In regards to the HQ (hafu/happa question)

What is Holla Forums Consensus in regards to those who are the result of Europeans having children with Asian women? Why us leftypol openly hostile, and actively attempting to censor members of the Eurasian community, and saying it is incompatible with leftism? Even Holla Forums at this point is more tolerant to outside groups, and that’s just sad.

When have people on this board been against mixed white/Asian people? I haven't seen that at all.

They’re far to mentally unstable, and counter revolutionary at this point.

where's the evidence, OP


As long as everything is consensual who gives a fuck?

What? I have never witnessed this.

the /r/hapa community is mentally ill. But they dont have a monopoly on mental illness. Lots of full white people are mentally ill. They put white women on a pedastooll and they despise Asian women and white men.
They despise that Asian women have control of their own bodies.
The whole angry asian male community comes off as desperate and stupid and creepy.
They are pit of psychic vampires that despise the lack of control they have over their own lives.

The very premise they have created that white men who date asian women are racist itself is a contradiction.
Actual racist white men would date white women only

weak bait


Happa Stalin-stashe, is that you?

Aesthetically speaking, Chinese/African (black) is literally the best racial mixture, followed closely by white hispanic. Sage for racial idpol.

rhapas is built on the faulty contraction and premise that afwm are racist and bad. Its built on the idea that hapas have a monopoly on mental illness and all hapas are mentally ill. It despises Asian women who exert control of their own lives and bodies.

Its a cesspit of stupidity and negativity that seeks to bring the rest of the world and hapas down with them. They will never improve themselves because they see nothing wrong with themselves (Narcissism is the real hapa trait if there ever was one).

By putting down afwm relationships you are putting white women on a pedestal and demanding white men date white women only and Asian women date Asian men only and are in fact the actual racists.

Subvert harder Holla Forums fag

If only this were true. At least then they would have principles.

Look I don't hate hapas, I love them, and that's why I want to see them happy after being forcibly feminised rather than try to struggle on trying to be masculine.

I thought I was still banned so sorry for not using sage.

These people arent true white nationalists. A real white nationalists would not taint his blood line with mongrels.

And can we just get to the reality of all this.


why did they get you son

The birth of the alt-right.

Joking about Trotsky`s and Lenin`s class background and comparing them to Mao and Stalin.