Adult virginity

Being a virgin past the age of 21 makes you a worthless human.

Maybe you intrinisically aren't worth any less than anyone else but people think you are. And it's a cycle. When someone finds out you're a virgin, they automatically think less of you and take you less seriously. I could become the leader of some revolutionary militia and the moment someone found out I had never had sex my authority would be undermined. Its just how people are now, I've directly experienced it first hand. If you've never had sex and/or a job people automatically look down on you, and if you've never had either people legitimately think you have a form of mental retardation. So you start thinking maybe they're right and becoming more reclusive which leads to less opportunities which leads to more shame and embarassment and so on and so forth

adult virgins can still be "functional" and still be missing whatever missing link it is that makes sex happen between other people. Like, I have a lot of friends IRL and a somewhat normal social life, I've even had gfs and gotten blowjobs, but full sex just never materialized. One of the most mortifying things about people finding out I'm still a virgin, in fact, is how surprised they are. I get a lot of "NO WAY!" and shit. If anything its even worse than if i was a total loser because the distinction between how people talked to me before and how they talk to me after is even more blatantly in my face

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I wish I couldn't relate to this.

What if it's voluntary?

Than honestly good for you. But obviously this is about non-voluntary virginity past the age of 21 and you know it

biologically speaking, yes

can u expand on this a bit i dont disagree i just dont know the science

try to explain you're a volcel to a normie then, their reaction is probably going to be even worse imo

and for OP

i just wanted the science that proves im worthless im sure there is plenty of it out therre

Well, the "goal" of any organism is to reproduce and pass on its genes to its offspring, but using biological imperatives to define your worth as a human like that seems spooky as fuck to me

fuck off OP you can lie about it if it hurts your self-esteem that much

So you admit that empricially i am worthless?


my big bro lost his virginity at 32, is he still a wizard?

the only physical part of your body that truly defines (you) as a particular individual organism is your DNA. By extension, the only part of (you) that survives and affects the development and evolution of human genetics is your DNA. Your actions have circumstantial and indirect influence, but with respect to the concept of life itself you're a dead end.

Thank you for being honest and confirming my worst fears about myself. I am being genuine thank u

Why the do you care? Sex isn't really all that great unless its with someone you care about and who you can be passionate with, otherwise it's just masturbation with added exercise. Plus most people will excuse it if you were busy doing other important shit on the side and made something out of yourself in its stead, so if you happen to have become the leader of said revolutionary army it's not like you had the time to crush puss on the side as well.

don't get too down on your luck m8. this is only true if you never reproduce. you have 15 more years to turn it around.

Yeah dude that's why people act like I've never seen the Mona Lisa when they find out that I've never had sex, cuz it's just a mundane activity like shitting or pissing.

A wizard is never late, he comes exactly when he means to.

Please stop trying to encourage me and just tell me what a massive piece of shit i am

It really is, I lost my virginity at 24 on vacation with a chick who was 29. I had a good time but it was nothing special and since then I've had a handful of girls here and there. Some of my female friends have only ever been with two or three guys tops, and that's generally the norm. No one really gives a fuck at the end of the day and if you're with some genuine bros/comrades they'd help you out and get a girl for the night. If they do make fun of you for your virginity its only because of a lack of their own self-confidence for either placing too much importance on sex and being nastily used up or are virgins themselves. Your lack of confidence is bringing you down for no reason and you're only hopeless because you can't stop your r9k tendencies.

fucking this shit right here. go for it OP.

you're a massive piece of shit. I can see that your inability to have sex is affecting you on a deep level because you think you're a failure and you're right you are a failure by your own standards. You hate yourself and the cycle of self hatred will continue and it will get worse and worse as time goes on, your self esteem will be shattered and you will fail at everything you do.

Didn't read OP just saw "21" and "virgin" so if your a twenty-one year old virgin you better just stand up and go ask a girl out for Subway or something already.

TL;DR grow a pair OP


Thank you for trying to make me feel better but it's hopeless i'm sorry for even making this thread

it's a dumb thing to care about. just live your life and focus on what interests you. if you want a girlfriend or sex, go get it. if you don't, whatever. if people think you're "weird" because of it, it is just mass culture conditioning, ignore it, it does not matter. do what you feel comfortable doing.

i do not understand this boards intense obsession with virginity, inceldom, etc. can we get the fuck over it already
you would think we'd have gotten sick of this topic

forgot sage

cuz its so easy

it's not even like there's any worthwhile discussion on it - I remember one thread where we had a pretty good discussion, with images and links to articles

if it wasn't for my parents i would've killed myself already. i kind of wish i never got the internet in the first place, i always feel jealous and resentful of other people. i just wish i lived peacefully like a hermit and knew less about the outside world

So are gay people and any straight couple that chooses to abstain from having children. Who gives a shit?

Fuckin' hell brainlet, OP literally mentioned he's had several gfs

I'm feeling lazy today, fuck off

wrong flag 0_0

Frum custom is best custom.

The Party should have a designated shadchan who can match comrades up with each other, specifically for the sake of birthing the next batch of revolutionaries, but also for companionship, etc. Comrades should take it upon themselves to flat out reject capitalist ideas of love and sex and create new interpretations of both which advance communism. They should also take it upon themselves (for the time being) not to set bad examples by moping about their lack of ability to find a partner. Better yourself first.

t. boyfriendless for seven years

Ideology is formed and reproduced the most in the household; this is why it's not enough for comrades to simply say, "I don't want kids, I'd rather just indoctrinate other people's kids by becoming a teacher!". What you teach children for a few hours a day in class pales in comparison to what they're being taught (and how they're living; material conditions you know) at home. The communist household shouldn't even be structured as a patriarchal nuclear/bourgeois family but as an extended family or commune - the point is to actually raise children. Like it or not, this is a reality we have to face sooner or later.

What if the person I'm dating lives on another continent and everyone in my village was already married or my sister when I came of age?


Listen to what she says around the 3:23 mark:

This is the attitude comrades should possess when approaching the subject of "tfw no gf". Don't hook up with someone based on your emotions, find someone who shares your values first, and do so for a purpose bigger than yourself.

Dudes just Jerk off if no-one wants to fuck you
Thats all that i do and im fine

Anyway, OP, if you feel like your friends are treating you like crap because you told them you're a virgin, they don't sound like very good friends to me.

if you're willing to settle or just get casual sex, sure. just get tinder or something and be mildly presentable and you can probably get a fatty at the very least. that's still sex.

if you're looking for a like minded individual that you truly enjoy being around and sharing your thoughts with that you can also fucc/succ and are also attracted to physically, yeah it might take a while :/

Shit like OP also pretty much proves that toxic masculinity is the knee-jerk reaction to feminized males. How many folk here can say they not only got themselves laid, but got their friend laid too? Folk in the past used to help their semi-asocial friend, now the asocial friend is just in the group as a "lowest standard" for which the other folk in the group look down on in a sense that in their mind they say "glad I'm not that faggot". Before, male groups would assist their lowest status individuals to raise the overall group's status. Nowadays you're just as likely to have someone from your friend group try and steal folk you're with. Camaraderie even between friends seems to be hitting an all-time low. Are humans just becoming more sociopathic/psychopathic as a default?

Is it possible for you to travel to them?

=Holla Forums

You can thank capitalism for that

Desperation of ANY kind is to thank for that. Projection of a standard that is not needed OR the actual existence in a subpar standard. It gets the 'instinct' urges kicking. People, when they are either low on the ladder or believing they are low on the ladder, will begin to measure what they need or want vs others needs or wants.

Capitalism creates this artificially with a consumer-craze-driven market.
Communism creates this by making actual poverty.

If it makes you feel any better, capitalism only values sex because it needs more producers/consumers for the future.