Since /K/ has devolved into pol trash i gust i'll make a thread here.

What would be a cheap rifle for a poorfag like me. m14 or K31 to star off with?

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Get an AK 47. If starving children in Africa can afford one then so can you.


If you live in burgerland, then an AR-15 in 5.56 is a good idea for SHTF, though you can get a 5.56 AK.

Just get a basic bitch ar or build one unless you live in Cali, in which case build one anyway, will not comply famalam

mini 14 for sure, Especially if your a burger.

k31 is neat and you should get it, but prioritize the mini14.

Also consider investing in a AR-15 if you get the chance.

Last I checked /k/ ARs were dirt cheap and it didn't make sense getting a mini14. Granted this was months ago.

Why would anyone use bolt action these days?

If you can find a cheap mini-14 they are nice for the wood stock look alone but they can be pricey

I was assuming he had a choice between only the two for whatever reason. Between the two the mini14 is a better idea if he actually intended to use it. Of course a AR would be preferable to either. Probably cheaper as well.

There isn't a reason if you have combat in mind. Unless maybe for long range duties. I recommended getting the K31 purely because it is an interesting firearm to have/own/shoot.

I'm going with a mosin because if I am to die in a revolution I want to die LARPing as a VC sniper in Nam.

Disclaimer the following advice is intended for proles in burgerstan. Gun availability and price vary to much around the world so this advice is not universal.
Several things to consider. If you want a cheap first gun that will be fun, customizable, effective in combat, and cheap/easy to feed then get an AR-15. A good AR-15 can be had for $600 or less. Parts are cheap and plentiful and the gun is easily fixable yourself. There is one screw in a mil-spec AR-15; everything else is held in place with roll pins and detent balls. It’s also easy to find cheap quality ammo for this gun. Brass, military grade ammo in bulk is sold literally anywhere including WalMart. The AR-15 also has pretty low recoil which allows you to fire it for long periods of time which is nice at the range but more effective in combat. Low recoil means you can also be more accurate with it. Speaking of combat, 5.56 was basically designed and adopted but cause it is lightweight and a soldier can carry more if it given the same weight limitations. The US army determined that soldiers that can fire more rounds are more lethal. Just something to think about if you want to be able to fuck shit up if the situation were to ever arise.
If you are dead set on either a Mini 14 or a K31 let me share some anecdotal evidence about both and which ones I would choose based on certain constraints. First, I’ve known several a people with Mini 14s and they have never left me with a good impression. They come across as finicky rifles that can’t operate reliably while using certain types of ammunition. One guy couldn’t get his new gun to function properly and Ruger ended replacing nearly every part in order to get it to work. Not sure if this says more about the rifle, or the company. In a nutshell, I’ve always asked myself the question “Why would I buy a Mini 14 when I can buy an AR-15 which is objectively better in more tests for less money?”. Now the K31. The K31 is a very fine rifle that has a unique action. Ammo is harder to find but still available. The two things going for the K31 is cool factor and value. K31s will probably get more interest and questions at the range than an AR-15 or a Mini 14. To be clear, you may get a little attention from Elmer Fudd types, you won’t be drowning in pussy. Also since the K31 is a military surplus rifle that is no longer in production, it’s value is basically guaranteed to go up. Which is nice if you lose your job and need some extra money. If I had to choose between these two rifles, I’d go with the K31 simply because I like old guns and I have a distaste for the Mini 14. Now if I lived somewhere where I wanted a gun that could do what an AR-15 does but couldn’t actually own an AR-15, I would probably choose the Mini 14 but I couldn't completely trust it.

This is pretty decent advice overall.

I don't know if OP ever specified their region/country, so it's hard to give solid advice without knowing regional law.

To build on what you said-

My advice to OP would be this. If you're in burgerland the answer is obvious. Get an AR15. The parts are everywhere. The ammo is everywhere. You won't find a better all purpose rifle, at least not for less than like three times the cost of a perfectly serviceable AR15. Get one with a 1:7 twist (typically better for most types of ammo) that can shoot both 5.56 and .223 (not all lowers are built to shoot 5.56 so be observant when you buy). Get that and at least four magazines. (I'd recommend metal ones over magpul/plastic ones - they're heavier but they hold up a bit better - personal preference). And for ammo I'd recommend buying a couple boxes of XM193 - the milspec FMJ round. XM855 is the milspec AP round, and while that's not a bad thing to have the ballistic coefficient and fragmentation (damage vs. flesh) is better on the XM193. Watch some videos on Youtube that compare the two, you'll see what I'm talking about.

That being said I recommend these because you can get them in bulk in big metal boxes for relatively cheap from a lot of different places - hunting rounds and personal defense rounds are better at causing physical damage but they're typically a bit more expensive, which means you'll probably shoot them less, which means you won't get your groups as tight as often, which means that if you really needed to land a shot you might not be able to.

If you're not from burgerland I'd try to get an AK, but my experience with firearm availability out of the states is pretty limited.


Could one settle with a cheap Chinese AR and other guns imported from china?

Hunting and target practice mostly tbh

Depends on the situation. I'd rather take something like a Remington 700 (.308 bolt action) hunting larger game or shooting at over 200 meters than I would an AR15. They're just a lot more consistent at longer ranges. That's why you see police sniper units typically using .308, often from bolt action rifles.

Similarly, I probably wouldn't put a 20X scope on an AR15 if I had the choice. I know people out there do it, but I typically don't rely on 5.56/.223 past 200m. It can do it for sure, but it becomes more susceptible to wind and other environmental factors. In any case the bulk ammo I typically use hasn't been a consistent performer at that range, maybe match-grade ammo would help that, but I'm willing to bet that a good deal of that comes down to me not practicing enough at that distance, so who knows.

In any case, if you have the option, get a CQB rifle setup (AR15 or maybe an AK + 1-4X scope, red dot or even just iron sights if you're comfortable with them) and a long range setup (.308 or 30-06 with a 16X or more scope). That gives you a better combat setup for close-to-mid range (0-200m) and wouldn't be too unwieldy for clearing a house, but it also gives you the ability to hunt basically anything that isn't Safari-tier at some pretty incredible distance if you have your rifle well sighted and know how to use it. There is also some great utility to be had from a 20X plus scope. That level of magnification surpasses most people's binoculars.

Top kek, USA will never stop to amaze me.

But I don't understand why would one want to have a gun. Do you live in so dangerous place that you fear for your life? But even then - some handgun should do job just as fine.

Handguns do do the job just fine. They kill more people in the US than any other kind of gun.

Guns in the states really are a cultural phenomenon and have been for centuries now, especially in the rural US. Some of that comes from our history, some of it comes from a culture that started off a lot more agrarian than it is now (farmers always had guns, there were a lot more farmers, so a lot of older folks grew up around guns), and I would say a good deal of it today comes from media/movies, (which have a lot of faux-patriotism, fear and violence-porn. Not a lot of tits though).

There are a lot of places here where having a handgun is recommendable. There are ghettos in urban areas with higher murder rates/ mortality rates than a lot of third-world countries. A good deal of those murders do involve firearms - statistically very cheap pistols are the weapon of choice.

And yeah, as you point out, having a handgun is generally fine for self defense. They are preferable to rifles in most instances of that nature, really. But still, we grow up in a culture that truly celebrates firearms in a way that I would suspect most cultures have trouble understanding from an outside-looking-in perspective. Hell it's a little hard to understand from an insider-looking-in perspective, but despite how many of us are killed/ an hero with them every year they continue selling like hot-cakes.

As someone who lives in a cucked nation like Sweden, where gun regulations go up every prole's ass. How am I supposed to be able to get armed? It's fucking brutal trying to get your hands on a weapon as is

Build your own

An 80%, unserialized AR15 is the only way to go comrade, I am a fan of the AR15 myself.
That or buy a guy from someone with cash at a gun show.

An 80%, unserialized AR15 is the only way to go comrade, I am a fan of the AR15 myself.
That or buy a guy from someone with cash at a gun show.

Related video from a burger comrade

Travel to country like a czechia, get licence, get gun, and then pray that no policemen will search you on your ride back. But why would you even want gun?

Can't say I have any experience with Chinese AR-15s. US law makes it cost prohibitive to import them. I can tell you about a Norinco Tokarev clone in 9mm. Total piece of shit. The pot metal they use is very soft and deforms easy it also looks funny after you try and reblue it with cold blue.I would try to avoid Chinese made guns if you can and go with the next cheapest option.

Every time someone asks why I need a gun I always say I shouldn't need a reason. As for why someone would want one, guns are tons of fun. Go up into the woods and shoot some water bottles. The noise, the smell, and the explosion of water is great. If we lived in a true communist society right now, guns would be as available without regulation as any other thing that people need or want.

If you’re Russian get this, in not get an AK/AR



Those aren't for sale to the public.
You'd have to get it from the Russian military on the black market, it would be hideously expensive, and overly complicated to maintain.
I've seen one partially disassembled, it's the Russian equivalent of Kraut Space Magic.

What do AK-47s cost?

Was just about to say. The AN is the opposite of the elegant simplicity that made the AK so ubiquitous as a weapon. The similarities are mostly their aesthetic and shared cartridge (which is not easy to find in the Western world).
Rifles not designed by Kalashnikov or ArmaLite exist. It is not hypocritical or in poor taste to own or even like guns made by capitalist enterprises; they are the rope they were destined to sell us after all.

Depends on where you live.
If you're in the states, $600 or so should do the job.
You can get an AR for about the same, and in my personal opinion, it would be the better option.

Arsenal is a US company that makes some really nice AK pattern rifles, though they usually retail for ~1.2k or more. Pretty much depends on where you live.

If you have an option between AR or AK I'd probably go AR, but for the right price an AK is a great gun.

Synthesis of the two? A FN SCAR in 7.62 would be pretty fuckin' cool. I hope their prices come down eventually.

Yeah the AN-94 is expensive af to buy, but that could be fixed through the making of a weapon manufacturing Co-Op. The reality is that the AN-94 is a VERY good weapon for guerrilla combat. It’s good for destroy convoys because of the two shoot burst. Also in guerrilla combat you have small localized highly trained cells. Not a large army. So the AN-94 would be good for them.


good luck smuggling one into a first world country you LARPing faggot

They aren’t hard to buy in a first world country. And an AK-47 isn’t a LARP weapon. The AK-47 is still pretty good, even though the AK-74 and AN-94 are better. The MMPh-41 is a LARP weapon.

Hi-points do the trick

Whats a mmph41

The gun the Soviets used in WW2. When it was fist designed it was very good, but by 1944 the Germans developed an infinitely better weapon. the StG-44. The StG-44 after being captured by the Glorious Soviet Motherland was used as the basis for the creation of the AK-47.

wasn't the ak-47 a reverse engineering of the lend lease m1 garands? Also I think you mean ppsh41

No it was a rever engenering of the StG-44

Yah you’re right.



Fucking faggot, learn your firearms.

Mini-14s are reasonably priced, as far as I know. But, M1As (civilian M14s) are actually pretty pricey rifles.

As for ARs, I heard little good about the cheaper ones, but I don't know if this applies to the present. ARs are evolving quickly.

Fleaman, is that you?

Workers from just one factory armed with axes, pitchforks and so on are pretty much unstoppable force without using at least some light machine guns. Garden supplies are all you need to get sufficient equipment for revolution. No politician can survive a direct hit of metal on their head.

Guns, if we are not talking about conventional warfare, are good only for self-defense, relax activities such as hunting, or committing random terrorist attacks. I do not need it for self-defense, and I was never hunting so far, so I personally do not see a reason to get a gun for myself.

You do realize that the police in America have tanks. Fucking Tanks.

Do you think the Red Army would’ve won the Russian Civil War if they were armed with garden supplies.

It's like you've never been to America and don't know what you're talking about.

Does anyone have any /leftyk/ podcasts


It's not that bad, I've been making anti-cop threads there for the past few days and I think they're starting to break the conditioning and realize government is their enemy.

Because I want one.

This. It's not the weapon. It's the person holding it. One comrade with a knife is more powerful than 10 soldiers with rifles. Why? Because he's willing to die for his beliefs. Porky and his minions will not.

Tell that to ISIS. Porky's minions are just going to shoot the brave comrade, because love of his people and rage for the dispossessed will not allow his body to continue functioning when his torso has more holes than a screen door.

Such is life as Porky

Did I do good? >>>/k/544714
I never though I’d see a Catholic Theocrat with the American flag claiming all American Protestants are Marxists.

It would be cheaper to get people with semi who can fire good, less problems, less money, same carnage.

Going to halfchan is more profitable, it's what I did. Way deeper into enemy territory, though, so be safe.

Going to halfchan is more profitable, it's what I did. Way deeper into enemy territory, though, so be safe.

In reality yes, obviously, just like there would be legal problems with making sausage out of people or Porky having private guards instead of just calling the police. It was an example.

An AR will ALWAYS be much more affordable for how mass produced it is. If you want a really good rifle for the price you want an AR.

The second amendment, the thing they most believe in, already states the government as its enemy in its base nature.

Use elementary school level basic logic when you think about things.

Politics aren't the polarized fantasy land you imagine but I can see why a very young person would make that mistake, in truth /k/ already hated the government more than your larping ass regardless of your involvement. Just like how /k/ is traditionally racist, but you examine it as some new thing.

Tldr; 2nd amendment LITERALLY ALREADY SAYS "fuck the government", and in reality you are changing opinions IN THE OPPOSITE MANNER OF WHAT YOU INTEND, causing people who traditionally dislike police to find reasons to advocate for them.

come comment some more here:
they think we are raiding them anyways. It'll be fun, boys.

Yeah guys, cops aren't ever willing to shoot people with melee weapons, especially if they're in large numbers and threatening to use them.
I'm suuuuure your fucking pitchforks will terrify police in IFV's.


wow.. it used to be mostly Holla Forums tier. So many fucking subgroups are turning into Holla Forums. I fucking stopped playing vidya because all the good games get swarmed with their shit. Is it just those retards astroturfing their asses off or are they actually spreading?

Take guns, then use guns to take the iPhone. You can keep The Ego and Its Own I've already read it and you clearly need despooking more than I.


/k/ has long been susceptible to it. They've usually been libertarians but with a good helping of "disdain for niggers", but now they've just gone full on "what's the best gun for the Nazi masturbation fantasy?"

This has to be bait.

The nazis are always loudest. Sometimes someone in /k/ tells them to fuck off and sometimes they don't. Maybe they're just ignoring them, its hard to say.

Find a sub $600 AK now lmao

How does this meme keep going? Look at the STG, it's much closer to an HK91/G3 than AK, to which it bears no resemblance besides banana mag and roughly the same sight radius.

They're all over. There's no cost advantage between the cheapest AKs vs ARs.

Ok, technically, but those bargain bin american made ak's do not have great reputations. For that money, you are taking a big gamble imo. $600 AR from somewhere like PSA is going to be more reliable. The decent AK's are all ~$700 now sadly.

Unless you're buying a secondhand 30 year old gun, they're all going to be "American Made" to some extent, because 922r. But the NPAP is Serb built, and I'd take a chance on Zastava.

I have heard good things about the NPAP and Zastava but it had been awhile since I had seen them for those prices. Happy to capitulate my point.

Just wanted to inform anybody who's thinking about getting armed they have options beyond a Spike's Tactical AR receiver engraved with Kommie Killer or whatever.

On a lark I wanted to go see if Spike's actually had something marketed like this (because it wouldn't have surprised me) but I found this instead.

Yeah they're bootlicking scum.

"We've got your backs, literal Nazis"

Tfw Burgers can’t buy late Soviet era weapons (the best weapons) because of stupid Crimea Sanctions.

There should be a socialist Co-Op that produces these weapons and only sells to Comrades.

I suggest a p90 and a Bolt action.
Uh, those rifles can go out to 400-600 meters you know.

don't even go near them

Here in Montenegro you can actually buy second hand AK47 for 250 euros, which is little bit more than 300 dollars

I think that's why I said

That is to say, of course the bullet will travel further than 200m, heck there's people over on Youtube doing 700-800m AR builds, but even if you lock the gun into a vice you'll get some variance on where the shots are landing -moreso than you would for a longer barrelled, higher caliber bolt action. That variance can be increased or mitigated by environmental factors (heat, wind) and the ammo you are firing. Standing up or crouching, shouldering an AR15 and shooting it accurately at over 200m is just not going to be realistic, which is kinda' the role the weapon was originally designed to serve, which is why I think most people would recommend it more as a CQB (200m or less) weapon - because if you have the scope, the time to get prone and wait for a shot, the ability to calculate a rough estimate on wind estimate and the wherewithal to make meaningful adjustments to your scope and all that, then you should do yourself the service of getting a gun that's better geared to shoot reliably at that range and keep the AR15 as a short-range high capacity weapon.

A p90 and a bolt action isn't a bad suggestion though.

It's kinda' funny to imagine what would be going on 'behind' the guys in this picture.

Literal nazis and irl frogposters.

do you still practice blood vengeance to this day though?

that's wonderful

+1 to this effortpost


Yes it fucking is

Meh, you could do a lot worse as far as home-defense and hunting weapons go. It's better than a MAC-10 and a blunderbuss in any case.

Best price/performance AR platform clone?
Also are Hi-Point C9’s decent or a meme?


No, at least no in cities, probably itr exists in some mountain villages.
It's used a lot for ongoing gangwar between to rival cocaine clans

building from a kit is the best price/performance outcome for you. My AR cost ~450 after a few months of bargain hunting and is going good ~400 rounds later

congrats, you told a few nerds how to think
*gets gunned down and makes no difference*

wait i thought pinko's were against right to bear arms?

we're not pink, we're fucking red cause we don't hide anything

You’re thinking of neoliberals. You only think that liberals are left is because the right are batshit theocrats that make them look left-wing in comparison.


well since most communist societies usually banned guns right away i thought you people were on board with that?

They banned guns because their tendency was some form of authoritarian state socialism. We 21st century leftists are more libertarian than they were.

t. Lenin

how about you fucking read for once?


This is bad advice. If you live in burgerland get something in 5.56 or 7.62 NATO.

The Mini 14. The K31 is a great collectors item (I have one) but ammo is a real bitch to find, and semi auto >>>>>>> bolt action.

Daily reminder to base your gun purchases on practicality rather than LARPing considerations. If you are American any choice other than an AR15 is meme worthy.

There’s a lot of variation in quality with Chinese guns. For example the Norinco M14s are made with the exact tooling that Springfield uses to make M1As, Norinco literally bought the factory and machinery and moved it brick by brick to China. By all accounts they are the same functional quality as the Springfield’s with the only differences being cosmetic (Chinese ones have a tougher finish). They are basically off limits to burgers but can be had in leafland for $600-800 brand new and less used. Pic related is mine.

Read Posadas


What are the best militias to join?


Pick one.

C9's are amazing. The imperialists and reactionaries will tremble at the site of a well armed revolutionary like yourself

t.scared rightboi

Lol, Africans don't "afford" AK's. They just steal them or just come across them half the time, and then the other half, the ones that are stolen are sold in markets in war torn countries for what they're actually worth – which is less than $300 at best, but in the US they're priced outrageously.

About 99% of the gun community is itching for a communist revolution, and not because they're communists. I'm not scared at the prospect of an armed left-wing insurgency where I live, because it's basically inconceivable. Almost everyone that's armed where I live is what you'd call a reactionary.

The right wing ones are usually the ripest for getting things done. I suggest you go see what they’re up to :^)

In not gonna let a handfull if hicks stand in between me and socialism.

It’s a 20 rounder and it’s cucked to 5 because leaf.

i remember reading something among those lines somewhere but i don't have any sources for that

so after the (presumably) successful revolution the citizens are to destroy their guns? how would they keep their government in check if the "non true" communists took over and turned it into the typical authoritarian dictature most communist societies of the past turned into?

They're really good hunting rifles at long ranges and A sniper variant Mosinis still a damn good long range option for combat

I think Lenin was looking pretty far ahead in the future when it came to disarmament.

Most socialist states had pretty extensive citizen militia and gun organizations. In the case of Cuba and Albania weapons were straight up handed out like candy.


He wasn't talking about "disarming" as such, but viewed it as a voluntary act done by the working class when guns are no longer needed.