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Nerdhood is a false conscience

Shutup nerd

forgot pic

My little sister is obsessed with supernatural and watches (gay) anime. She would identify as a nerd. Are you saying that she is reactionary?

we can't build communism without eradicating the redditor-engineer-nerd phenotype.

She may not be reactionary but she suffers from shit tastes

People have been throwing this out for years.

It's still garbage.

The gamergate guys weren't really the nerds of antiquity. By the time gamergate happened, being an adult male gamer was socially accepted - bro-y even. At one point, there was a meta aspect to this, but by this point it was largely gone. I mean, I guess it took place on chans - but by fucking 2010 people were saying "I TROLL U" out loud. I mean, halfchan wasn't filled up with babyboomer faggots yet, but I think people massively underestimate how popular 4chan was with young adults by 2014.

So with all this, a certain crowd decided that nerds were definitely nothing but a bunch of gatekeeping bitter white bois who felt entitled to all the pussy in the world. But video games had already been mainstream. The eternal summer had happened ages ago. Nerds had stated their positions already. And they had points - influxes of idiots do derail their communities and discussions. They do get stigmatized for adopting things early that the obnoxious jocks of the future all end up adopting, too. And here they were being blamed for the actions of a bunch of guys who were indulging in an already-popular medium.

In my experience, the association with reactionary politics alluded to here is erroneous. Existentialists, liberals, hippies - at the very least, I never associated them strictly with Ayn Rand-tier ideology. And lumping them all together like that was, and still is, retarded - actually a really, really telling display of just how cliquey the idpol thing was.

I hope people realize "nerd" is a favorite insult of the Spencer and other right-wingers. Adopting their mindset if dumb. Each subculture sees itself as a high school bully teaching the other subculture a lesson it's stupid.


author just putting quotes to be nice



everyone does that

again, white nationalists



Hi Willie. How's part-timing as a 'social commentator' for various newspapers going? Still waiting for your punk rock band to catch on? Rent in Brooklyn must be expensive, do you have a day job or is daddy playing those bills?

Not that there isn't a conversation to be had about nerds but why do these gamers are dead articles always come from these aging hipster losers?

unironically yes

i smell nerds
*unsheaths fire extinguisher*

you are on the wrong site if you don't like nerds

I bet you love big bang theory too

you are on the wrong board if you identify with a consumer marketing category.

If people who want to fuck tail pipes of classic cars became a demographic with significant spending power today. How long do you think it would take for their to be an amazon store that exclusively sold pipe-fucker merch? There's products for black people too, are you going to tell me blacks are just identifying with a marketing category?

I don't, but I don't appreciate people who falsely tie political ideology to being smart, hyper-introverted, and computer savvy

I don't see the relevance
Ah yes, this is a completely valid comparison. You weren't born a human being, you escaped from the death star of your mother's vagina (destroying it in the process, natch) a full fledged nerd, you didn't go to school like the black children or white children, you were assigned to the imperial stormtrooper marksmanship academy (you were the target.), you didn't grow up on a housing estate or a cul-de-sac like those insufferable normoid meat-sacks, you grew up in the realm of Gielinor, where others were bullied you were lured into the wildy. You had no choice in this, of course, these circumstances were forced upon you by birth. You are the nerd, the princess saving, rebellion leading, big-brain posting, furry pornography purchasing and masturbating master engineer superhuman race from realms a mere mortal like myself could not comprehend, and for your service to the Imperium I salute you sir.

I don't appreciate people who tie these characteristics together into the completely debased word 'nerd' and proceed to identify with it.

most likely

Ya you completely missed the point. Companies market to demographics that formed for reasons other than as consumerist groups all the time (black people obviously did not form a group identity to consume things and yet there are products marketed to them). Some social groups (backstreet boys fans) arise explicitly to consume some product. But the causality can go in either direction. So just saying hurrr look at all this crap marketed to nerds does not entail that 'nerd' was not a pre-existing social identity.

I see this being brought up a lot, but it doesn't correspond at all with what I've seen in real life. Most people I know that are - or were - into coding, games, comic books, tabletop, etc. were/are either libertarians (of the non crypto-fascist variety) or socialists/socdems.

It's not nerds that specifically flock to places like pol, but rather socially awkward loners that cannot get along with people. Who then seek refuge in conspiracy theories that validate their experiences, and mask their deep seated sense of emptiness, inadequacy and shame. (See the large contingent of closeted gays, mixed race/non-'whites', NEETs, virgins, etc.)
It might be a cliche by this point: But a lot of these people just need to get laid or find some friends. It's surprising how a stable relationship quickly turns these people into actually tolerable types.
But again, that requires actually being social to some degree, which most aren't even capable of to begin with.

Then I went off and articulated the completely plausible case for how people become nerds naturally.
Applying labels to things often transforms them from an existing condition to an identity, one can be a liberal-democrat voter without being a libdem, and grouping people together in such ways is a conscious action of identifying something. for some purposes, identifying all liberal-democrat voters as libdems is convenient - for others, it misses very important nuances. perhaps naturally they are labourites or conservatives, perhaps even members of those parties with a thus stronger claim to identity elsewhere, but then vote tactically to keep someone worse than the lukewarm yellow milkmen from winning the seat.

also on a secondary point where an identity arises naturally and then becomes corrupted, there's an unreasonable degree of cowardice in giving it up - which only justifies more forceful attack on any identity in such a condition. the most charitable case possible for nerds is that. and even then amounts to "the consumer identity created for nerds used to have good taste, now it's a marker of shit taste and reddit"

in my experience the most insufferable are those with a social grouping of similar insufferable people rather than the genuinely lonely.
i call them redditors insistently, it's that sort of person - they're into nerd stuff, they have some friends but they're not popular, they kind of bumble along with a not very interesting set of interests - most importantly they aren't autists. they're low status, but not truly abnormal.

This is true. Like how lefty ideologies attract mentally ill trannies.

Wait, this one is even better

i take it you're the one on the receiving end?

I don't remember the BO of this cancerous cesspit ever sucking my dick

you're missing out

too many dudes to remember them all, eh?

This. I don't think I've ever met nazis/fascists that are genuinely autistic. They're not even lonely as much as they're insufferable. Which helps perpetuate the cycle that drives them further into social isolation.
The sort of politics Holla Forums represent tends to attract a really obnoxious brand of people. Unsociable, bitter, and consumed by malice towards everyone they feel have 'wronged' them in the past. The 'sluts' that rejected them, the 'niggers' that got it easy, the 'chads' and 'normies' keeping them down. Even their parents. They tend to have laundry lists of people they're hoping to 'get back at'.
It's not just bad politics, it borders on psychopathology.

Pic somewhat related.

You've still not proven this is BO. Not that it matters, the truth is secondary right?
Also what's up with your obsession with trannies, black dicks, cuckolding, etc.?

The "gamers are dead" articles were all absolutely right.

You don't understand. People who fit that criteria at some level identify with the word nerd because many of them were CALLED nerds or geeks or whatever before it became mildly hip

The "Gamers are dead' types are usually just bitter ex-nerds who hate their current living situation (in the case of GG they were employed at shitty content mills making trashy clickbait or native advertising articles on a daily basis.)

ITT Nazis and lefties arguing over who is the nerdy

This is why "nerd-shaming" cuts both ways

Sometimes I worry about their affect on the autistic and the actually lonely. I can't bring myself far enough to go for sympathy for those who fall for it, but it's a problem to be resolved. On a very base level there's some appeal to the whole rhetoric around normalfaggotry and a general disdain for the state of the world today, even if on closer analysis it's without much merit. I would say perhaps specifically due to the imageboard format freeing you from your past compared to normal forums, you have a breeding ground where "failed normies" or even "low status" people who could by no means really "fit in" with genuine hermits in normal circumstances can interact in that sort of environment because there's no way to tie together posting histories and recognize who doesn't fit. I mean Christ, you've got Alex Jones and William Shatner on 4chan.

Though I suppose there's a secondary problem of social groups becoming more permeable, or that permeability becoming far more obvious. There are two possibilities - either Alex Jones is an anime-consumer, which fucks up the Weeaboo group, or Alex Jones meets our expectations and only vaguely knows of Pokemon existing, in which case he fucks up the "Anime" Imageboard user group. (Yeah I know, "it's an anime board!!!" is in itself bullshit, but we've gotta nail things to the wall somewhere.)

They're stupid to not push beyond it, then.
You can spend every waking hour playing videogames, but if you identify as a gamer I'm going to have the doctor prescribe a good fucking smack around the head to knock some sense into you.

Did imageboard users turn gay because people kept saying they were a faggot?

it's across the street, isn't it?

Honestly the only thing keeping me attached to the nerd identity is my contrarianism, the people who write articles about how nerds are dead tend to be bigger nerds than I ever was. I'm more in the loner weirdo who likes anime bucket.

This. It was kind of amazing how much of that shit just came from bitter ex-channers and goons. You can only hate what you know I guess.

The only problem I have with that image is that some part of InfoWars is owned by Time-Warner. So, a more perceptive analysis would indicate, that at least if we take infowars as an example, the haute-bourgeoisie promote some of these theories themselves to protect their own interests.

What are we comrade if not the sum of our actions? Do we have an immortal soul? How many times can a man fuck a horse before I'm allowed to call him a horsefucker?

i feel like you value identities too much.
then again i've never read a "gamers are dead" article and just assumed it means what it should rationally mean, which is that given literally everyone plays videogames there's no value left in the gamer identity. even if the people writing the articles are insufferable, that's a valid point.

and with my own swipe: channers are dead and Holla Forums killed them. imageboard users may linger onwards, but the group is so diluted as to be meaningless.

I'm reasonably fond of "human beings". You express that yourself though - the sum of your actions, note that word, sum. To identify with singular components is to engage with parts, not wholes.
The real question is when he can call himself a horsefucker. Identifying others is easy depending on your task, identifying with something is where the problems start. Maybe he fucks a horse every week - nonetheless, why shouldn't we question his decision to identify with horsefucking over his position as one of the premier engineers in the USA?

There is a question of taste here. I engage in lots of activities - but when it comes to what goes on my tombstone, it's "Son of…", not "Imageboard shitposter, perpetual arguer, conceited dickhead, atrocity tourist and son of…", and that's an important thing. Identity - especially non-political identities - cloud thinking and often lead to stupid associations, solidarity with those deserving contempt, etc.

>conceited dickhead
For someone who likes telling other people what they should or should not identify with you have a pretty edgy identity yourself.

Nerds are forbidden

those aren't identities, they're personality traits and hobbies respectively. they could be identities, but the very point of the example is that i don't want to be defined by those things.

Beware of nerds, their rich families, and their crusty hands

Literally broke the robot at CES and left it "soiled" whatever the hell that means

This is more a problem of identity formation in general rather than any particular set of hobbies. Anything can become a part of 'who I am' rather than 'what I do' in a pathological manner. Seems like you're just singling out groups you don't like and claiming their identifications are more pathological than normal.

Self awareness isn't an identity, nerd.

This is how dumb you sound.

If you're a mole person forever condemned to have all surface-level points fly over your head, perhaps.
You can play videogames without identifying yourself as a gamer gamer. If you play videogames and decide to make gamer part of your identity you are an idiot. Self awareness is knowing that you play videogames, pointless identification is calling yourself a gamer, or feeling any solidarity with "gamers" who cry about something stupid maybe a girl is the protagonist in the next call of duty, even though you're a patrician who exclusively plays grand strategy titles and knows that call of duty is shit.

This kind of evangelism rarely sits well with self-conscious champions of the lumpenproletariat, whose right to live in shit, they believe, outweighs their right to not live in shit – for some, being patronised is worse than being brutalised.

We're nerds though. Normies aren't into leftism or browsing Holla Forums.

you can browse Holla Forums withou being a nerd

You could. But then you'd be a nerd in denial.

except basically every meaningful leftist who did more than theorise
Assange lies closer to normie than not and has tweeted a link to /pdfs/ before.

That does bring "normie" and "normal person" closer than usual (basically rendering the distinction moot), but the normal imageboard definition of "normie" as a specific archetype cannot hold in the face of a site full of boomers, children, and teenage-redditors.

gay nerd

Imagine my shock that this author, who is likely a capitalist, critiques Fascist ideology on trying to implement order to disruptions, when he just so happens to live in a society where decentralized and chaotic, private forces dictate society through their average output from their interaction. Really makes you think, doesn't it?
And a half-assed, "Bad rich people". If this isn't a liberal, I'm shocked.

Fujos are reactionary. Prove me wrong.

The more you talk the more I agree with that statement.

Are you the faggot with the virgin sister? Also, yes.

"all my political enemies are gay weak nerds unlike me, the cool guy with muscles who fucks a lot"- leftists(Shame this soyboy with your penises)

t. the_donald


Naziposter is not actually a nazi. I swear, Naziposter namefag is like this board's newfag alert system.

Gotta keep dem fingers in does pies yo.

Cum. They're talking about cum.

You mean revisionist MLs who had nothing to do with Marxism that got to be at the top of the social hierarchy?

:DD:DD Greta morderation

Please, breadpill us on your great, and totally not esoteric philosophy.

It's hilarious to think about the people who used to browse halfchan back in 2003-2008 and how they loathed the republican establishment, but now there site has literally been filled with people like this: youtube.com/watch?v=HOrP7x_QlSc

It's shit like this why the american bear spurdo meme was made

99% of all the problems on all chan based sites would be fixed if shitposters were ignored.

stop replying to obvious b8

I find your lack of faith disturbing, but not surprising.