>Comrade Kim Goes Flying is a 2012 joint British-Belgian-North Korean romantic comedy feature film,[1] set and filmed in Pyongyang, North Korea.[2]


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Looks like wholesome leftist kino is back on the menu, boys.

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This here's a wholesome thread for discussion of leftist film making.

i think there's a hidden western propaganda message behind this

they want the people in the DPRK to see this and realize the analogy: they too are trapped in a hole, like the coal miner, and they should try to make their dream come true and start flying, like the people of the RoK jumping down buildings from being stressed out from achieving greatness for their companies



What did he mean by this?

Norks did future 9/11


it was a fucking joke, jesus christ

* like the people of the RoK jumping down buildings from being stressed out from achieving greatness for their companies

some people take their war against le ☭TANKIE☭s very seriously around here

Playlist of English-subbed movies from DPRK:

Guess the DPRK supports failed hapas
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Sorry Stache, the posts coming from this flag are just typically so autistic it's hard to tell when it's serious.

Not gonna lie, this looks pretty horrid regardless of how good its politics are
Here's some real leftykino
>Are we shovelling sand to live, or living to shovel sand?

Thanks for the playlist link.

I'll just say that all movies offer different way of looking at usual topics of social importance, mainly the war themed movies.

Sometimes the hardworking zeal of the korean people is way too overblown, like in the movie "Flower in the Snow". Spoilers but one old man risks his health by cutting down extra trees in winter when one girl in the brigade brings a too small tree and exchanges his with hers just so she could avoid being scolded by the female captain of the work brigade.

And then another girl's boyfriend dies when he tries to stop a truck that is going downhill backwards uncontrollably by lobbing a tree trunk under its rear axle.

Some movies are good, some have ridiculous premise but good execution and some are really blown way too out of proportion.

Just like the basis of Boris Polevoy's book, the real amputee fighter pilot of WWII. Despite being a huge risk, I suppose nobody dared to trample this man's dreams.

It's light hearted and there is almost no political message outside a display of trapeze artist being under his mother's influence thinking he is better than working class people. Later in the movie, he is properly humbled. Also other political display is the speech of former main female artist, who mentions the great leader once in the entire movie.

In essence, it is not as bad as it appears.

Compare it with movie like Clockwatchers (1993) which is entirely different, but compare the female characters. When you know what alienation is, it hits you in the face mercilessly during the entire movie.

The movie "Our Fragrance" is a great comedy funny on many levels. Screencaps might indicate what the alternative title could be.

Red Heat is a leftist action movie.


mhhh also Rome, open city and almost anything by Eisenstein, Pudovkin, Vertov and most soviet filmmakers.

Also Eros + Massacre references Stirner multiple times and is overall a good film.

just watch it

Grapes of Wrath is the movie that put me forwards to learning about the socialism.

When I saw it I could not take away my eyes from the screen, I still remember it vividly. Also read the book.

The movie was in Czech voiceover and they did a good job of making the Joads talk in general rural czech accent, different from the common czech but still understandable to all.