What does this even mean?

So I was on 4/pol/ and saw a /ptg/ thread with this pick. Not saying I like Hillary but I literally know nothing about the investigation and apparently something is going to happen soon, according to the news.

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it's FOX conspiracy BS

some hannity theory that mueller is actually working with trump to "drain the swamp" and indict soros/obama/hillary and the pedo cabal and deep state and they're using the russia thing as a smokescreen.


The memo in question relates to an investigation lead by Nunes to discredit the Muller investigation. Not sure how Holla Forums thinks Hillary in involved.

steven king is a misleading cuck.

The memo supposedly contains info about the FBI and obama and hilldawg being corrupt

Any Memo or Document proving a criminal level of corruption on Hillary or Obama's part has likely been long destroyed tbh
The chances of that leaking are quite slim
Just look what clinton did last time someone decided to fuck with her and the DNC (Seth rich)

I see

Possibly, but if so it'll have something to do with Trump, the PissTape memo, murdered Russian spies, the Mob, money laundering, the NRA, hacking and any combination thereof.


Since liberals are all over this stuff, Holla Forums has mostly been ignoring it. In any case. #ReleaseTheMemo is largely seen as distraction from the Muller investigation. Tellingly, it is being pushed by Russian bots.

holy shit liberals fuck off

I shall indulge.

So something anyone with two brain cells to rub together already knew

We'll just have to wait and see what the investigation brings out.

Steve King is a literal retard

Proofs of what specifically?


THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think we are idiot grandmas on facebook?

No one is falling for your neoliberal delusions fucker

Republicans want this thing declassified and made public immediately. Not a single Democrat voted to have it released to Congress.

If that tells you anything

The Muller investigation hasn't concluded, there's nothing to debate until then. I'll find out what's in it when you do.

Since it contains classified info, Republicans know it won't be fully released any time soon. That gives them wide room to talk about how damning it is without having to offer any proof.

I really hope you are a troll and not genuinely this stupid

I don't know, I just typed that to imply he had stuff to read. Why you jumping on me?

Maybe Muller will build a RICO case or something else big, maybe he won't. Can you tell the future?


Found this on 4/pol/ right now

Didn't mean to jump on you, I though you were asking for further proofs.


why don't you actually listen to people close to the investigation instead of fantasizing in your head


I just figured because for some reason Holla Forums doesn't like anybody who talks about Russia. I don't know what the "Russia" investigation is.

It's probably something retarded

It's 1000% something retarded

Whenever Republicans push something and hype it you can guarantee it's fucking retarded

how do you not know?

Basically trump beat the neoliberals so hard they went insane and started claiming "no actually russia hacked the election and actually we didnt lose so nyeh"

But now there is a memo and from an article


It's retarded that's why


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If you believe something pushed by Sean Hannity you're probably a lobotomite I'm sorry

Most of Holla Forums does hate talking about the Russian investigation. I don't know if it is Holla Forums's hate of liberals/Democrats is causing a kneejerk reaction or what, but I wish there where more lefty evaluation of it.

Right now all we have to go on is speculation. A few Whitehouse underlings, including Bannon are rumored to have flipped and will be offering states evidence. Mixed in with this are all sorts of tangents and testimonies (some of which are still unreleased).

Mate, did you not see the stuff Don Jr. released himself?

The dems are in bed with quite a few porkies. One of them could have easily paid someone to knock him off.

A Shit Individual reporting on something does not make the thing they reported onn inherently false

basically the democrats and media are lying corrupt pieces of shit who couldnt handle losing to trump so they made some bullshit up about Russia instead of admitting that they suck and hillary sucks and neoliberlism sucks

This is true. As soon as Sean Hannity starts pushing it for a month and you still believe it, you have a legitimate medical condition.

God we get it this has been the thousandth fucking time I've heard this

Assange did have a show on RT but i find it hard to believe Wikileaks works for russia
How does that matter?

I never had to. As I have said, as soon as Sean Hannity starts pushing it for a month and you still believe it, you have a legitimate medical condition.

And wrote a fake email which Trump Jr. published on his own, and got Flynn to do a plea bargain, and got Bannon to suggest that his former employer was indeed engaging in treason, and it's all going to blow over in a month because #crookedshillary.


not the user you're replying to, but what are the actual implications for communists if this whole russia thing isn't a 100% made-up hillary tier meme? is it supposed to be news to us that bourgies have international squabbles and engage in illicit activities? who gives a fuck about this convoluted chain of """evidence"""? What does it even lead to?
it would also be nice if, after almost a year of absolute nothingness, you could provide a single convincing source that would make a case that the Russian state had some significant role in the 2016 election

I see, I left to make a burger

I don't know I pulled it from a /ptg/ thread on 4/pol/

Quick Rundown?


significant role in the 2016 election

We know factually that Russian state sponsored media was anti-Clinton. As for proof of hacking, if US intelligence agencies have such evidence, they are keeping it classified.

For now all we have to go on is publicly available intelligence reports which speak in generalities and testimony from people like Comey.

ok so still literally nothing. cool


it's basically about the obama "wiretap" of trump during the campaign thing

next time she should get what she's giving in return.

honestly I wouldn't care if we were, they're chill with Iran and us getting bulldozed by both of them (NK for Cali/leftcoast) would do us some good.

tbf given the state of your media, being neutral was seen as pro trump… is letting jill stein talk supporting trump ? is talking about relevant information for the campaign, even if it hurts hillary, being pro trump ? even then, many countries leader officially or unofficially endorse candidates of other countries, is macron shitting on trump or holland praising hillary seen as proof they "interfered" with us election ?