My brain feels broken

The world just seems fucked up beyond all repair. I'm not trying to convince ya'll to give up I just need help not to do so myself. Every other day there's some new hellish way shit is going totally wrong, there's some new great injustice, and I don't feel like there's any way to confront it all.

Even trying to care about everything, or indeed anything, makes me feel like I'm getting burned out. What do I do? I know this is the point, I know this is how capitalism is supposed to work, I know the goal is to grind us down until we just give up, but how in the fuck am I supposed to engage with an entire society designed to make me feel small and powerless without giving into those feelings?

Just focus on what you personally can do to build class consciousness. Enjoy life where you can. There's no sense being miserable when that won't make things better.

Realize that with every injustice somebody somewhere has been affected by it and has finally gained class consciousness. Every tragedy is another step forward and every success story is bandaids on cancer.

Collectively. Only with a proper party organization and comrades willing to help each other we can survive this shit until the moment of insurrection comes.


You're small and powerless in the face of these giant issues you're concerned with, I would assume at the luxury of not being overwhelmed by personal issues. It is better to walk 3 feet then bemoan the failure of not walking up a waterfall. I also feel a strange phase, maybe it's some mayan chakra monsoon combining with the chemtrails, haha

Dont worry, we are all in this together. Every one of us is getting curbstomped and assraped by capitalism. Our job is to wake our neighbors up and get them on our side, before fascist populism takes their souls. Its called communism, bro, so get active in your community. Find meaning from helping your neighborhood through these tough times, and teach the people about the common enemy while at it.

It is a good thing that you realise that.
You can not start working to really change the currant way of things until you fully understand just how nightmarish things really are - have no illusions that we are living in anything other then a dystopia.

Practice CBT techniques.
Be mindful of when such thoughts appear and fight them.
Rather then succumbing to despair, feel anger and use that to drive and motivate you towards trying to change things.
Despair and hopelessness are the easy and least productive ways out, the very emotions that porky wants you to feel.
Start fighting porky by reasserting sovereignty over your own mind.

Based MacArthur.


shit meant to quote

It is, at this point. That is a reality that most people really struggle to fully grasp. The terror you feel results from acknowledging the truth of the matter.


Same. The day-to-day is hard. Going to work and pretending things are fine, living without urgency in a time of emergency is an interesting kind of stressful, it isn't easy, though in this regard I don't know what else to do. Bills must be paid, or else the daily struggle becomes even more difficult. I'm afraid I don't have good advice here, but I can empathize.

It isn't just designed to make you –feel– this way, it is designed to remove you from the material conditions that could give you actual power or influence. That feeling is based on the material reality of the situation we find ourselves in.

In the end you get what everyone else gets.
(You get a lifetime).

As someone else in the thread mentioned, you and I live in a dystopia. That isn't a dystopia of your town or state or country, it is a global dystopia, and to a very real degree it is a dystopia of the mind. Remember that humans are really just fancy monkeys. Our desire to keep consuming, to keep seeking rewards, that dopamine hit, that's our guiding ethos, or at least the ethos of those who rise to positions of power over other humans.

Economic conditions, global climate, precious resources running out, conventional agriculture, hell access to water - these are all going down the drain among a million other factors that keep the complex web of industrial society running. I'm assuming you're in your 20s or so. You get to live during what will likely be the worst famines, largest migrations, and perhaps even the largest wars that humanity has engaged in. In this calamity the traditional values of consumerism will, by necessity, break down. This does present itself as an opportunity for a new form of human meaning to emerge. If there's any message I can give you that might make you feel even the slightest bit better about the reality we were born into, it is that you might have a chance to help create that new form of human meaning for someone else who is just as terrified as you and I.

Not if he lives in america. I was reading an article the other day with a 40 year old homeless black woman who was still convinced she was going to make it and be rich if she just worked harder 'cause it's AMERICA and everyone can reach the dream if they work hard enough!

It wasn't included in the article, but her former landlord continued to jerk off and watch anime every day all day long, supported by the thick trust fund set up by daddy that ensured his transition from family mansion to personal mansion was as painless as possible, and the 500 tenants he still has who continue to stuff his pockets with their money so that they can survive.


I'd say capitalism is the dominant world paradigm, wouldn't you?

A modern 'socialist' state is a competing ideological island in an ocean of capitalist nations, interests and armies.

But I mean, it's not like capitalist countries routinely invade, disrupt and otherwise destabilize what is essentially the only competing ideology on the planet… It's not like capitalism views socialization and non-capitalist states as a threat or anything… It is perfectly content to let competing ideas attempt to flourish. Right?

Being the dominant world paradigm doesn't make an ideology superior with regard to things like truth, human health, prosperity, freedom, etc. if the only way to maintain its dominance is to kill everyone who disagrees.

Try finding likeminded people and wallow together, be nice to strangers.

that's really all you can do

Take some hope in knowing that all the shit that's coming will either result in superfascism or global revolution

It doesn't matter if an ideology is morally superior or even preferable if it can't also compete under the rules of engagement. You might design the most beautiful and efficient car in the world but if it can't go fast, it won't win any raes.

I think that there is truth in this statement, however I don't get the sense that this notion is generally taken up by those who espouse the values of capitalism - that is to say, that the ideology itself is not necessarily better, more just, or even preferable to any other system, but rather that it, as the ensconced power, has the capacity and motivation to snuff out any competing ideology, therefore it is the inevitable ideology to hold.

It removes entirely the idealistic nature of the system and replaces it with pure, current material capability.

This does away with the pretense that makes up the ideology, of notions of justice, of 'the good', fairness, prosperity, the will of the people, whatever a leader or media company is selling you, and replaces it with a simple truism. Might = right.

Ideologies exist largely to keep us from examining these brutal realities.

nothing you do matters. you dont matter. all things change but everything will always suck. always. the world never has been and never will be a good place regardless of what kind of system is in place. the world has always been full of violence, conflict, misery, and death. it was like that before capitalism, it will be like that after capitalism ends

Only by tearing down people who are successful and happy can you truly feel better about yourself. It's a fact of life.

only thing you can do if you don`t belong to an organization is get as much money as possible and donate it to organization that fights for your ideals, while improving yourself for when the time comes to be ready