Asylum seekers are being sexually assaulted in U.S. detention by ICE, other Law Enforcement Officers


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In August 2009, the Obama administration announced its plan to transform the country’s vast immigrant into what then-ICE director John Morton called a “truly civil detention system.” That started with ending family detention at Hutto, where substandard conditions and mistreatment of underaged detainees led to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit two years earlier. The new and improved Hutto was supposed to be a “clear departure from historical detention settings.”

A year later, a Hutto guard named Donald Dunn was accused of groping several women detained at Hutto. All of Dunn’s victims were asylum seekers. Mark Whitburn, one of the ACLU attorneys who represented Dunn’s victims, said at the time that the complaints against Dunn were “the tip of the iceberg.”






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Here is a link to the article about the records


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Do something american proletariats! Youre so fucking useless!

Want to talk about the story and the victims or your bullshit

America is quickly becoming the news Sodom. With any luck it will meet a similar fate.



Me calling the proletariat for not doing fuckall in the usa and letting porkie win and telling them to do something is consudered "bullshit"?

How many layers of liberal are you on?

So you just expect everyone, who really a small portion of them now this is happening, to go plot an attack against detainment centers and ICE agents? I mean I would totally be for that, but let's be realistic for a moment.

America is what Nazi Germany hoped to be.

America has certainly killed more innocent people inside and outside of it in since the Cold War than the Holocaust, if you count up the Korean and Vietnamese War, and extreme poverty within it.

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You know sexual assault and rape are two entirely different things right. Grabbing someone violently, masturbating in front of them, all generally considered sexual assault. Rape is rape.

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We seriously need threads like this 24/7. The #1 reason communism hasn't won yet is because people eat all the propaganda about us living in the most prosperous, enlightened, peaceful era in history. All the abuses of power, poverty, genocide, imperialism is just swept under the rug and forgotten in the off-chance it's ever brought to light at all.

If they paid attention for even a moment to HALF the shit going on the bourgeois state would be finished forever.

When will we filly wake up and realize that we ALL deserve the WALL. Fucking say it with me….
Why is all our morality absolutely fucking ridiculous? Unlucky, I guess.

I don't quite understand it. Care to explain?
I was also grabbed violently in my life. Such thing should not happen, by any means, but they do and will. Being beaten up was much worse.
Dude, if you see people doing stuff you do not enjoy, just leave.
I agree, and every rapist should go to prison.

It seems to me that articles like this is here just to terrorize minds of people in order to be afraid of touching people of opposite gender. The only solution to this can be found in reactionary teaching of catholic church - brutal segregation of unmarried people based on their gender.

no-one should take you seriously when you bring up these claims though, as you dismiss the largest trends in crime. In the UK you dismiss the Islamic pedophile rapegangs, and even side with the abusers (think of the various ANTIFA groups etc. that worked to sabotage the impeachment and removal of police officers and politicians enabling this atrocity)

I most law codes, rapes is the name of the crime of (forcing) penetration without consent. Involuntary (exposure to) other sexual tinted acts count as sexual assault. Pointing out the difference does not mean you think sexual assault is okay.

Holla Forums posts are like a surreal and abstract puzzle. I like to read them and try to figure out what real world events, filtered through multiple levels of stupidity, ignorance, autism and ideology, they're trying to refer to.

Sound like they should stop coming over here.

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Bitch, tell the world who forces you to go the US? And if you are forced, would you kindly be deported right now?

The ICE is basically the Neo-Gestapo, terrorizing brown people, raping refugees and intimidating local police forces and citizens into cooperating with them under threats of federal arrest.

Sounds hot. I wish I got a handy when I go to the DMV.

Well at least I can rest easy know that none of these horrible things is the fault of capitalism.