Alt-right rojava solidarity

I was reading an article I saw posted, and when I read the names it mentioned I was suprised. Aren't these Cody Wilson and Amir Taaki people mutualists or something?

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Wilson is an ancap. As for Taaki, I have no idea.

A bunch of literally who's

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the alt-right reading list:
The Ego and it's Own
and now, Murray Bookchins Ecology of Freedom

these libertarian "socialists" sure now how to provide the philosophy right-wingers seem to love.

Also don't forget it's super hard to tell whether or not someone is from Holla Forums when they criticize Marxist-Leninist states. Their talking points about them are almost completely the same (Gulag Archipelago, muh gorillions, muh freedoms). I can tell with Leftcoms, cuz their critcizm evolves arround theoretical issues (commodity production) but with libertarian socialists, I don't really know who I am talking to. Check out the recent anti-DPRK thread where the Holla Forums shitposting develops into liberal-leftist/anarchist posting the same arguments almost unobserved.

The Alt-right has no foreign policy, they only think in terms of memes. Notice how Richard Spencer and Holla Forums both Latch onto Assad as well.


It doesn't even seem to be that in this case. It seems like Taaki was misreading the book greatly. Bookchin was hugely-pro cosmopolitanism.

It's words of wisdom inspire us all

Polticial ideas don't have to necessarily align with the authors personal views on other issues. Just because Bookchin thought internationally, doesn't mean national communalism isn't possible.

You're right of course, and even Bookchin recognised this when they railed against incoherence and philosophical pluralism. People are doing the same shit with materialism, except divesting it of any notion of progress and instead opting for a cyclic conception of history


this is retarded though. no one who has any familiarity with contemporary communailsm thinks that they have any affinity with right libertarianism

And also to add to this, communalism accept Marx's capital as their chief text on political economy and draw a definition of capitalism from it.

Roja-va is mutualist from what I know.

Doesn't the alt-right or whatever like Assad tho? I know Holla Forums and halfchan basically jerk off to him. Can't mossad the Assad and all that.

People love to post that but the DPRK actually did release a message exactly like that for one of the American workers parties. It makes sense as well, they spend so much on war propaganda that it must be a real aid to them so in the same vein countering propaganda is amongst other things anti-imperialist practice.

if you watch the film, Wilson supports Trump in order to support Assad

this guy is a counter-revolutionary

Wow imagine if Bookchin doesn't actually like libertarians at all and this interview doesn't actually represent his views?

Bookchin was a zionist

Wtf I hate libsoc now.

who cares about propaganda? it's about the purity of your ideals