What is Holla Forums's view on Antifa?

What is Holla Forums's view on Antifa?

fascism is immanent to capitalism

They're ultimately ineffective in only going after open white nationalists. I wish that they would make the effort to go after neocons/libs and other capitalist institutions.

So far they have done absolutely nothing wrong. The only decent critique of them is in>>2361228, and that only really applies to armchair liberals who try to claim they're antifa bc they're grandparents fought against Nazis in WW2. From what I've seen most antifa are anarchists who are perfectly prepared to confront capitalism when they're not busy bashing the fascists.

Aren't they called Revolutionary Anarchist Movement now? Anarkiddies will never earn my respect if all they do is bash le fash instead of dropping their deeply triggering and problematic idpol shit and working for tangible economic and social change.

There is no one singular antifa group.

idpol edgefag highschoolers and desprate, unemployable social studies majors

they're not very effective

When a group is as idiotically violent as them, I can't help but wonder how many actually care about their cause and how many just want to abuse the security of a group to they can commit vandalism.

What's wrong with being violent towards legitimate white supremacists marching in the streets? Fuck them. If some skinheads and tiki dweebs are shouting Nazi slogans in the streets, hell yeah they should get their heads kicked in. They shouldn't feel safe, they should face the consequences for their beloved free speech.

it's mostly just idpol college kids going to rallies and messing with reactionaries, so pretty good. i can't speak on behalf of what else they do as far as action but hopefully it's more than just yelling and punching righties.

if you think being violent against these people or vandalism is bad why are you here user

If you instigate violence against people, you invite it upon yourself and your peers. You might be able to handle being decked in the face, but consider your friends and loved ones.
Plus, they started shit at a Milo Yiannopoulos speech. Milo is an idiot who conservatives like because he has an accent and can piss off the left, but nothing he does is violent, so violence against him is retarded.

To challenge my ideas and the ideas of others every once in a while.



They trigger Holla Forumstards and keep the fash from becoming more mainstream. Other than that they serve little purpose.

Hey OP are you the guy who got mad when I posted piggy poop balls in your Holla Forums larp thread and you started saying I was antifa and that if I didn't stop posting piggy poop balls I'll start doing drugs and get arrested

In my experience the core is violent but extremly dedicated, and mostly anarchist, then at larger events more casual elements join in. Even the casuals are mostly leftists of some sort.
But this was a decade ago in europe, so don't know if it still holds up.

Shit. I remember the REAL protests in the 80s and 90s that actually achieved things.
Now you get a couple of dozen dickheads made to look bigger than they are that do nothing but light up social media.

This would appear to be a dumb question but I live in Los Angeles and I don't know where my fellow anarchists are. I am kind of a homebody though so that explains that.

No? I don't know what you're talking about or why you would assume that considering I just asked a question without saying anything about my views. Don't know why you're trying to "sage" my post either considering, again, that all I did was ask a question.


Nothing except if you fight you better win

Collaboration with Liberals and """""Left-Wing"""""" Porkies to stop Usually benign fascist movements
Not a LeftCom but Literally read Bordiga

Absolutely nothing. It's just meaningless if they don't also go after oil companies and banks and stuff.

good group of guys should focus more on class than idpol sometimes though

Read When Insurrections Die
Please don't ban, I'm not a leftcom


Except the opposite is true.

deranged anarchist knock-off of something not currently viable as an organisation for the current situation

they're also as sectarian as it gets, even the black-red flag displays this, they're distancing themself from the "bourgeoise left", completely missing the point of popular unity front.
as anything anarchists gets a hold of it goes to total shit and void of any ideological coherency.


correct image

That'd be why they're called antifa and not something along the lines of international communist society. Ultimately, it's an organization in which their only objective is that which is right in their name, it makes it more attractive to anyone who isn't in any way socialist, but at the same time it neuters them. perhaps if they had some strong hidden ties to active communist parties they could actually get somewhere.

Fascism carries the implicit threat of violence in the first place, especially the Nazi ideology which, let's be real, is the most widely embraced variant of fascism. Fascists can and should be opposed with threats of violence in at least equal measure to their own. Also, vandalism isn't violence, but I do agree that it is mostly mindless (though I can agree with strategically vandalizing specific targets, rather than innocent trashcans and some rando's car). But Milo was going to release info on undocumented immigrants, and well, it's fairly obvious where much of the left tends to stand on that issue, though. Finally, anybody can join an antifa protest, and if there are enough particularly angry liberals, the numbers are going to swell.

wait till it's your car that's burned

Antifa in Europe is justified and I support them. But in America they kinda ruined Antifas reputation.

footsoldiers for NATO, the UN and Hillary Clinton who want to damage the system they ipso facto support.

peak passive-aggressive femininity.

how? like I said, and Karl Marx said himself "immigrants are the reserves of capitalism"


You can't group burgerlands antifa in with say Syrias antifa who are/were actively engaged in combat against ISIS

aint a half bad way to meet some good folks willing to do some fun shit and show solidarity with other groups in your area as long as you keep it tight and don't let asshat dramatic idpol teens get involved in the mix.