't know what the fuck happened there

Are you implying that the Turkish government is not soundly in the US sphere of influence ?

meh, Turkey is inbetween camps right now and acting as a semi-free agent trying to get the best of all worlds
The move probably has informal support from Assad and Russia since the K*rds threw in with the US fully

It's predictable though, the US is just highly incompetent

Speaking of the NSA, I see a lot of Trump fans are happy about a related investigation into Hillary concerning what he just signed but are completely ignoring how Trump just reinforced spying on U.S. citizens.

US is not exerting the kind of power over Turkey for them to be called a puppet.


Standard case of "my team is doing it so it's good"
That and I guarantee a lot of burgers still don't believe the NSA and other internal security agencies are collecting their data and information

As someone who used to be a "if you aren't doing anything you have nothing to worry about" burger, those people are more than likely a minority since the Snowden leaks

I'm curious as to when media will officially be state run in the US without the illusion of shit?

And yet the US has miltary bases in Turkey.

This is a Turkish proxy war against Syria. Do you really think the state that has been advocating Assad's removal for the past 6 years - even going so far as occupying parts of the country, and supporting ISIS and related groups - is just going to retreat it's forces once the 'terrorists' are defeated?
It's going to be a repeat of the "rebel" corridor used to cut off Afrin from the other cantons. Turkish forces move in, followed by the eviction of locals and the construction of military bases and even settlements. If you think a few US bases in R*java are bad, then take a look at what has been happening in the wake of Euphrates Shield.

As usual 'anti-imperialists' fail at maintaining an actual anti-imperialist stance.

The blame for the shutdown lies with the hard line conservatives. They're holding the whole government hostage.


What if the so-called ☭TANKIE☭s on here are actually just turkroach agents?

I'd prefer not to think about that.

That dumbass is not an anti-imperialist.


With such weaponised autism on our side the american empire stands no chance come the revolution

The CIA is pretty weak nowadays. They are a bunch of fat old white dudes who contract basically everything out.

Couldn't Holla Forums use the Facebook algarithm to an advantage? Few people know the leftist news sources so it can be voted as trustworthy while Holla Forums trash can be booted out.

revolution will have weaponised autism, or it won't be a revolution


Pigs deserve nothing short of extermination


If Turkey is not a US puppet. Should we then support its anti-imperialist struggle against the US puppet over a dozen US military bases in Syria?

support comrade erdogan in his noble struggle against imperialist KKKurds

conservative voters literally cannot process this reality

I want people's hot takes on this: is it happening because Republicans are just this shit at governing, or is it a premeditated gambit to further take apart what little remains of the American welfare state (the old "live within of means" spiel)? Are they stupidly evil, or deviously so?

here's wuswus's take

Does your mother know you are linking to Trotskyite publications?
thanks tho

Responsibility is a hard pill for them to swallow.

Thanks Based Newsanon




The Republicans are inhumanly evil.

What the fuck

It gets worse.

Trump campaign ad says Democrats are 'complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants'


This is the hill they plan to die on.




In other news, the GOP are actively fighting to keep the shutdown going, shooting down a three day continued resolution and to keep military pay going.

They have no intention of compromising on this issue and think they have the Democrats on the ropes. Fucking idiots.

They do. Do you really think any of those corporate shills give a shit about da poor browns from below-america countries? They'll put on their best performance for the bleeding heart media, pay them a few hundred millions to not ask questions, and give up before the the second week of shut down (possibly the first, says WSWS).
Screencap this post.

That shit is votes man. It mobilizes the base.