So the Government of Burgerland just officially declared that it was going into Shutdown because the spending bill could not be passed
As a lot of people would know this means that all Non-Essential government personnel will not be going into work tommorow and will all be placed into a state of unpaid leave until the situation is resolved

Thread for the discussion of this situation

Good news for scientists applying for government research grants. Shut down means the deadline for grant submissions is extended.

Bad news for other people.

Babies first ==SHUTDOWN==

This shit happens every year, get /comfy/ lads and ladies.


Why the fuck has this been happening?

The more disrupted the American government is the better.

It doesn't happen every year.

When was the last one, when Lyin Ted caused us to lose a couple billion kek

Yeah, the last time it happened was in 2013 I believe. It's happening more often tho

You can only red text on a new paragraph.

Hope this one lasts.

How long is this expected to last? I don't really see a deal being reached… ever, so will this just keep going until the 2018 elections?

I'll give it 2 days tops. Democrats are really weak willed. This is a nothing burger.

Learn something new everyday

I really hope Paul Ryan leaves


This is good for bitcoin.

trump showed too much willingness to continue DACA, rendering it an ineffective bargaining chip
republicans will now end up passing the DACA extension just to keep the doors open


Dems have spines when it comes to keeping their cheap precarious scab labor.


Is it Dark City? That takes me back…

Someone will blink by monday at the latest
the damage has already been done though, the GOP is finished in the next round of elections and probably in 2020 too