Arguining with Holla Forums

Suppose some user were to make the mistake of trying to argue with Holla Forums over homosexuality How would he refute the "homosexuality is mental illness" meme, as well as the point that they are more susceptible to STDs and less likely to be monogamous. I am bi and it really bothers me that all of this might be true. pic unrealted

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Homosexuality is bourgeois/aristocrat decadence

1-point out there is a (even if small) correlation between homosexuality and high intelligence
(Google Satoshi Kanazawa )
2- point out that even if you are more prone to contract some illness trough anal sex there is also the thing that THEY WON'T FUCKING GET PREGNANT

Alan Turing

Point out that having sex makes you more likely to have STD. Then point out a large majority of facsists are actually faggots that are in the closet who want a daddy figure like Hitler to be his fucboi.

I think it's true that they want to be Hitler's fucboi. I used to think they want him to cuck them, but I think that's a role only blacks can fill in their minds.

Mental illnesses are defined insofar as they affect functioning. Homosexuality in and of itself has no effect on one's ability to work, regulate, study, have fun, make friends, etc. It's really only the social consequences.

As far as STD's go that's a difference in lifestyle and the idea of a "homosexual lifestyle" is essentialist bullshit, totally unsubstantiated. There might be a higher rate of homosexual people who have sex more often but there's nothing to indicate that this is inherent to being homosexual. The construction of a gay culture, however nebulous that term, is possibly to explain for that. And such a culture would have no need to exist were it not for, again, social consequences. As recently as 30 years ago a person could expect ruinous consequences on his professional life if he were to come out. That is just now changing.

Ask to rigorously define mental illness. That something is non-normative does not make it an illness. Same with the higher incidences of STD's; even if it is granted as an immutable truth, that still does not make it an illness. Smokers get more lung cancer, does not make them mentally ill to smoke.

But arguing with spooked people generally is pointless. They have a fixed idea about what is right and will muster whatever defense of it they can, without any intellectual honesty.

they don't know what "mental illness" even means and shouting that something is one doesn't even mean anything in itself either, even supposing that it were true

Screw with their contradictory beliefs.. Point out Jews created the concept of mental illness so they are just helping the Jewish plot by calling it a mental illness. Point out how lesbians have the lowest HIV/AIDS rates and tell them eating pussy is the safest sex act. Accuse anyone who finds the idea of eating a girl out repulsive is gay.

You can't.
To them it's immoral, that's all there is to it. If it makes you feel any better sex is essentially a casual greeting nowadays, doesn't really matter anymore, even Holla Forums knows this, they're just desperate to try and revert it to being a act of "Muh nature" by making it all about children.
Just make sure to practice safe sex, or don't, doesn't matter.

It should be, I wanna fuck Shinji.

Oh shit what if only men are cursed with aids?

Why don't you explain to me why gay bowl syndrome and aids is a good thing instead you vile disgusting SODOMITE?

Poof in hell, faggot!

Baboonposter is that you?

Nah it has to do with sex acts. Semen spreads AIDS more than pussy juice which is mostly water. The rectum absorbs more than a uterus and is more likely to tear a smal fissure so anal sex on the receiving end is the riskiest sex act there is regardless of gender. So men are always the primary carriers and disease spreaders while for women it's statistically less common they will spread it.

why is that?
is this a curse affecting men predominantly?

It's not good - it's irrelevant. Why do you care where people put their dicks?

Onanist and have the right idea, but I'll still elaborate a bit more.

1. STD likelihood: Wrt homos, this is an issue of anal sex and amount of sex had. Unprotected anal sex is indeed riskier than unprotected vaginal. But this actually doesn't change if you have anal sex with a woman. Any instance of sex raises the risk of getting an STD, and any instance of anal sex is riskier than vaginal or oral. But not all homosexuals even engage in anal sex, and only a very small amount of the anal sex had actually spreads diseases. Here, I suspect you'd be met with a wall - when Holla Forums makes arguments about people, it tends to rely on broad sweeping generalizations. Not only are exceptions irrelevant, it's also irrelevant when the accusation leveled only applies to a minority of the group singled out or there are bigger correlations between a problem and other factors (poverty, poor education, lack of healthcare, poor food supplies - IE AIDs-ridden African nations).

2. Less likely to be monogamous: Probably true, but basically irrelevant. Why should everyone be monogamous? They're also less likely to have kids - it matters even less than it normally would. Those who desire to be monogamous should not be prevented from doing so - perhaps the person you're arguing with should encourage gays not to have sex outside of wedlock.

As others have pointed out, this stuff is wasted on Holla Forumsacks. You'd be better off discussing it with someone who'd argue in good faith.

Mental illness isn't well-defined. I suppose having a sexual orientation that so directly goes against reproducing is seen by ordinary people as sad/funny/weird/ill and this will probably remain to be the case until artificial wombs become affordable for the masses. A goal of tolerance for gays that goes beyond decriminalization (reminder that the world is not EU + USA and a lot remains to be done) is something that I just can't be arsed to support.
Err, both these points are true about homosexual men.
The only thing gayer than a pic of Shinji would be a pic of Rei.

It really depends on the STI. HIV and AIDS has the best studied data afaik so I focus on that more. It's just a result of biology and how HIV spreads. It can pass male to female or female to male or male to male or female to female and it just differs by the sex act.

Probably should point out shaved or waxed pubes increases risk of spreading all sorts of STIs because it creates tiny abrasions on the skin.

That might be true, but the pubic hair is itself protection from infections .

Looj up the four Ds of mental illness. The D for dysfunction one is a spook about law and social norms but the rest are easier to define with more agreement but there still can be some disagreement

You point out that gaysex is the foundation of Western civilization.


And this.

It's not something that the vast majority of them can be reasoned out of, because they didn't reason themselves into it. It's indicative of deeper psychological issues.

That's… that's not what I mean't at all, my point is that it's very shallow, to the point of being irremovable.

I didn't say it was autismo

I don't see how that would work since it's not that dense usually and sex involves a lot of moving around so all the skin between hairs would still make skin contact.

Whoa there fella, then don't mention me in your post, vague relations don't imply similar ideas.

You could just not be a stupid faggot, how about that?

I'm still smarter than you, retard.


point out that banging ass is just the smart thing to do in a post-patriarchal society

I look at being gay as a glorified fetish, as someone who ended up liking cocks from looking at enough porn

I agree that it's unnatural since men aren't predisposed to fuck others in the butt or lust after cocks instead reproducing with a mate, but I wouldn't say that masturbating to porn or ejaculating into a latex bag instead of a vagina happens because of mental disorders, and I wouldn't call that natural either.

Sodomites should be burned at the stake.

Cute boys are cute and that's all there is to it!

Tell them that homosexuality will save men from the opression of women.

Unnatural means it doesn't appear in nature but that's not true. Many animals have gay sex. Also the prostate is located in just the right spot to make an orgasm so it's even part of human anatomy in a way.

Do you want to get cancer?

This is literally the most effective strategy when dealing with fascists. I'm not even joking. These people are always fucked up sexually.

Persuasion trap. You put yourself in an impossible situation trying to prove a negative. That homosexuality could not possibly be a mental illness while they have the much easier job of showing any possibility that it could be. You'll end up looking foolish and they'll feel they've successfully pushed you to cognitive dissonance which was probably the plan. Instead say, "what if it's true that homosexuality is a mental illness? How would you treat homosexuals if it was proved beyond a doubt that it was a mental illness?" It's unlikely they have thought this through so this both puts them in unfamiliar territory and puts them in a trap. If they say I wouldn't treat homosexuals any differently ask them why it matters if its a mental illness then? If they would treat gays worse in some way 'for their own good' or otherwise press them ruthlessly on how they can justify this.

Hi OP.
I’m a regular Holla Forums visitor and an anarcho-capitalist.
I can tell you that the „mental illness“ meme is not to be taken 100% seriously and is just there to piss leftists off. Most people in Holla Forums understand that there may be only 2 genders - depending on chromosomes and genitalia. However, your hormones are the important factor in determining how your brain operates. Your hormones dictate your sexual orientation. Mental illnesses can get treated by therapy - but a therapy will never be able to increase your testosterone levels. Having said that, there are endogene and exogenous causes for these hormone abnormalities. Some people were just born this way. Others may have issues due to too much Soy or too many milk products (specifically the fat contains female hormones).

Hope this clears some things up. Cheers!

Enjoy the ban, as well as the deleted posts/thread. Holla Forums does not tolerate difference of opinion, especially on things like homosexuality. And even before the ban, all you will get is shitposts about gas chambers and gore pics in response.

Trust me, my fellow rainbow tovarisch, Holla Forums is a lost cause. The only thing to do is nuke it from orbit, there's no other way to clean that cesspool. I have tried to argue on both halfchan and fullchan Holla Forums for years - nothing positive ever comes from talking to the criminally insane.

Welp sucks that you're gay. To the gulags with you, and yes, homosexuality isnt normal. It is a mental illness.

Let's imagine we're them. I'd just say correlation doesn't equal causation. Then i'd just say that having children is the point of sex and life and that I don't want AIDS.


Homosexuality occurs in nature.

Even this is factually wrong. I'm not talking about attack helicopter memes but people being born intersex.
Does Holla Forums research their dogmas at all?

Just because people are born with mangled GENITALS doesn't mean you're any more of a woman sweetie😎


By this logic your dick is a mangled clit

Easy, Homosexuality is a mental illness, if it is not a choice, then it is a chronic illness, due to DNA defects.
It certainly isn't normal, otherwise genders wouldn't exist, but they do, so get to the fucking ground you retards. No wonder you have no idea on how to meme if you are this delusional… and no wonder you are just being used by everyone, be it by 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧communists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 or 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧globalists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧, which are essentially the same, both strive for total power.
So continue sucking dick, since you of all the boards seem to be the best at it.

take your schizo pills and make a post that makes a lick of sense

Yeah you are right, sorry, to bother you highly intellectual people, since everyone knows, in the good old stalin days, fags weren't just welcomed they were immediately sent into the execution chamber.
I am still surprised how retarded people are, on why they would support their own demise.
Anyway, seems like I hit someone's fees, oh you poor intellectual



Let's look at the DSMV, the WHO, etc

Oh look, it's not a mental illness.

Apology not accepted

I owned the libs

Jesus take a dick and fix your mood already


Being an amerimutt is a mental illness

Your insecurities are showing, kiddo

No. Instersex people are abnormalities. They are deformed. Downs syndrome people don't prove that you humans can 46 OR 47 chromosomes.

I'm getting sick of people calling medical problems "abnormalities", it's a totally wrong understanding of the medical science they hope to discuss.

Fine. It is a medical problem. Still not proof of more than 2 genders

Post yfw Holla Forums will now murder their grandmas because skin cancer is now deemed a gassable abnormality

Wouldn't that make them "genetically abnormal" too

Oh wait that requires a bit of self awareness

All humans accumulate something like 200 mutations before they're even out of the womb.
All children must be gassed the moment they are born due to being genetically abnormal as opposed to the national stock and its posterity.

Unless I'm misreading this are you saying that people with Downs Syndrome aren't human?

If we're defining gender strictly by karotypes and genitalia then at the very least you're going to have to determine what the various grey areas are. Like someone with CAIS or Kleinfelters.

Pic related, 2 individuals with 46 X,Y karotypes.

It affects reproduction, and derails it where you dont have offspring. Its a huge completely negative change.

Nothing is stopping a gay person from having offspring unless they're infertile. It poses an emotional problem to gay couples but that's hardly grounds for mental illness. If we're saying that procreation is a requirement for mental functioning (fucking stupid, but whatever) then straight men and women who are infertile are far more damaged. But you people aren't about determining policy based on that. Stop pretending you have any objective criteria or concern behind your hatred of gay people, you just hate gay people.

Last time i checked there is no way of children coming from gay sex.

artificial insemination dumbass

Not homosexuality, dumbass

The reality of the world we live in is that homosexuals can have children given the supply of egg donors.

When having straight sex by proxy.

That matters why? You don't even have to stick your dick in a woman, it's less of a problem than ever.

Because its hetero, being homo means no posible kids = its not normal, healthy, etc.

As we've just established being homosexual does not actually preclude you from having children. I fail to see what point you're driving at besides some naive appeal to naturalism that doesn't apply in the modern world.
Under no definition does this qualify as a mental illness or a medical aberration of any real concern. Especially if one isn't interested in having kids at all, in which case being gay is actually a positive trait for that person.

cuckchan Holla Forums is gay friendly for the most part
Holla Forums Holla Forums is an irrelevant circlejerk of nutjobs that even Socrates wouldnt argue with

Yes it does, completely. Are humans birds, because we have planes?. It is a completely mental disease, since body can make kids, but the brain directs it to procreate with a bad partner. Sex is only for procreation.

You're assuming there's any intent behind the human design. This is the crude naturalistic fallacy I was talking about. We're here and can do what we will. Most of us are not trying to have kids all the time when we fuck and there isn't any reason that we should.
Any physical or mental circumstances of birth are only worth worrying about insofar as they affect our happiness. Homosexuality would be pretty fucking far down on the list, perhaps even negligible, were it not for the social consequences that homosexuals have to contend with.
Your stance only holds if you're a catholic or something.

The intent exists and it is to make next generation, gays cant, so theyre defective. Thats all, bullshit around it as much as you want.

You're trying to squeeze an ought from an is. There is no higher order proclaiming what I must do with my genitalia. Or anyone else for that matter. Your sole argument is that gay sex doesn't result in children, except that that might not be something a gay person is interested in anyway, and that in modernity we have solved even that problem. So it's basically irrelevant in terms of defining homosexuality as a mental disorder. At least on those terms, but that's the argument you went with.

Thats the only thing it does. Thats the only reason you feel sexual attraction, and call yourself XXXsexual. What now, gays are normal because they pay taxes? Have two legs?. Gays cant have children, that whats matter.

You've done nothing but reiterate this naturalistic fallacy. Much of our culture around sex and sexuality has nothing to do with procreation. The origin of sexual desire is irrelevant, we are not compelled by anything to actually have kids if we don't want to. You have yet to link this is with an ought.
And you seem to be doing your hardest to ignore the fact that gay people can have kids. I mean, they always could just fuck a woman if they really felt like it, as I'm sure happened in the past. But these days not even that is necessary. So what's the problem again?
I kind of hope you are actually a weird Catholic or something. At least you'd have a consistent framework instead of making declarations into the void.

Its cultural because having kids is a basics of life, sex sells because its pleasurable so people would have kids. Gays dont have hetero sex, thats why theyre gays. Its all about the kids. All of it. Gays cant create them. Theyre disabled. End of story.


Yeah you don't really seem interested in justifying your position and are either willfully or actually dense in understanding why base statements of fact aren't prescriptive.


I just dont have to do mental gymnastics like you, its straight up talk about basics of life, that is producing offspring.

Your rhetoric is so simplistic that it doesn't actually support your conclusion, or any conclusion, a masterstroke.

The conclusion is gay people are mentaly ill.

Well aware of the idea you couldn't support.

And you are mentally sick person that isnt aware of its sickness.

I'm not gay, you're just an obvious dipshit.

Noone gives a shit about gays to discuss them in such length as pro gay, mr obvious.

My only regret is engaging with an obviously intellectually impaired person for so long.

Youre the sick one, not me.


So, Op, as this thread clearly proves, the answer is what it's always been. You don't engage with Holla Forums.

It's not even wrong. Gender is related to social roles, so genitals don't even figure into it. Now of course historically in the west there have been only two genders, a bag of roles for men and one for women. People don't necessarily fit into those, but neither have any deviations been historically recognized as a different gender. People are rethinking this today, but that's about the most you can say for it.
In b4 two spirits, unless you're an injun their genders roles don't really have much to do with you.

You are fucking retarded my man.

I don't know why this made me laugh, but it did.

On the same vein, how to deal with the people who claim that women are inferior irrational children ? It's obviously not true but I have this little voice in my head that tells me that I don't deserve to be happy/follow my dreams. I have no self-esteem and I want to not exist anymore. I loathe being born female. I also have this feeling that all men hate me and see me as worthless.

you're a real human bean

I'll be your friend.

All men DO hate you and see you as worthless, including half the men here, in fact I'll probably be banned for even talking about this, but that doesn't mean you have to listen to them, men will constantly say women are inferior to men, they will advocate for an equal system at most but deep down they'll never accept a female as their own, it's a deep system that has been embedded into each and everyone of them that must be broken but until then the only thing you as a female and other females can do is ignore them and work as hard as you can in anything you do, they're not irrational children, just children who never grew up after they were taught the system every generation has. No one can blame you for loathing being female, because as I just said we live in a society where people constantly bring one another down, and in reaction continue the system, when life sets up systems, non conformity will always be punished.

You deserve all the happiness in the world and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, everyone deserves happiness, which brings me to a final point.

You can't resent men for being the way they are, as I said they were indoctrinated into systems that hurt them as well, the concept of masculinity brings with it multiple issues through their lives that hurt them maybe even more than they can hurt any other women. You need to treat them as friends and equals for them to treat you the same but you mustn't let them treat you unequal if you understand what I mean by that. Similar to how capitalism only makes bourgeoisie sad and "All work, no play." with no freedom but to take their spots at the top of a system and can only turn abusive because they themselves are abused. You need to be empowered but not resort to idpol or antagonize men, too often have I seen black nationalists attack whites who have done nothing wrong who in turn attack minorities and turn them against other whites, turning everyone against one another no dawn for unity.

But that's a whole other issue you need to keep in mind.
My point being you're not inferior because you're female, stand above the system, and ignore any insults because at the end of the day they're only insults not arguments, the next time you see any male talk about it, don't get involved just watch, and you'll see that nothing they say can hurt you.

Eh are you for real? It's true that many men don't really understand women or relatie to them very well, but almost no one hates or despises women. Do you think men just walk around hating women with one another? 'Oh I met Stacy the other day, what a fucking bitch, but hey all women are like that.'

I met one guy who thinks most women have a boring personality. That's it. We don't secretly all visit The Red Pill.

*relate. Sorry, Dutch autocorrect

You would be surprised how hardcore some men go, and it's not a deep hatred, it's considering them inferior, some men unironically believe women are just walking fleshlights.

You can't argue with Holla Forums on Holla Forums. They're fucktarded 13 year old Sargon kiddies who aren't even bothered whether they're right or not, they're just taking out their petty insecurities out on everyone else. If you actually manage to get them they'll just start spamming stupid pictures or memes and the mods will let them but if you do it they'll ban you because Hiroshimoot knows where his bread is buttered.

You explicitly claimed all men hate women. That's what I responsed to. Suddenly requalifying your statement to 'some' men doesn't change that. Of course some men see women as walking fleshlights, some men also hate Jews. But my general experience with men is that they like women.

By definition mental illness needs be something that disrupts someone's psyche in a way that negatively effects their health or the ability to have a happy life. Gay people can have happy lives and it doesn't negatively affect their health, so it's not classified as a mental illness. Holla Forums will bring some shitty infograph and say "No American Psychiatric Association said it is shill cuck jidf Jew", although if you actually look at the APA's decisions about homosexuality they later make in 1974 they say it's fine and healthy based upon a study done by the National Institute of Mental Health. "In recognition of the scientific evidence,[152] the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM in 1973, stating that "homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgment, stability, reliability, or general social or vocational capabilities." After thoroughly reviewing the scientific data, the American Psychological Association adopted the same position in 1975, and urged all mental health professionals "to take the lead in removing the stigma of mental illness that has long been associated with homosexual orientations." The National Association of Social Workers has adopted a similar policy."

The myth about them being more susceptible to STDs is based on evidence made during the same time birth control and other forms of contraception like condoms were illegal, meaning that they, like anyone else, was more at risk to STDs because protection was unavailable. As for the monogamous myth, the fact that previously homosexuality was frowned upon brings light to the fact that homosexuals had to have multiple partners to not draw suspicion to themselves.

Don't worry about it. 99.9% of the shit Holla Forums regurgitates is false and without any real research.