Daily News Thread 1/19

US shutdown: Senate bill on verge of collapse amid rancour

The Republican-controlled Senate's bid to avert a US government shutdown is teetering on the brink of collapse as it races against a midnight deadline.

Tim Hortons franchise owners tell workers to blame Wynne for benefit cuts and to 'not vote Liberal'

A staff memo written by a couple of Tim Hortons franchise owners in Whitby, Ont., blames cuts to employee benefits on the Ontario government and its minimum wage hike.

Turkey Seeks Russian, Iranian Consent for Syria Airstrikes

Turkey drew closer to its threatened offensive against Kurdish separatist fighters in northwest Syria, sending top security chiefs to Russia to seek permission to use Syrian airspace for strikes.

Turkey shells Syria's Afrin region, minister says operation has begun

Turkish artillery fired into Syria’s Afrin region on Friday in what Ankara said was the start of a military campaign against the Kurdish-controlled area.

Rising Threats From China and Russia Dominate Trump’s Defense Strategy

The U.S. must prepare to wage a great-power competition with China and Russia as those nations narrow their technological gap with the U.S. military and seek “to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian model,” according to a new Defense Department strategy report.

Amid US Blackmail, Belgium Donates $23M to Palestinian Refugees

Belgium and European states become the biggest donors to the U.N. agency helping Palestinian refugees as U.S. slashes aid for blackmail.

Trucks v protesters: Okinawa police forcibly remove anti-US base sit-in

Japanese police have forcibly removed protesters staging a sit-in protest in Henoko neighborhood in Okinawa as dozens of trucks carrying materials for the construction of a new US military base arrived in the area.

German election would further harm SPD, Schulz warns

The leader of Germany’s Social Democrats on Friday urged members of his center-left party to endorse coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives or risk facing new elections that could further damage the party.

6.5 quake strikes Gulf of California near Mexico

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake has struck the east coast of the Mexican state of Baja California, the United States Geological Survey has reported.

U.S. Supreme Court Halts Redrawing of North Carolina Voting Map

The U.S. Supreme Court blocked a ruling that would force North Carolina to redraw its congressional voting map to give Republicans less of a partisan advantage.

Trump Made Stormy Daniels Watch 'Shark Week,' Spank With Forbes Magazine: Report

Much has been made about the recent Wall Street Journal report about adult film actress Stormy Daniels ’s alleged sexual relationship with president Donald Trump. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 in late 2016 to ensure her silence on the matter, the latest scandal for president who is approaching the anniversary of his inauguration.

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The GOP can't even govern with a fucking majority lmao


The deportation machine that thrives on terror

The Trump administration is ramping up anti-immigrant raids and deportations. Nicole Colson looks at the agencies that are inflicting terror around the country.

Forget About Siri and Alexa — When It Comes to Voice Identification the “NSA Reigns Supreme”


Bad drivers should have their cars driven by robots



Whats that SPD making alliances with reactionary? Who would have guess.

I believe it



le lesser evil face


Ironic. It could persuade others against causing its own death, but not itself.

My spine shivers with a divine pleasure at the mere though of the far-fetched fantasy that the US might one day soon collapse, not out of direct internal or external conflict, but trough immeasurably comical internal incompetence and corruption causing the strained cogs and gears of government to melt into slag, fusing its moving parts permanently together into a worthless and disabled heap of metaphorical scrap metal with a painful screeching grind, in consequence causing its rotten scattering organization to crack, splinter, and shatter into uncountable independent entities, forcing these new appearing orders into such desperate measures in order to guarantee some level of basic functioning out of mere necessity.
If would seem as some sort of divine irony the US it would face its end trough its own internal impossibility alone, rather than being forced on its knees by a threat external to the government, such as an revolution, invasion, or a coup: the threats it's been so exorbitantly bolstering against.

the SDP aren't even social democracts. Schulz is a weak ass liberal. Even most succdem posters here hated on him in the German election general

Yee, meanwhile you have Wagen "Stalin did nothing wrong*" Wagenknecht.

*legit she wrote an essay effectively to that title in 1988.

but Die Linke were pretty based, as far as I could tell.

I love it when you talk accelerationism.

What did he mean by this?

no, actually what the fuck does that sentence mean?

Kinda reminds me of the time the Liberals said they wouldn't axe each other off like Labour did and then Turnbull axes off Tony Abbott. There was a shutdown under Obama, and now there's going to be one under Trump. I know it's not the same thing, it just reminds me is all.

It’s been a while

US collapse before 2030 comrade


The GOP are to blame in both cases. They're too fractured, incompetent, and spineless to actually govern.

I mean, the bill they're voting on today is a fucking short term spending bill. It's fourth one we've had so far since the GOP literally cannot come up with an actual budget.

Is he fucking retarded? Did he mistake "born" for "torn"? What the fuck is he trying to say here? I am truly fucking perplexed. I'm genuinely convinced he has fucking dementia, I'm sorry if you think this is liberal theatrics for saying that, but holy fucking shit

This is like, Bushism level.

What the fuck is wrong with him?

God if only America could axe off Presidents that fucking easily

siryza should just open some gulags at this point tbh. These fuckers are beyond saving. Lock them up and keep them in cages so people can laugh at them.

Wow, the right wing really are fucking clowns.
There are no words I can think of to describe how incompetent they are.

They really are (to quote Mao) Paper Tigers. They had all that bluster and sabre rattling over Obama-care (the most neutered, watered down attempt at Socialised healthcare) and shut down the American government yet they can't even come up with a budget without destroying the country.

It basically boils all down to

etc etc. all night, until nothing happens. And by the way, this is what the GOP are fucking feuding about right now. Some people in the GOP don't fucking agree with the insane amount of defense other people in the fucking GOP want.

The fucking GOP. Let that sink in.

The Aussie system would probably be an improvement for the yanks.

Jokes on yall, he is revealing his 9th degree string theory plan to stop all births because he was secretly anti-natalist
Based God Trump

All I can come up with is he had a stroke a couple years ago and his brain misfired and mistook "Torn" from "Born" because he either already said born, or his mind was too focused on the idea of birth.

I honestly have no explanation

No right before it he was talking about abortion and how terrible late term abortions were. He had a stroke.

It's in the Dem's best interests right now for the gov't to shutdown since it reinforces to voters that the GOP and Trump are inept and incompetent

It's also helps that the Freedom Caucus sperged out and refused to support the continuing resolution

They are. They should be unifying so it doesn't happen but there's intense pressure from the House Freedom Caucus so some people are rallying behind their demands and will not let go of it, even if it means Government Shutdown.

As fucking godawful retarded as Bush was, we passed that bar by February.
Of 2016.

I am saddened by this

Yeah, and we have the largest defense spending in the world, so if we cut it significantly, all of it becomes far more cohesive. It also generates far more debt.

mods, why do you keep deleting these posts? let the retards be dealt with by the community thx

Remember folks, government tech is always at least 10-15 years more advanced than what is allowed to be made public. At this point the NSA can probably tell what your blood type is just by how you walk.

Ban Evasion is why. He was banned for a post separate from this thread, and continued to post in this thread afterwards.

Ok. moderation has felt a little heavy-handed lately imho. we don't need a conflict-free torture chamber all the time, sometimes it's fun to tear people apart and make them feel bad about themselves


We have to stop abortion by stopping babies from being born at 9 months.

trump is anti-natalist gang




Louisville-Area Assistant Police Chief Told Recruit to Shoot Black People

It really annoys me when news articles never give the fucking state it's in. There are like 20 louisvilles in the US and I live by one of them so I can never tell if it's talking about my area or not.

please tell me all those big macs are going to his head

I'm betting they'll pass a CR for a few days, like for next week

Around the rose, hold your nose

North Carolina is already basically a fucking dictatorship with the only thing stopping them from going full fascist being the federal courts so it's so fucking lovely to see the Supreme Court take the state's side, holy fucking shit.

The Supreme Court is an extremely reactionary institution and always has been. The Warren court was a huge fucking fluke.

They don't have the 60 votes, they only have two hours. The GOP fucked up big time

what does a shutdown even consist of? public sector workers don't get paid? public infrastructure projects stop? what's goin on?


Trump was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017. The government shutdown will begin on Jan. 20, 2018.

Basically, members of the military don't get paid I believe, national parks shut down until its relieved, public workers don't get paid and don't come into work, a bunch of shit stops

Every non critical or life-threatening gov job is off duty not allowed to come in and of course not payed for it.

recently here in brazil when the state governments went bankrupt (particularly in Rio (the State, not the City) the public sector workers still went to work but had their salaries blocked or split for months.

Pretty sure it's Kentucky in this case

Government Shutdown

Its like pottery.

It rhymes

My boyfriend just told me of a US government shutdown, this true?

Pure lies

Your bf doesn't exist

Yeah, but this shit happens every year in the US. Nothing new, a lot of people are surprised because it's babies first ==SHUTDOWN==


I heard all your ice is melting and we're all going to go extinct by 2100. Thoughts?

But that wasn't real socialism rite?

Or freezing season is getting shorter, so yeah it's melting

The absolute fuck are you talking about?

Tis a joke

Autism is not a joke.


You're welcome!
All appetizers for the Big One.
Let us hope so, the SPD is fully the left arm of German neoliberal neoimperialism. Sadly, I doubt Die Linke will gain much, like as not people will either go back to mama Merkel, or to those cretins at the AfD.

Not very likely tbh. A sclerotic, fracturing order being shattered when it suddenly gets hit by an outside force, on the other hand…

This. They should use far right violence as an excuse to establish an effective security apparatus, then throw in the liberals after them.

Think he’s talking about late term abortions.

You’re a grrl!

I'm gonna be a crackpot brainlet and say that Qing Dynasty China was similar to the US is now in terms of corruption and sheer ineptitude, as well as cultural resentment between the rulers and the ruled.

dats also sum of that Rome ending right there too

He meant to say "torn" not born.


a failed revolution in America would in fact lead to warlordships and cliques and balkanization. I am certain of this.

A failed revolution would be co-opted by anarcho-capitalists.

warlord cliques are the actualization of unfettered free markets.

ancapistan here we come

At no point in American history has the controlling party ever shut down the government. The Republicans own the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. This is entire fiasco is their mess.

Americans are stupid enough to believe the Republicans too.


only the stupidest of the politically involved, everyone moderately intelligent and working class checked out of political life long ago

I think it would be a mistake to assume that. The American public absolutely loathes Congress. If they're going to blame anyone, it'll either be both sides or the party in power.

The Republicans aren't helped much by the fact that their Trump is despised by the majority of the country at this point.

the unvoting malcontented masses are the revolutionary subject in the US tbqh

This is going to go well.

How does a shutdown fucking happen in a majority congress? Is the GOP so fucking split up that a simple spending bill couldn't even fucking happen when they control congress?
I'm laughing hysterically at this when a co worker of mine just told me about this shit.

When the congress is working under Donald Trump.

Mixtures of incompetence and conflicting priorities. The Republicans are even trying to paint this as a fault of the democrats even though it was Republicans and their debt ceiling shit that created this mess in the first place.

this bill requires 60 votes

Jeeze, Holla Forums really can't into burger electoral politics.
The republicans have the votes to pass the budget, but they don't have the votes needed to override the Democrat's filibuster (60 votes). Due to the longstanding decline of civility and cooperation in Washington, 60 votes has now essentially become the new required threshold to pass major legislation through the senate as filibusters become more common. Remember when republicans stonewalled Obama for several years and wouldn't let anything through the Senate? Now the shoe is on the other foot.

The Republicans options are to
1. Make a deal with the Democrats
2. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_option

Considering they already used the Nuclear Option once last year to get their supreme court appointment, I'll bet they'll do it again.

But the Senate GOP doesn't have the votes for a Nuclear Option. Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Jeff Flake all voted against the spending bill. That leaves them with only 45 votes.

There's only one road for them to take: Make a DACA deal.

Of course, the House Republicans are already saying that's a non-starter, so unless Trump pulls his head out of his ass and endorses a Dreamers deal, expect this fight to go on longer than the weekend.

lmao, what's his problem with the budget? too much spending?


My body is ready.

I will never get what the point of the shutdown meme is. Every time the GOP does it they lose a ton of public sympathy.

He did vote against AUMF and increasing military spending.
I find it odd that nobody ever describes him as anti-Trump as he votes against more major things than Flake ever does.

They're hoping this time it blows back on the Democrats.

You have to remember, a good portion of the House Republicans are still operating in OBAMA mode. They're having a hard time actually governing.