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Dumping mine. I might accidentally post a duplicate of one that's been posted but I'll try not to.

Yeah I have a lot of burgerland flags.


and that's about it for me


A German Democratic Reich.

what's the left most flag from?

Spicy opinion: The good flags like US and UK remained untouched, with modest alterations to some of the more memorable tricolors like France.

At least give some thought to what you're doing before you tear down a flag because "it's what socialists do." Whatever those flags mean now, they could mean all that and so much more.

Social Credit Party/Kibbo Kift.
British paramilitary from the 30s.

yeah tbh

Nuclear take: Flags that incorporate both Marxist-Leninist colours (red and gold) and Anarchist colours (black and white) should no longer be presented as opposing, or occupying the equal amounts of space. The time of dialectic between Marxists seeing the failure of Anarchists and being drawn to statism, and Anarchist seeing Marxist authoritarianism and being drawn to libertarianism is over. The black-white Anarchist flag must be surrounded by Red-Gold Marxist flag. ML's are the vanguard of the revolution, they are not the revolution. Anarchists are the revolution, and they must be protected.


Assorted 'Straya


Love it.



They'd probably remain untouched because the majority of the population wouldn't want to change them

Dumping a few Irish ones.

Opinions on the following flags?

flags are symbolic of ideology. the us flag is essentially a symbol of the us bourgeoisie revolution. the uk flag is even worse, the british empire is the most murderous national entity that has ever existed.

flags don't have to be replaced, revolutionary elements should be added and reactionary ones (aka crosses, star and crescents) removed.

A good example of this is the flag of the SFRJ, they simply added the 5-pointed red star over the old flag without any major changes. same thing could be done with many european countries, but flags like the us ones would most likely have to be completely replaced (like the russian one was)

The Jersey flag on that first one looks absolutely horrid.

Ghost Pepper Take: Flags that have symbols of imperialism/monarchism/religious heraldry all should be changed. I really don't like any US flag that incorporates the 13 stripes.

Is this your way of saying you want an ancom gf or bf to protect?

Don't make this weird.

Middle one is pretty based.

If I were a drawfag I would've made it several times weirder, believe me.


This is apparently a flag used by the Japanese Burakumin caste. I might not be religious, but I think this would be a pretty nice flag for any Christ-AnComs that exist.

Looks like a Chaos Worshiper flag.


Isn't there kind of a pinned thread for this?


You might have stumbled on something on something with that fifth one. That "double-ended" wheat stalk aside, the design is very nice, if nazbol-ish.

That's a nicely drawn eagle, but historically it probably has been the symbol most associated with imperialism.


Anyway, I'd say they all should be changed on principle. Socialism is supposed to be a break from historical cycle.

1st and 3rd one really don't work. Maybe that user's idea isn't feasible. Maybe inverting the motifs?

God damn, now that's some serious shit.