On the Subject of Our Resident Naziposter

Please don't delete this mods, I think we could have a fruitful discussion and possibly influence some visiting Holla Forumsyps on the way.

So I think by now everyone is familiar with our resident namefag who goes by the moniker "Naziposter" alongside his Nazi flag. For those who aren't, he's one of the few tolerable namefags who used to be banned all the time when he started posting but turned out to be one of our greatest assets. What's perplexing about him, both to rest of Holla Forums and occasional Holla Forums travelers, is his aporia - he's simultaneously a reactionary and progressive (even more than some leftists on this board). Here's so far what I've gathered about him:

So what's the deal here? What the fuck are you actually? You mentioned in one thread where you were arguing with a Holla Forumsyp that you disagree with us on a lot of things when he called you out as basically a leftists, but I kind of see what he means, I have never seen you disagree here on a single point made. I really can't put my finger on you, what and how did you come to be, and how do we make Holla Forums more like you and less like retarded book burners?

He's one of the few nationalists that knows the importance of true socialism.

He might be an actual Asserite/nazbol/third-positionist. Let’s wait and see.


I don't think he's a reactionary, really. Or even a nationalist. I once asked him what he meant by "reactionary" and he cited figures like Adorno, Debord or Castoriadis. I believe he's simply a socialist that doesn't believe in "progress" similarly to the Frankfurt School guys, and he's namefagging as "Naziposter" merely to mess with us.

he's a communist and a monarchist

He's not a nazi but he sure is as fucking stupid as them.

Monarchy without aristocracy and mercantilism would be very ideal tbh.

I have a feeling he just uses the trip to confuse and upset people. Personally I'm a huge fan of this tactic. I may start posting with an ancap flag and put "rational skepticism" in the name field but change nothing about what I post.

If we're doing this then I call the alt right I wanna call myself "13 yo Meme master 2017 xd." And have a Kekistani flag.

I used to post my normal socialist thoughts while using the nazi flag, because it mean't I would get more attention and people read my posts more carefully. If people asked about the flag, I said it was a buddhist symbol.

I am confident one day naziposter will get his neo-aristocracy and nut inside his teutonic princess

you know you could probably call yourself Gaivs Mendacivs XV and actually do that



It's more about the ideology he espouses and how to utilize it.

Everybody knows about this dude and if you don't then welcome.

A LARP or some libertarian that wants to be a leftist but hates everything about leftism.

you're fucking stupid, spurdoposter

This is why flags and namefagging has, is and will always be a mistake. People just can't handle them. It just results in proto-e-celebrities

I can't speak for naziposter of course but if he namedrops Land he could be on a journey similar to mine, started out as a leftist, seen where the world is heading and how the left is completely useless at stopping it, went "reactionary" as a result.


remove tripfags, namefags and flagfags

He's what Holla Forums needs, but not what it deserves

Nice try Nazi fag.