Communist dictator legalizes Bitcoin and makes it tax free

(and other crypto)

"Profits will also be given a tax break."
"Belarus has also allowed IT specialists to stay in the country without a visa for 180 days."
"The decree was signed by the Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko last Friday and comes into force in three months."

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forgot link

doesn't bitcoin mining account for like .3% of total global energy usage


He's just a regular dictator also read cockshott:

OP here, I'm not a communist or a capitalist, nor do I think of anything Lukashenko does as a standard

the dumbest movie references always become he most relevant, scary shit

something doesn't fit here, OP

Bitcoin is just an envelope for US dollars, if you aren't going to tax the profits it's just saying

"Hey we want massive income inequality and less government oversight of capital"

or in the case of Belarus the Belarusian Ruble

profits on what exactly? transactions using buttcoin, or transactions of buttcoints into ruble?

sounds like you're just a retard

Luka is a Neo-Soviet, not full communist.

Bitcoin is literally going to crash the world economy and will liquidate many petty bourg and labor arisocrats' retirement accounts. You can only make so many tethers. This is what true acceleration looks like.

Belarus isn't socialist, retard.

I don't care what they do.

Nah. The individual countries will just prohibit credit card companies and banks from converting money into/out of virtual currencies, and bitcoin is DOA. Just like that.

Nations manage their economies by controlling their currency, and they won't let some mysterious hacker firms (especially any foreign ones) meddle in that. This guy may be allowing it just because Russia is closing it down (bit by bit) but Russia had good reasons for that. And it's not going to do anything different for Belarus.

Anyway,,,, the cost of doing bitcoin transactions is already too high, and it is only going higher. Bitcoin is about 95% done already. It has some good possible uses but handling dinky online payments (several hundred million a day) isn't one of them.

That would be hilarious tbqh

Anaps create a "currency" out of bogus sentiment on stability of the dollar after a financial crash

"currency" has EXPONENTIALLY more instability and deflation/inflation than USD

they pump Bitcoin up to some crazy number and get central banks in countries without sovereign currencies to invest in it

they dump hard

world depression

Communists should develop a crypto currency and use it to enforce price controls.

Yep that is what communism is, price controls and a decentralized currency.

Actually existing socialism (as opposed to utopian bullshit which only exists in your head) has always involved price controls. The problem is that black markets always undermine them and vast amounts of resources have to be devoted to enforcement. A state-backed cryptocurrency would allow for total control over prices because the government could totally lock out all non-compliant vendors and prevent capital outflows.

"Actually existing socialism" is/was just capitalism.

"I haven't read capital" the post

That is completely anathema to the concept of cryptocurrency, which operates on the ability to skirt the bounds of state price control or policy designed to affect trade relations/trade terms.

"I'm pretending to have read capital": the post

It's anathema to the liberal ideology behind most white papers, but there's nothing stopping the creation of a revolution controlled crypto currency.

That is like saying that cars involve tires and then trying two sell you a worn tire for 10,000 bucks

it's not like that has ever troubled the state

so he's literally making ancap utopia

next he's gonna ban the construction of roads