How can we counter this ?

I found it in half-Holla Forums
The utility of a thing makes it a use value.[4] But this utility is not a thing of air. Being limited by the physical properties of the commodity, it has no existence apart from that commodity. A commodity, such as iron, corn, or a diamond, is therefore, so far as it is a material thing, a use value, something useful. This property of a commodity is independent of the amount of labour required to appropriate its useful qualities. When treating of use value, we always assume to be dealing with definite quantities, such as dozens of watches, yards of linen, or tons of iron. The use values of commodities furnish the material for a special study, that of the commercial knowledge of commodities.[5] Use values become a reality only by use or consumption: they also constitute the substance of all wealth, whatever may be the social form of that wealth. In the form of society we are about to consider, they are, in addition, the material depositories of exchange value.

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it's been a top thread on fullpol for a while m8

Wtf even is this?

Just more violent propaganda from Holla Forums it isn't any different from the propaganda they made before.

I don't get it, how does this affect us?

It doesn't affect us per se , but how to answer to it, I'm a beginner communist and don't know the right way

thanks checking now

what's there to counter?

So they see this and ask for rightwing action, how can you neutralize this

I don't see anything to neutralize

Well I figure the pic debunks itself because the very top is all far-right end goals so far-right activism leads nowhere. Other then that, I don't know my dude.

Nah the more paranoid and radicalized they are the better. It makes it harder for them to bring normies in. Pic mildly related.

The top of the pyramid is the end goal of right wing action.
The problem is that the goals are retarded.
They say the leftists sabotage their efforts at the root of the pyramid. So their solution to counter increased left wing activity is more right wing activism.
Basically, there is nothing to counter in OP pic.

Its liberal culture politics which focuses on the idea of culture being the primary component rather then class. Other then that its mostly just a bunch of typical paranoid Holla Forums-tier self-indulgence.

Oh thats's a good train of thought there brother

this, alright now I see , thank you

this too is excellent

what the fuck is up with liberals?

I've heard a lot of SJW types (especially trans/gender activists) claim that speech can be inherently violence (phrases like "violent misgendering" come to mind.) I think they do this because in the US violent speech is not as protected so it's part of some wider campaign to strengthen hate speech laws. I don't really know though. I left college before this kind of activism was popular.

Same here, I also find it troublesome trans/genderpol call for death to contrarians all to often

this meant for you

We're reaching levels of liberalism that shouldn't even be possible

Yeah seriously though is this pyramid actually real? Also lol at how it goes from "unjust police shootings" (as opposed to those justified police shootings I guess) to "mass murder" and then ends at "genocide." It's idealist as fuck.

it IS over the top, what are the chances pyramids like this are put on purpose to decrease the politcal influence of the left, or is that too far fetched .

that pyramid is fucking cancer

I tried tracking it down and the reliable non-Holla Forums falseflagger sources seem to point to this as being the original. It probably trigger Holla Forums and the plebbitors because it included "Make America Great Again" among the forms of socially acceptable white supremacy. They must have run with it from there. There's a huffpo article on it from August of last year too.

it's literally *magick ain't gotta explain shit* kinda thing, if you're at any level a materialist the proper response to these hijincks is "go ahead faggot". when they're off chasing swastika pipedreams they're not doing anything actually harmful

very nice, checking article

like the graph but the article was meh, too much into racial politics

Well yeah it's huffpo. Still good to know that the original was a bit more coherent.

A lot of things that look like Holla Forums false flags end up being real, unfortunately.


Whatr's there to neutralize? The image calls for more right wing political activism. Political activism in a nominally democratic state is not something I'm getting out of bed to stop.

I think that most infographs with red texts or red lines should be taken with a grain of salt

holy shit it's like liberals literally can't understand shit without pyramidic models: of violence women&tbm=isch

Were there any pyramids in Harry Potter?