Kill All Normies documentary

Anyone know where to watch the Kill All Normies documentary? It aired a couple days ago I think, and featured Nagel and Amber Frost.

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No idea but I'm interested too

The huwhite Bernie voters are next lads and ladies, we will be forced to be """"""""""free""""""""""

hoooly shit all those retards in comments

This is going to be a lulzy documentary, leaving many aut-righters butthurt about not being sexy enough.

She should writer her next book about us and call it “Kill All Kulaks” r’ing the og Holla Forums version of this meme


Watched it. Nothing new except more confirmation that in internal meetings, Spencer and co. are going to go after Sanders' supporters hard and become more anti-capitalist.

It starts off basically with Nagle's assumption that inceldom drives people to the right, then goes into the various far-right boards and gamergate, the influence the boards had on the election and the way the Trump team advertized etc

or that incels are better recruited by righties than lefties at the moment I should say

Do you have a download link?
That means they lose both their funding and their Silicon Valey Libertarian types, which is a lot of people. Molyneux, Cantwell, 90% of NrX types, not to mention that anti-Communist bashing has been a standard staple, from naming their marshes to insulting their opponents.
That statement was an empty taunt, it has not been their policy and would be disastrous for them if it were.
Just look at the TWP, they're completely dead.
Not to mention all the big white nationalist think tanks are philosemitic so not even the tired "x percent of the one percent are jewish" will work.

You can't compare the amount of money funneled into "small-government" think tanks vs the relatively small amount of money given to NPI.

You apparently haven't been paying attention to Spencer's shift from Ron Paul campaigner to single-payer supporter, harsh critic of liberalism, and proponent of collectivism.

Watch ANY interview with Spencer in the last year and it's OBVIOUS he's trying to appeal to lefties. He even appealed to me a little bit in that he's given some of the more emotional pleas against the individualism that he sees in the right (and we see in feminism/SJWs etc) that I've seen recently.

People definitely haven't been falling for it though.

This dude is obviously a low key racist.

The majority will know what their doing because their in the "know" and will still support. Don't think the world is so black and white.

Nah, he's stroking his ego about how smart and well read he is. I personally believe he is himself NazBol, but a NazBol platform is not viable in modern day america, much less coming from the right
(Americans have almost zero ethno-cultural identity, they are a mongrel nation, and they also have no big imperialist other who is supressing their traditions, they are the big imperialist other, most Nazis recognise this, which is why they're always going about the ZOG Occupied Government, but even if the ZOG Occupied Government (and the ZOG Occupied Government media) is to blame, it's still not an easy target, the ZOG Occupied Government is dispersed throughout the entire fabric of the country, for every greedy military industrial jew there are 20 knuckleheaded white generals who follow their every commend, for every jewish feminist and jewish director there are a hundred white phds and 10 thousand white artists, fans and subscribers who propagate their work, to destroy the jew is to destroy america, the victims of the DoTR are their own neighbors and nagging sisters.
America was born as a liberal, cosmopolitan colony and it will die as a liberal cosmopolitan empire.

Not many people watch Spencer interviews.

But anway I agree broadly that the *white* nationalist movement with a white ethnostate is probably doomed to fail, although I probably disagree why. Nationalism, without explicit racial goals are connotations however is already starting to win. And that can exist without an ethnostate through less immigration, more national pride, more desire for collectivism, more community etc

you can't even use the words collectivism and individualism properly, nobody has any good reason to believe a thing you say.

No, he is an open racialist, just like fucking Dave Rubin lmao.
If their guys get in power in local government or something, (which they have to, I hope, (they have have to really, since Democrat Cops of America is already in government and the only way they could "snare" bernie voters is by having policies lefter than them) they will have to make a choice between acting on their alleged "collectivist" policies or promoting the more effective capitalist racialism, they will then fail parts of their base no matter what they do.

He doesn't have an economic ideology. Him and other right or left hyper-identitarians just uses economic ideologies like leeches, opportunistically taking whatever group of people he/she thinks they need to survive and grow in the future. This is also clear if you *actually* watched more than 4 minutes of Spencer speaking lately. I've spent hours.

NPI and the rest of the Northern Virginia white nationalist think tanks don't spend much time any more with the small governent kind of anti-goverment speech you are hinting at, they've moved on

Feminism today is totally devoted to lifestyle and choice. That what makes a good feminist is simply exercising choice, and that's it. Heterogenity is celebrated as a good in itself. An action can be defended simply because it's a choice or a preference. Some of the only times an issue in leftism is ever taken out of the collective sphere and back to the individual is when feminism rears it's ugly head in leftist spaces.

sheesh, lurk more.

Is the most effective pro-white policy there is. It just very disproportionally helps rich whites which is why it's bad for getting votes.

If you don't believe that Spencer has been rejecting individualism and embracing collectivism, watch every minute of these videos and then get back to me. Because I'm sure you have no idea about the subject at hand and are using semantics to guard yourself about that.

Even Nagle says in one of her latest talks that Spencer has moved toward collectivism and that makes him a bit more leftist now if you were to ignore the fact that he uses economic ideologies like a leech.
in the Q&A section, sometime after 55:18

What people are failing to get, is these people are motivating legitimate confused psycopaths with their logic.

This year alone, white nationalist hate crime has lead to the deaths of 18 people
Double than last year, which was 9, which was more than the year before as well

People here about these crimes, they will vote with their eyes and ears as they hear about it. And as much as leftypol hates the word, a lot of POC are going to vote with their eyes and ears. Which currently falls into liberal hands, because here, that's all there is in terms of a real solution since the GOP obviously doesn't give a solid fuck about them.

It's not a good situation.

And Spencer acknowledges that he used, and other people used Libertarians so that they could get blacks off welfare

But recently he's been praising left-populist social democracy because it would in his opinion
1. give his non-wealth internet trolls money to live on
2. help Trump (or someone in the future with more racial attitudes) approval ratings, ESPECIALLY RE: single-payer
3. and the same arguments we use honestly

But at the end of the day he'll defend and use any economic ideology, just like the left identitarians, as long as it is opportunistic. He isn't attached. I've heard him sing praises of wildly different economic orders in the span of a single month.

The names of some of these people:

Is everyone retarded or twelve now?

Read some leftist feminist theory then? I mean, I don't really consider myself a feminist, but I think boiling Beauvoir, Nagle, Kristeva, Davis, and so on down to superficial individualism is kind of silly and signals to me that you recently popped on over here after watching Sargon or something.

I can tell who you are just by your flag and the way you write. You are the most intellectually dishonest person on the board who pretends to be a leftist. There's nothing to argue about there because you are toddler reaching for the high cabinets, at least on the OP subject

You don't have to speak authoritatively on subjects you don't spend hours rearching

Interesting. Who am I?

Also, that doesn't qualify as a counter-argument. Good to know that you don't address arguments if you think you don't like the person stating them, but go on, tell me how that's justified because I'm stupid or something.

There's nothing to argue about. This thread is about the English speaking alt-right and it's relationship to feminism among other things.

You then said Angela Nagle was a feminist despite the fact that she has said explicitly that feminism today is horrible and that it needs to be reformed. You then cite 2 French feminists and Angela Davis as representative of feminism with respect to the OP.

You are a ridiculous troll.

He isn't really

Hoo boy, and here's where I'm gonna torture you a bit. Nagle also said explicitly that she is a feminist and was introduced as such by Douglas Lain on the Zero Squared podcast. I've also read her book, incidentally (something you could probably benefit from), and many of her points in the book are feminist critiques. The reason I mentioned established French feminists and Davis is because (get ready for this one) they represent a diverse cross-section of leftist feminist thinkers, including some who are widely considered to be Marxist feminists by their reviewers.

My point in bringing this up is that, believe it or not, feminism is not a monolithic theory. There are several conflicting currents of it, and some of them are explicitly leftist, even though you don't care to know about them. Similarly, if they're prominent enough to be noteworthy, they're prominent enough to have supporters. Hence, when you say feminism can't be leftist, you are categorically wrong, son.

"ABC journalist": "you know what would solve this whole problem? If all those men had girlfriends"

Nagle: "I think that definitely is a huge factor"

Female selection and hypergamy the cause of alt-righters confirmed. Serious.

you are literally one of those feminist individualists

… Are you actually reading the things you respond to? Where did I say everyone could be a feminist? And to repeat myself, no, I am not any kind of feminist.

Nibba, it's because she subscribes to feminist theory and I don't, ffs.

Theres a difference between studying something and wanting it to be true Sam Harris explained it perfectly saying "every time he discusses it he appears to have a gleam in his eyes". Your implying people cookie cutter; Dave Rubin is just a push over and believes anybody on his show. Taking people at face value is the worst thing you can do.

Dude what world are you living in? We're talking about people who don't give a shit about you or me or anybody but their plan and remembrance. These niggas wanna be the next Hitler, they don't what happens after.

No, he clearly shows favoritism toward the right.

so what makes you not a feminist and her a feminist beyond what you call yourselves?

Surely you can point to an actual policy reason, or is it really in your mind just down to if you want to call yourself feminist?

Interviewer: "You know what would solve this whole problem (the alt-right), if all these guys had girlfiends"

Nagle: "Yea I think that is a huge factor"

Female selection and hypergamy confirmed as being a major cause of the alt-right. Serious.

More like guys just need to fucking get over themselves and their attachment to super outdated gender roles.

No thanks

Not the dude that posted, but he is literally railing against an outdated gender role that is still in practice (as well as base female selection on the whole)

are* before cookie

care* before what happens after

Why would any woman want to date an angry guy who spends most of his time online whining about misandry in the newest shitty Star Wars movie? Get a life and then a gf. Most of the aut-right keep on trying to skip that first step and then get really mad when no woman wants to have anything to do with them.

I don't subscribe to any feminist theory I know of as of yet, although I'm slightly sympathetic to Butler (though she has glaring weaknesses), and because I do not subscribe to any feminist theory, I do not call myself a feminist. This is basic reasoning, dude. She is a feminist because she views the world from a feminist framework. Her entire analysis of the alt-right is viewed through a feminist lens. Many of her critiques involve describing the misogyny inherent to chan culture and how that shaped the identity of the alt-right. I don't know why you want to know about policy when feminism is largely an analytical framework. You either subscribe to it or you don't. If you do, it will appear in your work/analyses. It definitely appears in hers, whereas I generally abstain from it for the most part.

Why do you feel this need to call me a feminist and remove her from feminism? What exactly is your argumentative game here?

Your mind is clouded by thinking celibate women are fundamentally better than men. The celibate women who whine about mysoginiy are perfect matches for those men, or you could find more shitty women that that. Plenty actually. Some that would be more compatible with them even.

You're taking the symptom (railing against sjw/liberal shit) as the illness (not having a significant other).

I'm telling you that at least 50% of those retards on Holla Forums screeching about Star Wars have gfs and at least 90% are non-virgins.

As someone who still spends a considerable amount of time on Holla Forums i can adamantly you tell you're full of shit.

tell you*

I'm there almost daily and it's quite obvious, man.

It's rather pointless to engage in this "nuh-uh"dance, if anyone is seriously curious as to how things stand they could lurk there (specifically those threads) and make up their minds and as it stands, your claim to me is unfounded.

It's true; without data we are just pointlessly arguing innit. I'm just doubting that narrative of lolvirgins, although that's not to say there isn't a lot of sexual frustration there (amongst other frustrations)


Speak for yourself bud

Cool meme my man.


I swear this kid tried plastic surgery

I want George Sodini memes
I suspect leftypol laughs off the incel problem because they are considered desirable due to imperialism read being white come from comfortable suburbanite families, or are just conventionally attractive, but the incel problem and is very real and the tip of a much larger iceberg. Modern day feminism really has screwed over a generation of men p, and leftists ignoring that do so at their peril.
See about, 60% of lonely people are married.

*see above

This, it's fucking hilarious to me that some people seem to think you can't have tons of success with women and also have a really low opinion of them. My one friend has fucked over a hundred different girls and he hardly respects them at all.

What's funny about your post or rather the fact that it's specifically replying to my own is that i'm not even white.

She's just being a sexual realist, which is as dumb as being a race "realist".

In fact, I have not seen any data supporting the hypergamy and female selection theses, not even of the questionable kind the racists put forth. It's all just impressions based on r9k type self reporting.


It’s also funny how every assumes men can get women if they just try, when in reality it’s common for men to go months and sometimes years between sexual encounters.

Incel =/= feeling lonely. Everyone feels more lonely in our alienated world, does not mean a certain subsection of society that was getting sex before is now getting none. This is giving away too much to the sexual reactionaries already without any shred of proof.
Less then a third of women marry a man making less then them. That’s at least one example of hypergamy

Cool victimization my dude. I have no desire to continue this discussion, i find these r9k type conversations as boring as i did when i was a reactionary on Holla Forums, only reason i bothered this long is because i'm bored and been drinking :^)

If you feel lonely and your married then you’re probably not getting any sex. Incels are the most extreme manifestation of alienation and female hypergamy.
Many ancient cultures like Christianity recognize this problem and address by banning promiscuity. A woman is materially better off being single and sleeping with physically attractive men, or being in a herm than by being with a poor man exclusively.

Never characterized it as victimization. Just what’s going on, it triggered you because you want to white knight dating and by extension female selection as meritorious instead of being commodified by capitalism.

This is good, though it points to economic factors being predominant. Not quite the chad or masculinist tropes that seem to have a lot of currency here.

Yes and no; the above data supports the latter but not the former. I don't see any proof that women's freedom is driving them to being harems for physically attractive men.

Mark my words, Spencer will start throwing around some milquetoast anti-capitalist rhetoric to sweeten the nazi deal and Holla Forums will fall for it hook, line and sinker. We've already seen how people were warming up to him when he btfo'd Carlgon on their "debate", only a matter of time before they start unironically sucking his dick. It happened with Varg, it will happen with him, too, this is an ex-Holla Forumsyp colony after all.


This only works in the fantasy world you've constructed where women are a uniform cohort of unthinking sociopaths who feel only the desire for D and material wealth. It's the same sort of idiot reasoning as jewish conspiracy shit.

It's pathetic.

Just because they aren't marrying doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't in relationships with men that earn less.

I really don't buy this "incel causes racism" shtick that women like to push. I feel like it distracts from the very system that facilitates oppressive hierarchies in the first place. The only reason young white's "care" about non-white actions is because they a tad more of a voice than what they used to.

There are still subhuman retards who believe that america had better race relations in the 80's/90's and that political correctness and liberal media caused this current strife.

What will you say when the most "vile racist" has been through a string of women and has no problem getting women? Can you really blame his attitude on inceldom then?

No doubt there are a lot of incels in the movement but they're ultimately useless IRL and only have an effect online.

Nagle seems to have confirmation bias stemming from her feminist roots, in that she creates links and forms a gestalt of misogyny when there are larger forces at work. Most of the people in the alt right live in the suburbs, suburbs are deliberately homogeneous because of preceding racism, it's logical that the younger generations in these suburbs will notice how segregated their country is and try to rationalize it.

That is true though, do you even remember a world before 9/11? However that is not the only reason race is relations worse.

LA riots? The 90's/80's was peak liberalism in the US and had led to the intentional obscuring of internal problems. The only reason you thought race relations were better was because it was presented as such.

Just because your token black celebrities got on TV to profess their love for brands or products doesn't mean that all blacks were doing swell. It's not a coincidence that these people started getting heard at the advent of the internet proper (social media/youtube).

It and aut-right racism seem to have similar roots.

They love capitalism and all the flashy shit that it produces, but they don't like when they're on the receiving end of all the bad shit it produces. So the problem can't be with capitalism, because they like that, so it must be because of the niggers or kikes or whatever. They can assume their rightful place within capitalist society if they just put the browns and hook noses into their "rightful place."

And it seems like its the same for their relationship neuroses. They love the patriarchal bread winner family model that they either grew up with or absorbed from their culture, but they don't like that the norms that model creates excludes them from the process–because the popular social conception is that women are/should be attracted to popular, handsome, materially wealthy men, its unfair that they're excluded because they're not popular or wealthy or attractive.

Because they like that social relationship and the status it implies and confers, there's nothing wrong in their minds with the men/breadwinner women/housewife relationship, its just that these uppity, greedy, manipulative females need to be put in their place. The problem isn't that they're being cucked the fuck out by the society that they desire, it's with women having jobs and access to education.

To add to this: Skinhead bombing of an FBI building, david duke entering politics and gaining a large following, even worse stratification than we have now with estate agents restricting black entry to white suburbs.

I genuinely think it was worse before 9/11, it's just the MEDIA was "nicer".

Ironically most incels would do even WORSE under a traditional courting system considering most of them don't have a job or anything else to provide. Would probably get married off to some obese hog - a far cry from their slim pixie girl.

"Sixty per cent of the 2,000 women surveyed by London dating app The Inner Circle admitted refusing a second date with a guy - after finding he had a lower salary than them.

However men were less concerned with cash - as 96 per cent of them told researchers they were not bothered if they female date was a bigger earning high-flyer."

I'm not the original guy that got banned, so
Stop deleting non-reactionary posts, I'm posting a study you intellectuallypersont.. bring back honest-mod. Don't be afraid of studies that make you unfomfortable. And keep in mind that before MGTOW people started ranting about hypergamy you could find (some, not many) feminists ranting about it, even using the term. Most feminists like it, but some don't.

"I am a stupid faggot and can only win an argument by making it about something else"

I doubt both that you could and that you've read any of them.

You're boiling this all down to money when the actual studies qualify this information with the complex relationships that are actually at play here. You seem like a headline reading retard tbh.

Right off the bat you're ignoring population self selection.
And what does TIC's website say
Not to mention the winnowing out of people before they can even access the app. It's pretty clear that TIC is aiming their app at a certain sector of the population.
>Overall, there are currently 280,000 people using the app, according to The Inner Circle. For every person that's accepted onto (or into) the elite community, another is turned away.

So already you have a gated community that advertises its accessibility based on the sorts of qualities, full of people that a) would seek it out to begin with and b) all the "wrong people" filtered out. I don't think its surprising that ambitious people that judge their personal value on material wealth would put a high emphasis on how much of it their mate was making.

You haven't posted any evidence of this and the studies linked so far don't suggest as much either.

For example

Suggests that these behaviors and preferences are acculturated rather than innate, and
Suggests that there might not be a hard relation at all between income level and relationship success.

You're posting links to wikipedia and news sites suggesting you're a headline reading retard like him.
No one's afraid you fucking moron, Holla Forums just doesn't need intellectually dishonest morons like you skulking about.

"that "On education and socioeconomic status, women on average express greater hypergamic selectivity; they prefer mates who are superior to them in these traits… while men express a desire for an analogue of hypergamy based on physical attractiveness; they desire a mate who ranks higher on the physical attractiveness scale than they themselves do"."

I can keep posting these studies, and you won't be able to come up with a single counter-study I guarantee you.

Imagine trying this hard to disprove existing studies and not being able to come up with a counter-study

and given women are hypergamous with education, age, income, and 50 more factors than men, you are going to have a lot of work to do

Women like to marry equals or higher, when you are at the bottom of the economic ladder it's easier to be hypergamous because you can date your equal instead of a lesser

Anyway get back to me when women start going for homeless guys like men do for homeless women

I don't know why we're arguing over Spencer when he just did a Milo on himself

stop posting things to make me like spencer


I don't know why some leftists don't get that a lot of us leftists have intellectual capacity beyond

Are you guys seriously uninronic retarded or are you just pretending?
You don't even need studies to prove that lol, when was the last time any of you actually leaved the basement and got some fresh air IRL lol. This is basic bread and butter relationship knowledge. Men go for the looks, women go for the security and stability a man can provide.
Seriously man. You guys are unbelievable.

For those who don't want to watch, here's basically what he says:
2017: alt-right is about preventing anuddah shoah
2018: alt-right is about ethical child porn

rethink your statement

it all started when the mods decided that any argument that could possibly be seen on 4chan is problematic and wrong and should be deleted

it happened during BO freakout, before that people could basically post whatever they wanted and this place was never 'infilatrated by Holla Forums


Imagine having an argument you massive retard. You dumb fuckers don't understand any of the shit you post and just pick the bits that support your idiot beliefs. Like

This cherrypicking cuck retard. The actual study itself is full of qualifiers and explanations that extend beyond "women want rich men." It suggests several reasons and interpretations for the data they found, but before you even get to that it states in black and white
>Our focus in this study is men’s and women’s expressed mate preferences, as opposed to their actual mating behavior.

And goes on to explain that the results that they've found are based on assumptions and what they establish as "normal" or "ideal" mating conditions, and the text is peppered with asides such as

You're both dipshits that don't seem to actually read the studies you post, because like all Holla Forumscuck dipshits you're fucking illiterates that just pick out the bite sized chunks that support your world view and disregard everything else. You make specific concrete judgements from correlation and generalizations and apply them uniformly regardless or the complex inter-relational nature of reality.

You're pathetic brainlets and no one with a thinking mind is fooled by you.

Where are the proofs, billy


←- Watch Dick Spencer defend giving child pornography to pedophiles, right here!

Sexists morons like pic related jumped to attack her for being a women attempting to shed light on the hate filled movement that get zero media attention, and people here actually identify with the “chapotraphouse”. Kind of hard to call yourself a real leftist if you keep company that’s openly misogynistic, and slanderous towards free journalism.

What picture?

Also the same people who stifled support for Hilary at every chance they had, Giving trump the election, but they call themselves “allies”

Fuck off normie bitch, this is a women hate websites


where is this? I can't seem to find this documentary anywhere

So … did anyone answer the op question or did we just argue about spencer?

Where to watch the documentary?

Nagel is a capitalist piggu, otherwise she would've torrented her docu for free

What is the woke obsession with "folks"? It's starting to get up my ass.

Nerves were clearly touched.

You can find a long teaser here:
The documentary itself is called Trumpland: Kill all Normies and will air friday 26 January 21:00 on Fusion.

I find liberals referring to people as bodies as in for example "black bodies", really creepy.

They also constantly use "spaces" in an increasingly nonsensical fashion.

Can this be a new copypasta??

I wish i could be half as funny intentionally as you are unintentionally.

I can tell who you are just by your flag and the way you write. You are the most intellectually dishonest person on the board who pretends to be a leftist. There's nothing to argue about there because you are toddler reaching for the high cabinets, at least on the OP subject

You don't have to speak authoritatively on subjects you don't spend hours rearching

It's a cringy way to word it, but the guy with the hammer and sickle flag is the same guy in all the recent threads

Be on the look out ladd, im gonna make this a copypasta if it's the last thing i do

I can tell who you are just by your flag and the way you write. You are the most intellectually dishonest person on the board who pretends to be a leftist. There's nothing to argue about there because you are toddler reaching for the high cabinets, at least on the OP subject

You don't have to speak authoritatively on subjects you don't spend hours rearching

"Some of the ideas that the alt-right discuss which are just off the table everywhere else[…]they can't be discussed anywhere in polite society[…]. And this is a factor which has fueled the alt-right possibly more than anything else is [an emerging] sexual hierarchy among men, and this does bear out in the figures where smaller numbers of men are having more sexual partners and there's this larger number at the bottom that are having none or very few. Redpill […] and various forums has been about how to deal with being a beta male, how to deal with being at the bottom of the pile. Once again the thing that they are starting off with is correct. They are observing a pattern and they are being told you are not supposed to observe it. So what's our answer to that, what's our alternative to that? That's what we have to be discussing. How do we analyze the same phenomenon? But don't just say the phenomenon isn't there or you can't discuss it."

-Angela Nagle

Folks was popularized by trans activists looking for a nicer gender neutral alternative to "people"
Bodies was popularized by Ta-Nenshi Coates
I think spaces first cropped up in campus politics

I mean it pretty much is just this whenever she goes on about incels.

Totally /ourgirl/ right?

The neoliberal triforce.

Isolated weirdos are not a "class" of people. You cannot mobilize around their grievances. Lenin was a "normie" as was every single Bolshevik.

I dunno maybe he should have abandoned that revolution thing and just gitten laid tbh.

Are incels the "extremes" she's talking about? This example just further shows how idiotic it is to equate sexual status with politcal beliefs.

What does this even mean, really?

None of this is news to me but maybe you can explain something I've never understood. In what way is "people" not gender neutral?

The fuck?
How long until they realize hickville Southerners such as myself use "folk" a lot?

lmao, is this because of otherkin?

Except she actually researched those people. It's not like anonymous chan environments are the only places incel and the broader PUA, MRA, /r9k/ culture which eventually morphed into aut-rightism proper exist. There are pretty tightly knit forums about these things, with poster usernames who you can track for years. Nagle researched that stuff.
If you can only know what a person is thinking through what they say then you can't know what they're thinking at all.

It's like you've never seen libs use Y'all

"hick culture" lmao give me a break

they're coping yall from black people not rural southern whites

you were the one who used hick. I would've said southern culture or redneck culture.

I'm a skinny suburban Brazilian and I had a southern-ish accent back when I took english classes. Southern culture might be counter-hegemonic and unfashionable now but there's nothing to make sure it stays that way.
Texas will be a Blue State within the next 20 years.

I don't know what your fucking point is. Like it should be obvious that all flavor of online groups are full of losers because the internet in general is full of losers. Unless you mean people like /r9k/ that obsess over it and make it part of their identity.

there are other examples besides y'all too.

also don't forget rock and roll and country music, which brought several southern cultural elements to northern yanks before.

I think inceldom is what makes most Holla Forumsyps feel victimized. Fuck me daddy That dream is real LOL


I love how uncomfortable the other guy was and how he kept on trying to change the subject.

BTW all research I've comes across shows that pedos exposed to CP are more likely to offend. It has a normalizing affect is the reason typically given. The only thing I can possible think of is that he's referring to satiation therapy.

lol this is exactly what Destiny was argued

this has been a standard argument among Holla Forumstards, anonymoose-types and lolicon weebs since at least 2014.
When did Destiny say it?

In his debate with Amos Yee iirc

This is exactly what fascists have always done they just flail around with contradictory economic appeals to try and gain support for their reactionary social agenda. The prime example of this were the Nazi's who claimed to be socialists but also defended private property and class hierarchies. They spoke with one side of their mouth to workers about
syndicalism while at the same time promising privatizations and a docile labour force to the bourgeoisie. Fascists (as you know if you've spent any time arguing with Holla Forumsyps) are economically illiterate and pretty much exclusively animated by paranoia, conspiratorial thinking, and identity politics.

There is a difference between being contemptuous of Women and the type of vitriolic, pathological hatred of women on the alt-right. The latter is born out of inceldom and its the type present on Holla Forums. Do you really think someone who is successful with Women would go on the internet to rage against them and invent stories about how Jews have turned them against men?

The ABC journalist is the one who says that.
Nagle is a socialist, the people interviewed in the documentary are leftists, and the producers a leftist. I imagine her conclusion is that the left needs to appeal to normal people rather than be a subculture and ABC spun that into some "both side" bs.


they know "people" is gender neutral, they just use folk since it sounds a bit less awkward when spoken

it worries me that your picture's file name implies you have at least 44 other pictures of cats vomiting

she calls herself a marxist and does literary criticism so she's not something else in name at least

check her twitter feed when it comes back up, she's a lefty fo sure


lol yea, it happens all the time

Chapo fans hate Nagle because Nagle is less politically correct than them, Chapo are pathetic

I don't care about theit stance toward Clinton

NEET virgin class has lost of potential for class consciousness. 30 years ago you could get a job by waiting in line and going into a factory. Now its outsourced to 3rd wold.

Dude we already established women marry up, what are you going on about, the reason I posted a study on preferences was because you wanted data outside of long term relationships, which is hard to find

Is it wrong to want to pooper Ms Nagle?

Here's a link but it's really low quality

it does though. they plaster the masculinity they feel they lack on what the spectacle promotes as muscular. in us culture, rappers/thugs etc are promoted as such.

This doesn't go in contrast with the systemic way blacks have been oppressed for so many years, it's simply an interpretation of why a small (but vocal) part of the petty-bourg are racist. If anything, this is a mode of alienation so deep that we have the individual seeing people as fetishized fantasies. It's no coincidence that those same people also fap to the fantasy of black people fucking their girlfriends and project by making "cuck" their go-to insult. If some other rolemodel of "masculinity" was promoted and widely consumed, they would hate that instead.

What most people on Holla Forums don't understand is that

1) Alt-autists are for the most part petty-bourg or even bourg

2) Extremely alienated

3) Basing their ideology solely on emotions.

Thanks for that, it was breddy gud.


pua are scammers whose aim is to exploit said incels

where do you think black people got it from?

I wish this didn't have so many awful tropes of American TV documentaries: 2spooky music, etc.

I have a feeling this is never coming out on DVD, cuz Fusion, so whoever has a DVD recorder might as well start archiving (not from the Facebook source)

A lot of them definitely are, but there's quite a few of them that actually believe their own bullshit

or are simply good enough to convince you of this

since pua doesn't work, and they know this because in order to be successful about promoting it they had to overcome the fact that reality doesn't align with their scam, they logically have to firstly accept it as a scam

Something doesn't have to work for you to buy into it. Homeopathic medicine hardly "works" but you still have a lot of morons out there that are convinced it does. For a lot of the relatively successful true believers it's probably a combination of luck and persistence, but they instead attribute it to their "insane PUA skills".

ye but in order to sell homeopathy you have to think of ways of deflecting the "why doesn't it work" aspect, because it doesn't. the successful pua you might know by name have done this

Yeah I mean that's kind of my point, people makes up excuses for their delusions in order to maintain them, PUAs aren't any different in that regard

people like you

most people here are isolated weirdos.
just an fyi

Just pointing out that she got literally everything wrong about Gamergate, and someone will get triggered by this post.

Are you that one faggot that keeps whining about that one "manifesto" that no one cared about? The core component of what became gamergate was rage against a bunch of cultural enemies of suburban white kids (aided and abetted by Breitbart clickbait.) Gaming journalism has always been a farce. We knew this since since Gerstmann.

Admit you got played by reactionaries, nerd.

Always the same shit:
– Lee Atwater

You think Looney Tunes was made by trans activists?

I have yet to find a copy of the full documentary, but you can see the Alt-Righters bawwwing over being called incels:

It's on tv right now halfway through. You wont find it online till it finishes.

Go back to tumblr.

I bet a hundred bucks at least one of the ladies got aroused by the "lol, justa joke."

They aren't really saying anything new in it. At least it pointed out how the Democrats are for corporate interest and they try to make how many women are in business and gov as a way to seem better when they don't offer anything new. Too bad it's on a fairly obscure channel but it's a channel that shows up close to MTV and VH1 and IFC in the guide so some people might have caught it. .

Okay now they made the mistake of interviewing Spencer and being too light on his arguments.


these are the saviors of the white race


is anyone else bothered by how 'famous' this nagel bitch is becoming?

she says some good things but i'm not digging this whole elevation of someone's personality like they do with someone who has even a vaguely original thought

see: zizek, chomsky, graeber. there is always someone next in the pipeline to get their book deal from porky

if you believe anything you just wrote here you're fucking retarded, holy shit

also, go back to reddit

this is so true, but always is amazing how mainstream society pretends it isn't. like, look at charles bukowski. dude was an abuser in some cases, and his women LOVED him and hung on him like fucking saran wrap. the dude was a mess, but he had women.

yeah dude i mean, dont wanna burst your bubble but i know two fascists and they both have kids and are married. so… i mean, yeah, regarding the women thing you said.

i'm kinda skeptical of this too. why the fuck do we have to 'accept' her into the panacea that is 'the left' … this is media bullshit but somehow she is a 'figurehead' for us now and it pisses me off

What do you mean? If you see a spherical object that is smaller than most kids, you don't have empathy, you don't say to yourself this bullied ball could be me?

chapo fans ime are the literal 'soyboys' that 4pol is always whining about and they think this is ultimately 'the left' as we know it

if you really think leftypol doesn't regularly tackle those three points you mentioned at the end of your post, you should lurk more

I think pick-up works but its just because if you lift and attempt to approach dozens of girls every night you are going to get laid eventually.

Download it here instead:

But still thanks for the link.

this is objectively true, seriously

Or maybe its just a common word he used for no particular reason.

I don't get it. If ethnic nationalism is okay for the Japanese, why is it bad for whites?

Who says its okay for Nips?

Why wouldn't it be?

It is not ok for the nips. The shit they do to there korean population is not cool.

The Japanese are of Korean descent. To hold them accountable historically with charges against Right of Conquest is to hold Koreans themselves accountable to themselves. I don't think you've thought this through, user.

Like clockwork pottery.

SJWs are even more white suburban kids than Holla Forums, which is no small feat.
And SJWs had and still have the almost entirety of the world's media to spread bullshit about whatever subject they please. Not exactly a fair fight.

I was on ground zero and saw how GG was on the right from the start, but the right took over not out of any actual concern but just because the "left" hated it. That much wasn't really surprising, but what did disappoint me is that the left followed suit. We had a shot at gaining a foothold among the modern internet youth, and we blew it. So I'd say some people got played by reactionaries alright, but I wasn't one of them.

hahahaha oh wow I'm stealing that one

She's one of the few people telling the American left how it has become a pile of shit, so all power to her, I say. Despite her being completely wrong about GG. Anyway, who do you have in mind to take over her place?

My family shed blood because of Jap nationalist retardation. If you keep coddling inevitably they'll end up back to their old tricks aka destroying Asia again.


Switching between individual accountability and group accountability is disingenuous, you knew what I meant. If your brother murders the neighbor, and you had no knowledge of it or part in it, are you to be punished with him?

I don't know what you mean. How are japanese punished collectively by individuals not being mean to koreans?

I think that user might have made a mistake in saying Japan is accountable, Japanese nationalism however can be held completely accountable for incursions into china and surrounding Asian countries.


Japanese ethnic nationalism originated as a reaction to every other nationalism surrounding them, including Korean nationalism. All nations are just abstract representations of groups of people. Any aspect that differentiates groups of people, things that make them autonomous human beings, are collectively represented by the nation in aggregate.

Peace was never an option, to pretend otherwise is to be ignorant of history.

Imagine being this retarded

More like Japanese nationalism was the expression giving to rising bourgeois class rule and a need to justify Japanese imperialism in Asia.

My only point was that history didn't begin when Japan invaded. Japan was the bourgeois class of the previous centuries, rising up in revolution to take the power back from their oppressors. History favors those who favor themselves, you either take back the power or you get erased from history. Live isn't fair, and survival is the only purpose of morality, not an end unto itself.

Japan didn't have to invade China or half the shit they did in WWII.
Guess thats why the nips got JUSTed by America and the Soviets.

Never doubted this, this still doesn't justify any of them. I can hold ethnic Korean nationalism just as responsible for the actions committed by it just as much as I can hold ethnic Japanese nationalism responsible for actions committed by it.
You mind explaining this. Because all I'm getting from this is that currently all the nations of the world are now magically in harmonious national cohesion and no inner conflict exists because every person is "represented" in it.

I can hold ethnic Korean nationalism just as responsible for the actions committed by it just as much as I can hold ethnic Japanese nationalism responsible for actions committed by it.

You're just playing word games. If they were justified in responding in self defense, then they are not morally accountable. If a group of bikers are running towards you, and one points a gun at you, do you wait for them to pull the trigger? Do you only react to the one who is pointing a gun at you? Or do you shoot first?

The inconsistencies are more annoying than anything else. Again, you haven't thought this through all the logical conclusions of your stated position.

As for
I mean Balkanization. A nation that no longer represents the people to make it up will cease to be a nation, no matter the scale.

Except they weren't, there has never been a defensive empire in history, if you fight a war to enslave your slaver you're morally just as wrong as he was when he first enslaved you, the only defensive war is the abolitionist war.

J. V. Stalin

>if you fight a war to _ your _ you're morally just as wrong as he was when he first ___ you

Top notch logic. Tell me where else that reasoning would ever apply.

actually the third point would be
I also don't get your contention with the line of reasoning in general because you just greentexted a lot and haven't made a single argument so explain yourself

take your semitic blood cult back to the desert, western civilization was founded on forgiveness and rehabilitation.

I did explain and most of my posts aren't greentext.

I don't even know what this is in response to, did you misread something or respond to the wrong person because this doesn't seem related to my post.

You haven't explained anything in terms of what 'japanese ethnic nationalism'(?) consists of or in what sense its 'okay'. Your starting assumption seems pretty undefined and unsupported so far tbh.
I referred to you not explaining what your contention with the tank-poster's reasoning was because you just greentexted and didn't show up any internal inconsistencies in it and i'm interested in you explaining.

You're being obtuse. I'm not explaining every word like "What is Japanese", just because you wanna be autistic about it. I'm done, you're boring. I give up. It's not worth it.

Is 'being japanese' 'japanese ethnic nationalism'?
For someone who accuses others of being obtuse and being disingenuous you sure exhibit it yourself.
But if your not willing to argue in good faith and actually explain yourself directly instead of dog whistling things you think are 'subversive' to other worldviews then might as well go back to Holla Forums fam.

read kollontai

wtf is Nagle doing right now

Christopher Hitches deserves to have his legacy destroyed. If giving his strange brother praise does this then it needs to happen.

I guess

Femoid slut slobbering for that reactionary dick once again. Only coping beta leftist C U C K S are surprised.

Look at him, can you blame her.

Here is a decent review of her book

IMO anything written about the condition of men's searching for a fulfilling relationship written from the perspective of a woman is automatically suspect, because in the case of sex and relationships, both sexes harbor an agenda. I wouldn't expect a woman to take my advice about relationships, and neither should I take hers, regardless of relative experiences. In fact, one of the very few books I'd read by a woman is The Manipulated Man by Esther Villar, and even then I don't fully trust her.,Esther/The_manipulated_man.pdf

I know she is saying that men shouldn't trust women in the book, but now we are stuck in a Liar's Paradox. The real question is, how do we become honest with each other and ourselves so that we won't harbor agendas, and to what point should we be vulnerable, if at all.


What are you trying to tell me? This guy actually has the capacity for nuance, unlike most people. What's so bad about that?