A question from a concerned Classical lib conservative

Tell me, why isn't the left at all concerned about the soaring rates of single motherhood amongst millennial women? Don't leftists realise that angry emasculated boys from broken homes, lacking on male figures are most vulnerable to the alt right message of traditionalism, white male belonging and masculinity? Why are your people shooting themselves in the foot, defending and glorifying single mothers and silencing men who aren't keen on the whole destruction of the nuclear family agenda , in order to placate degenerate women today , only for their sons to end up becoming recruited by the Alt right in the future?

Many in the alt right are a product of failed leftist policies regarding family planning and an deeply triggering and problematic male ideology at the heart of the progressive movement. Yet you lot continue deny the problem exist or that you've all contributed the the rise of the fatherless generation who are increasingly turning towards radical right-winger politics to have their voices heard. Why do so many of you idiots not see that as you destroy the nuclear family, and create more maladjusted angry boys, you'll only be giving the alt right a bigger recruitment pool?

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Read a book anytime.

Specifically, I recommend this.


Why do classical liberals care about this, shouldn't people be free to do what they please even if causes them harm?
meme, cool it with the Holla Forums buzzwords if you're trying to show us you're not a secret nazi.

"Socialism is when you have single mothers" VI Lenin during the 6th congress of the bolshevik party.

I don't know what that has to do with the question but there are many self identified Marxists and leftists who are against both the traditional and the nuclear family, and they seem content with letting it all go to shit. And the minority who do care, have solutions so unrealistic, reckless and totalitarian that their vision of the family would create even more problems. The left supported single mother welfare, de-stigmitisation of single motherhood, the sexual revolution, feminism, and no fault divorce which all played a key role in contributing to the single mother epidemic. But I guess leftists are incapable of owning up to anything, since having a sense of responsibility isn't a lauded leftist trait.

Sounds pretty cucked to me fam, maybe they pull themselves up by their bootstraps, son.



Because in the end, us responsible people will pay the price in the form of higher taxes as a result of single mother welfare, extra funding for our justice system catering to all those extra Fatherless felons a higher crime rate which will push up insurance premiums. Beimg raised by a single mother is the greatest predictor of life success, overtaking race, which is little why the African American community is doing so poorly. I'm also not dogmatic in my classical liberalism
I think the state currently incentivises single motherhood.


Yes, thanks for proving my point. Single motherhood creates maladjusted vulnerable fatherless emasculated men. Failed men, emasculated by the system and the situation they had no control over, who are trying to find their way. They are now drawn to the only movement telling like it is, because the left still believes masculinity is an evil social construct. They are hooked by the gender message, and are recruited by literal Neo Nazism and brainwashed. The left's failure to address these boys issues will cost them in the long run.

No you don't.

At least not in America. Welfare was BTFO in 1992, with basically the same argument given. The average American is losing more money to unnecessary corporate tax cuts and politicians' personal indulgences than they are to "welfare mothers."

But I didn't have a father and I didn't go alt. right, user.

I mean there was a Maoist Third Worldist group called MIM their prisons branch still exists in theory I guess that used to push monogamy because they thought that it provided the best life outcome for "oppressed nations" (e.g. blacks, latinos, natives etc.).

They also used to spout some interesting lines opposing what they called "white feminism" and voicing some of the fringe black conspiracy sentiments that feminism was being used by the white establishment to destroy black communities. They even had a term for first world white females, they called them "the gender aristocracy" which is an allusion to the Marxist concept of the labor aristocracy.

They toyed with men's rights in some of their papers and decriminalizing pedophilia. It's interesting how close this extremist Mautist organization came to some of the popular political positions in the libertarian community and the chans. You should go read their papers on feminism, especially the later ones, they would have fit well into /r9k/ even though they had a lesbian mascot and held to ridiculous 80s feminist slogans like "All sex is rape"

On another point where they came close to the libertarian movement would be their support of NAFTA as well as their support of open borders.

We aren't against the nuclear family, we're against the reactionary worship of the nuclear family. The nuclear family is a product of the industrial revolution, not God or Nature's will.

Really puts the cortex in a vortex.

You're barking up the wrong alley.

If you want a serious response, the nuclear family was destroyed by Neoliberalism, your lot. The nuclear family rested upon a particular economic foundation, specifically jobs that could support a household on that single income. It was Neoliberalism that destroyed the conditions that produced these jobs, through free trade, through union busting and through austerity, and starting some reactionary cultural movement isn't going to whisk those conditions back into existence. Those welfare state reforms and programs you bemoan aren't what caused the dissolution of the nuclear family, they're all that stopping the dissolution of the nuclear family from devolving into complete social meltdown.

We have no nostalgia for the old patriarchal nuclear family, and would prefer a proletarian family of working equals, but it is unfortunate that the ideology you support, ironically enough, destroyed that family, leading to the rise in single motherhood, but you should be looking to us to blame for it. It is the very political project you support.

They are atleast self aware. Just look at the popularity of Jordan Peterson, who are constantly telling these men that they are losers who need to clean their act. There's many self improvement alt right forums, catering to these men. These boys are trying to change for the better and are not delusional about their situation. But they're also becoming neo nazis

Well I don't live in America , and we, the middle class, do pay quite a lot of taxes for single mother welfare. I consider welfare policies that were created in response to irresponsible behaviour, but which incentivises more unproductive irresponsible behaviour that is the root of many other costly social problems as a total waste and a crime to not just tax payers, but the children who are a product of these unstable single parent families. You leftists loons can spin this all you want, this still a major social crisis that is being ignored and censored by left. I'm also against corporate welfare.

Self-help is a delusional scam that does little more than re-I force petit bourgeois ideology. Your material conditions aren't an attitude. This shit reminds me of those priests who flagellated themselves in public to try to ward of the Black Death. Eventually you're going to have to realize that the only way to tackle social problems is with social action.


To his credit, I assume that Jordan Peterson is at least teaching them hygiene or something. I mean, that's a valuable skill in America. A lot of American fathers don't even really teach that stuff, self-cleaning is women's work.

Not capitalism, pressuring women to all have careers which meant childrearing were delegated to private childcare, whose fees were beholden to market forces is the root of the problem.

Market forces. What really pushed wages really does was letting women work en mssse, destruction of unions and the New Deal era, brought on by cheap Asian imports and mass immigration.

Capitalism doesn't cause alienation, consumerist culture with no concept traditions or moral standards is what led to post modernism, alienation and nihilism. Communist societies who also attempted to suppress traditions also had problems with nihilism. The left hates traditions.

Women have Always dug for gold you idiot. It's just that the transformation to a service economy(which suits women more) and state feminism, pushed the balance of power towards women, which meant women got even more picky and unsatisfied, since sexual dimorhism extends to the power dynamics between women and men aka hypergamy. There's a reason women in egalitarian marriages have less sex and are less satisfied than women in trad relationships. But I guess the left is very keen on pretending that hypergamy doesnt exist despite many studies saying otherwise

What is a leftist policy to you? Were the expansion of welfare, no fault divorce, equal pay act, anti discrimination act, Affirmative action, all right wing policies?

Maybe not here, but many leftists do. Or have Feminists become right wing conservatives?

I hate to break it to you but "market forces" are capitalism.

Who the fuck are you replying to? Are you in the wrong thread?

Who did this? Was it God the invisible hand? Or did the capitalists consciously and intentionally do this in order to keep their profits high and costs down? Face it, if anyone destroyed the family and "traditional America" it was the American capitalists themselves and anyone else was just a minor bit player in their soap opera.

Wrong, capitalism is amoral and furthermore it is a revolutionary force, it breaks up and destroys traditions, social structures etc. You should know that we base ourselves on this fact, capitalism's destructive, at times revolutionary, and leveling power is what makes us sure of communism's inevitability.

It is ironic, I think, that the average Marxist has a better appreciation of capitalism then the average libertarian.

So when America was a poor agrarian society, did the institution of marriage and family, fail? Why did America become super traditional after the hedonism of the 20s, during the great depression? Trying to blame forces within capitalism for all the social problems in the west whilst writing off leftist cultural movements that has had a huge impact on how we live today is such an old trick of communists, who are trying to recruit the next generation to the destructive ideology of collective misery. Whilst I'm not saying neoliberalism isn't partly responsible for the state of these institutions, you'd have to be pretty delusional to pretend the left 70 year attack on do called oppressive traditional institutions weren't major factors in the destruction of these institutions.